How To Become A Go-Getter And Stop Holding Yourself Back


Are you a go-getter in life or someone who finds all of the possible ways self-sabotage?

Maybe you’ve got big aspirations, but you find them totally overwhelming and instantly put them to the back of your mind

Or is there a big decision you want to make, one that has the ability to make your future brighter, but still… the opportunity sits there waiting for you to take action and…


You find every excuse to put it off

The best thing you can possibly do if you want to change these unhelpful habits is to…

Bring your full awareness to it,

Make an effort to understand how you react when the subject of your dreams and aspirations comes up!

As Masters of all things Mindset here at The Coaching Masters

We want to help you bring your attention to what you’re currently doing to self-sabotage, so you can do something about it!

So below we’ve written a list of The 7 main ways people hold themselves back

To bring it to the forefront of your mind!

Now imagine something you really want, a dream, ambition or aspiration for the future, something you often think of and wish it was your reality but you don’t do anything about…

Now ask yourself…

What’s stopping you from having it? What’s holding you back?

What’s the first thing that came to mind?


  • I’m putting it off because I can’t decide if its right for me
  • I don’t have enough information
  • I just haven’t given it enough real thought


  • I’m continuously putting off what needs to be done to make it a reality
  • I keep thinking it can wait until tomorrow or until some point in the future
  • I’ve put it off so much I regret it hasn’t happened yet


  • I find myself thinking I don’t have the ability to take action
  • I believe I lack the confidence or intelligence to do it

Negative thought cycles?

  • I allow my negative thoughts to control what I do
  • I think more negatively about it than I do positively
  • I think of all of the possible things that could go wrong rather than all of the amazing things that could happen if it all went right

Fear of failure?

  • A large part of me has fear around failing
  • I believe in some way I’ll look silly if it doesn’t go to plan
  • I believe I have a lot to lose by getting it wrong so it makes me freeze and not start in the first place

Waiting for the right time?

  • I am continuously waiting for the ‘right’ time it just hasn’t happened yet and I don’t know when it will
  • Listening to other peoples opinion?
  • I listen to other peoples opinions of what I should do
  • If people are less than supportive of the idea of change I go along with it too

Have you been able to relate to any of the above? Or have you identified additional ways you hold yourself back?

If you have, WELL DONE! You’ve just taken the first step to overcome it, you’ve created… AWARENESS!

Now you’re fully aware of what you do to self-sabotage your dreams, it is important you don’t stop there

It’s vital you question why you feel this way and what you can do to stop it

Here at The Coaching Masters, we support people every day

> To understand their mindset

> Discover how their subconscious mind really works

> And support them to make fully informed decisions about their future without untrue thoughts and feelings getting in their way and holding them back

It’s why our community is full of wonderful people at every stage of their journey, to become the best versions of themselves!

If the subject of mindset intrigues you

If learning about how you can use it to not only help others but to also discover more about yourself

And if you would love to be one of those go-getters

Someone who is confident in their ability and constantly chases their dreams

Continuously taking action to make them a reality without imposing unhelpful limits on themselves

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Do yourself this one favour and choose to take immediate action before old habits kick in

So your future can be brighter, so you can learn how to stop holding yourself back, so you can follow your dreams without hesitation

And become the best version of you that you can be!

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We’d love to support you on your journey and make your dreams a reality!

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