Join Our Launch Team & Make $2,500-$10,000 Per Promotion [Everything You Need to Know To Get Involved]

...all You Need To Do Is Offer Your Audience A COMPLETELY FREE, 3 Day Masterclass on Holistic Coaching, And We’ll Take Care Of The Rest!

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  1. You promote your custom affiliate link to your audience and ask them to join our high-value, free 3 day training on how to become an online holistic coach.
  2. At the end of the three days, we’ll sell our course ‘Holistic Modalities ’ for $1997.
  3. Roughly 5% of people who attend the free training will convert to sales. If you get 100 people to register for the training, 5 will buy the course at the end, and you’ll make 25% of the course price, which would be $2,500 in commission ($500 per course sale). Get 200 people to register, and you can expect 10 sales bringing you $5,000 in commission – and so on. The more people who attend the training, the more commission you’ll make! We make $2,500,000 a year selling courses, so you can trust us to do this professionally and successfully!

Details Of The Course

You’ll get your own private links sent personally, so please do not share these links, but this is just for your reference to check out what you’ll be promoting:

Guidelines For Posting​

All posting for promoting the free training must be done between Monday 31 January 2022 & Monday 7th February 2022 (A strict one week window)

  • Remember that the only mission here is to drive traffic towards the free training, so that we can do all the hard work of converting sales on your behalf and making you commission! You do not need to mention the actual course they will be buying, this only happens much later once we’ve blown them away with 3 days worth of valuable training.
  • Please always use the tailored affiliate link that we will provide to you before posting.

Example Video Script

We find that video promotions do the best as it’s real and connects with your audience. You can find a rough script below, but please feel free to tweak it to your personal tone of voice:

“Hey guys. If you’re looking to earn an extra income online and you’re into holistic coaching such as yoga, breathwork, energy work and stuff like that, The Coaching Masters are putting on a completely free, 3 day training, that will show you how to earn money online as a holistic coach, even if you’re brand new and have no experience. If you fancy It, I’ll put the link to register below! See you there!”

If you have any questions, please send them over to us and ensure you have your affiliate links ready for posting on Monday 31st!

The Coaching Masters