How To Avoid Drowning In A Sea Of Unfinished Tasks


I’ll do it tomorrow…

And before you know it, you are 30 years old and still waiting for tomorrow to come!

Think back into your past, how many time’s have you told yourself AHHHHH f*ck it I’ll do it tomorrow?

How many tomorrow’s has that task had?

Often it is the tasks that are important for us to carry out, but often scare us, create anxiety, or are just menial and let’s be honest, not very fun or interesting to do!

For me, my ‘I’ll do it tomorrow tasks’ are often quite important. For example:

I will pay that credit card payment tomorrow = countless months of fines and added debt

I will pay that speeding fine tomorrow = immediate points and increased fine charge

I will go for that run tomorrow = six more donuts, eight more beers and another two or three rolls covering the wash board abs!

You see our brain is a magical part of our body. If you have ever read the Chimp Paradox – Mind Management by Professor Steve Peters you will know that we have two brains working hard, often against each other, the human brain (rational, down to earth) and the chimp (the emotional brain which can be constructive or destructive depending on the situation.

Annoyingly, our inner ‘chimp’ is the stronger of the two, therefore when you say “I’ll do it tomorrow” it is often the chimp looking for an easy ride, or trying to save us from any emotional pain, anxiety or negative emotions that the task could bring to us (believe me two of the above of my “I’ll do it tomorrow’s” are perfect examples!).

But what if you stopped saying I’ll do it tomorrow and just did it now?

How would it make you feel?

For a start if I had just paid the credit card bill or the speeding fine, I would have lowered my anxiety levels and decreased my debt in the long run.

The realisation that tomorrow’s thoughts and feelings over the menial or tough tasks are going to be no different to today was the turning point for me.

I realised that the ‘putting off’ tactics I was using was actually self sabotage! The obstructive thought patterns I was ‘trapping’ myself in really have had a massive effect on my life. Far too many times I have caused so much pain to my life by simply, not just fu**ing getting it done now!

My first realisation that my obstructive thought patterns were not serving me happened at just over 30 years of age!

That is at least 14 years of adult life of causing chaos and destruction in my own life.

And who do I have to blame for it?

The universe?

My ‘chimp’ brain?

Other people in my life who did the same? (if they do it, it must be right…right?)

All utter rubbish!

I was the only one to blame. I had got myself into the routine of I have always done it this way, so it must be the only way to do it!

I realised in December 2019 that I would do absolutely anything for other people, but not one little thing for myself.

That all changed with the breakdown of (yet another) relationship.

Long story short, things hadn’t been right for a very long time, and I realised if I was to be happy I had to look after number one.

I started adding routine to my day’s. I would write down all of my goals to be achieved the next day on my whiteboard, starting with the menial tasks that I would normally put off doing, finishing with the tasks that most satisfy me and give me the most pleasure. (my wallpaper is now the friction whiteboards!).

A brief example of this would be:

Wake up – battling the snooze on the alarm (my ‘chimp’ loves that just 10 more minutes!)

15 minute exercise, before my first coffee and breakfast

Life admin (pay the bills and reply to the emails I don’t really want to, but need to)

Once these menial tasks are out of the way time to enjoy what I enjoy!

Read a good book (now self development focused and not just a sports autobiography!)

Create content for my Business and Mindset business

Network with like minded people

Run a live coaching session with a client

Go for a walk

Listen to music

Meditate / journal / affirmations

By getting the menial, boring, or difficult tasks out of the way in the morning, I feel refreshed and excited for the rest of my day. I also go to bed with a great, positive mindset, ready to go again tomorrow!

I guess the main lesson we can all take from this is…


Just get on with it, get it done, then enjoy the rest of your day!

Also, guess what?

You can do, whatever the f*ck you want to do!

You know that right?

If something or someone no longer serves you, make a change and look for what, or who, makes you truly happy!

Never say I’ll do it tomorrow to your life!

Take action!

About The Author

Matthew James Kellett – Peak Performance Coach for Exhausted Millennial Entrepreneurs.

Matthew found his calling in life through coaching. He has worked in many roles and overcome many unhelpful habits in his life. It is his mission to help other millennials overcome exhaustion by instilling healthy habits, routine and having technology work for you, not working against you!

Matthew has a true journey from where he was, to where he is today and wants to give value to the lives of others and help them on their journey to fulfilment, success and freedom.

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