How To Become The Most Proactive Person You Know

Proactive or Reactive dilemma concept with man legs from above standing on signs

Putting out fire after fire in your business…

Rushing around, solving problems each and every day

Wishing you could slow down, plan ahead and get on top of things

Sound familiar?

Working this way is known as being ‘REACTIVE’

And it’s an easy trap to fall into

Only dealing with problems as they arise,

When they’re right in your face and can’t be ignored any more

It becomes a vicious cycle

You solve one problem and immediately another problem occurs

It doesn’t really sound like the recipe for success, does it?

It continues on and on until you become so stressed you slam on the breaks and decide to change,

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. ” – Benjamin Franklin

But luckily there is another way…

And it involves changing to become ‘PROACTIVE’

The Benefits Of Being Proactive…

Being able to plan further ahead, identify any possible problems that may occur

And putting measures in place to either stop problems happening or best prepare yourself for them

This way of problem-solving is far more efficient and IS a proven recipe for success

Get this right and you’re well on your way to your goals

So, how do you make this incredibly valuable change in your life?

Below we explain exactly how….

Here are 7 steps to become the most proactive person you know.

1) See The BIGGER Picture
– Step out of the madness and see the bigger picture
– Take a look at your current situation with a birds-eye view. Look over everything in your business and your life
– Taking a step away will help you identify all issues, discover how you can prioritise and solve multiple problems at once to calm the situation
– You are making it harder for yourself to problem-solve if you are stuck in the middle overwhelmed by it all

2) Stay Super Organised
– The key to proactivity is staying organised
– Once you’ve taken a step back and looked at the big picture, you must organise the situation, prioritise your problems and tick them off one by one
– It’s only when you’re  organised that you will be able to stay on top of the problem solving and become highly and efficiently proactive

3) Plan Ahead, Stay Ahead
– Once you are organised, you can plan ahead more
– Planning ahead will ensure you can identify potential problematic scenarios that may occur in the future.
– Once they are identified, you can put measures in place to ensure they don’t happen or if they do, you are well prepared to deal with them and solve them quickly,
– This means you will stay ahead of the game and be consistently pro-active

4) Be A Solution Seeker
– From planning ahead you can now be a far better solution-focused entrepreneur
– Proactively looking for solutions to your problems
– Learn from past problems to make sure they never happen again
– Actively seek solutions for problems which may arise in the future
– Seek different methods, explore opportunities and discover a different way of managing situations
– This is where you take proactivity it to the next level

5) Analyse And Scrutinize
– Your current situation should always be examined carefully
– Where you are currently compared to where you want to be
– What are the potential hurdles holding you back and what issues could stop you getting to where you want to be?
– A great way of analysing your current situation is to use a SWOT analysis
– Identify your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities
– Problem-solve your weaknesses, get stronger, take advantage of opportunities and plan for the potential threats.

6) Consistency Is Key
– You must think proactively consistently, not just a one-off attempt
– Keep this helpful habit in place and don’t fall back into reactive ways
– Doing the right things day in day out will move you further down the path to success
– If you feel like it’s creeping back up on you, take the first steps again and take control

7) Keep Taking Action
– Consistently take these 7 steps to keep you pro-active
– It is essential you don’t sit on the side-lines waiting to see what happens, take the initiative to put plans in place and take action time after time
– Stay on top so you don’t get buried under problems again.

Use these 7 steps on your entrepreneurial journey to be consistently great at problem-solving and planning ahead, you will most certainly see the benefits.

It’s all about taking control before the problems build up and take control of you.

If you live pro-actively in all areas of your life you will see dramatic improvements.

This is not a quick fix, it takes work and consistent action, but ultimately the benefits out way the bad and you’ll come out on top!

. . .

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