Introducing The BRAND NEW Holistic Coaching Business Mentorship Package

A 12 Month Journey Where We’ll Personally Work With You to Start & Grow Your Very Own Profitable & Passion-Led Online Holistic Coaching Business

(*Guaranteed, Or DOUBLE Your Money Back!*)

Let’s cut the chit-chat and get right to it.

If you’d like a fail-proof solution for guaranteeing your success as an Online Holistic Coach… even if you’re brand new to the coaching world with absolutely no experience… so you can finally have MORE freedom to do what you want, when you want… this is for you

Over The Next 12 Months You Will…

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Become an Internationally Accredited Holistic Coach

Meaning you’ll have all the tools, techniques, and frameworks to deliver powerful, life-changing ‘all round’ transformations for yourself and all your clients.


Have Your Own Profitable Online Business

Meaning you’ll have the choice to ‘work’ on the things that light you up without the dreaded 9-5 commute to a job that doesn’t fulfil you, or doing something you don’t enjoy.

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Create Freedom In Every Sense Of The Word

Have the time-freedom to travel the world and live life on your terms. Reach the financial-freedom where money no longer becomes a worry.

Becoming An Online Holistic Coach Is One Of The Fastest & Most Fulfilling Careers You Will Ever Choose

Many coaches believe coaching is all based on mindset work. False
Mindset is only the beginning of true, everlasting transformation.
Real, long-lasting transformation is only achieved by embodying the deeper types of Holistic work like emotional release, energy work, and the mind-body connection.
Holistics is a style of coaching that approaches a person as a whole through mind, body, soul, and emotions to help activate spiritual power and create true transformational change.

It Doesn’t Matter Whether You’re…

The Holistic Coaching Mentorship Package Is Your Proven Roadmap to Becoming A Powerful Well-Rounded Coach With A Profitable Online Business

Over the next 12 months, Dayana & Lewis will personally work with you to guarantee you become a powerful Holistic Coach with a business that make a consistent income every month.

Meet Your Mentors!

Lewis Circle
Lewis Raymond Taylor

Lewis used the power of coaching to cure his mental illness, get clean and sober, become a senior accredited coaching trainer, international speaker, and build a multi-million-dollar online coaching business called The Coaching Masters! He has now relocated to Bali, Indonesia, where he lives with his fiancé Dayana.

Dayana Carmona

Dayana is passionate about sharing the transformations that can occur when you combine the power of the mind, body, emotions, and soul into a coaching business. Dayana now has an extensive breadth of knowledge in holistic coaching world, being trained as a Coaching Master, NLP Master, Reiki Master, Registered Yoga Teacher, bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Masters in Mental Health Counselling.

Dayana Circle
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What actually is Holistic Coaching?

This is a style that approaches the person as a whole through mind, body, soul, and emotions. To help activate spiritual power, make transformational changes, balance your inner being and provide emotional healing.

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You Will Become a Holistic Coach and Learn:

Will You Be Fully Qualified?

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Of Course!

Upon passing the program and demonstrating a high standard of Holistic Coaching, you will be a fully qualified Holistic Coach. 

The program is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.


How to Approach Your Clients Through Trauma Informed Holistic Coaching

  • Learn how to understand your clients as a whole to provide them with support that fits their needs, wants, strengths, weaknesses, and their lifestyle, as well as understanding boundaries on how to approach healing from trauma.

How to use Meditation to Guide Your Clients into Transformation

  • Learn about the Metta Model – a technique to use during sessions for those clients that are experiencing judgment for themselves and others, have self-doubt, lack confidence, are comparing themselves to others, and are experiencing anxiety, fear, and jealousy.

How to Create Your Own Signature Client Guided Visualisation

  • Learn the framework to write and develop your own personalized guided meditations and guided visualizations to enhance feelings of relaxation, peace, and deeper connection for your clients.

How to Foster Emotional Regulation Through Mindfulness

  • Promote mindfulness with your clients so they can learn how to regulate their emotions through the AAAL Framework and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. This will give your clients a better understanding about their emotional regulation.

How to Add Personalised Mindful Routines to Your Coaching Package

  • Give your clients the tools they can utilize day to day to further promote their inner transformation outside of the sessions. This will give them more resilience, autonomy, and a sense of resourcefulness that they didn’t have before.

How to Use the Emotional Freedom Technique to Manage Anxiety & Depression

  • Power:Utilize EFT Tapping to help your clients feel and release their emotions to reboot and balance their emotional and energetic system to break patters of anxiety, fear, stress and depression.

How to Connect Your Clients with Universal Energy

  • Learn all about Reiki Healing and get Attuned to Reiki Level 1 energy as to begin the process of delivering Reiki sessions to your clients. This week will focus on understanding Reiki, the fundamentals and connecting you to the Universal Life Energy, and how to perform in-person Reiki sessions.

How to Use the Art of Yogic Philosophy Within Coaching

  • Using Yogic philosophy to bring in wise understanding about the connection between mind and body. Movement and the practice of yoga are meant to untie the knots that have formed within our energetic system in the course of our lives, and our focus this week is to learn how to transmute pain through the body.

How to Distribute Energy Through Your Clients Moving Body

  • Learn about the process of somatic experiencing or movement of the body to clear blockages and release emotions. A holistic approach to treatment, which, integrates several modalities in order to increase awareness of the ways the body and the mind relate.

How to Tap Into Your Clients Inner Child & Shadow Work

  • Give your clients the tools to accept every part of themselves as to build resilience, compassion, and gentleness when facing challenges through Shadow Work. Helping them embrace these “dark” parts of themselves can liberate them and release trauma and wounding.

How to Use the Breath to Help Regulate Your Clients Central Nervous System

  • Understand the science of breathwork, its benefits and the various types of breathwork you can utilize with your client to release anxiety, stress, and tension, alongside providing them with practices that they can utilize in their own time to reboot their nervous system.

How to Use Conscious Connected Breathing to Release Emotional Blockages

  • Learn how to safely navigate your client into Conscious Connected Breathing to access a different layer of consciousness to deeply heal and transform the mind, body, soul, and emotions through an out-of-body experience.

How to Deliver Distance Reiki Sessions by Targeting Your Clients Energy System

  • Drawing back to Reiki after an integration period to receive Reiki Level 2 Attunement and learn the different symbols as to give Reiki Energy Healing Online Distant sessions. Attune yourself even further to the energy and to your intuitive and psychic gifts.

How to Create a Safe and Gentle Container for Serving Ceremonial Cacao Plant Medicine

  • Learn all about Sacred Cacao and how this powerful plant medicine can provide a safe and gentle containers for your clients to connect deeper with themselves and therefore be more in tune with their needs and their truest and highest self.

You’ll Also Launch Your Own Business and Learn:


Your Marketing Positioning

  • Understanding you, your vision and the opportunities that will bring you a solid profit.
  • Getting clear on your ideal target market.
  • How to create a powerful and desirable coaching programme.
  • How much money should you charge for coaching.
  • What products to create (Membership Site, Online Course, 1:2:1 Programme, Group Coaching, Masterminds, Intensives, Retreats)

Photography & Branding (including branding creation)

  • Nailing your personal brand to become a coaching superstar
  • Mood board and brainstorm diagrams to get clear on your vision
  • Brand Pillars – Brand Messaging – Brand Vision – Brand Values – Brand Goals
  • Custom Website Banners – Consistent branded banners and headers across the website that will WOW potential clients
  • Why Personal Branding creates solid profit
  • The exact way to create a logo that attracts your ideal clients
  • How to use colours and fonts to bring consistency to your brand.
  • Understanding your online personality.
  • Social Media Covers – All social media platforms to reflect new brand identity.
  • E-book cover & layout Design – Linked through to relevant call to actions and next stages of your funnel
  • Logo Design – new logo to reflect your updated brand identity.
  • The types of photos and photography you should use, and where to source it for free.

Social Media Makeover

  • Social Media Growth – Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn (tips, tricks, and strategies to increase your following on a constant basis)
  • Biography Design – We will create a crystal-clear one-sentence elevator pitch that will be embedded across all your social media profiles to attract the perfect paying clients
  • Social Media Preference – Get clear on what platforms to use, what times to use them and how often
  • Social Media Automation – how to use software to generate leads and opportunities automatically.

Growing Your Audience & Finding Leads

  • Engaging – Where to find new leads, opportunities, and communities of people. Then how to interact in communities to generate leads.

Story Content

  • How to share your own personal story and build an audience.
  • How to take your client on a journey into your coaching programme which will make them want to buy
  • How to structure your story in a way that flows and makes sense.

EBook Content (and Creation)

  • How to title your e-book
  • How to structure our e-book to generate leads
  • The highest converting e-books to write

Sales Page Content

  • How to write persuasively and create constant sales
  • The essential sections every high-converting sales page much have
  • How to use call to actions to drive people to book a coaching session with you.

Social Media Content

  • Content – How to create compelling content
  • How to construct headlines and call to actions
  • The perfect structure for engaging content marketing
  • The 18 different types of social media content that will attract paying clients

Authority Building

  • Positioning yourself as a respected authority in your niche.
  • How to secure Facebook interviews and guest-experting on podcasts.
  • How to use language to subliminally boost authority
  • How to create a Facebook group to positing yourself as an online leader.

Website & Training (Including Creation)

  • The essential pages every coaching website needs
  • We will support you whilst creating your website according to your specific objectives and branding.
  • How every page should look for optimum conversions.

Funnel Training (Including Creation)

  • Funnel integrations set-up, and very clearly displayed for maximum prospect captures and conversions.
  • Domain registration & hosting.
  • Calendar Scheduling – Linked to up to personal calendars, phone, and laptop

Prospecting & Selling

  • How to have effective prospecting conversations using Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn messenger.
  • How to covert prospective client conversations into sales calls.
  • How to have discovery calls that sell.

Tribe Building

  • How to build a Facebook community
  • How to create culture and community
  • How to increase engagement in your group


  • The right way to build anticipation on your launch.
  • How to get an explosion of traffic to your website on launch day

Post-Launch & Growth

  • How to maximise on sales after your launch
  • The daily fundamental principles you must remember to get results
  • Next steps to scaling your online business

Here’s What’s Included In This Ultimate Package:


Live Training: Weekly Live Holistic Coaching Training – Value $4997

Every single week for 14 weeks (28 hours of content) you will learn and become a master of all the different Holistic coaching tools and techniques that go into creating powerful, all-round transformations.

Weekly Live Holistic Coaching Training
Live Workshops Weekly Live Holistic Coaching Workshops


Live Workshops: Weekly Live Holistic Coaching Workshops – Value $4997

Weekly interactive workshops where you’ll become confident in delivering your new Holistic Modalities. You’ll get expert feedback, and we’ll remove every single doubt or insecurity you have until you’re in the best possible place to get clients, and help them achieve life-changing results.


Demonstrations: Weekly Recorded Demonstrations – Value $997

Expert demonstration videos by Dayana where she’ll walk you through exactly how to carry out each of the Holistic Modalities in real-time. Simply watch the online videos and model what she does. No guesswork and a massive confidence builder!

Demonstrations Weekly Recorded Demonstrations
Holistic Manuals Manuals of Each Modality for Revision


Holistic Manuals: Manuals of Each Modality for Revision – Value $497

You’ll also get access to all the downloadable and printable Holistic Manuals for quick reference, as well as helping you to keep your newly learned coaching techniques front of mind.


Guided Meditation: 30-Day Abundance Meditation Audios – Value $297

Experience one of the most powerful Modalities from a client’s perspective. 30 Days of guided meditation audios to help you drill deep into your subconscious and get you in the frame of mind that will create real, long-term success with your clients and your business.

Guided Meditation 30 Day Abundance Meditation Audios
Sourcing Guide Find the Best Holistic Resources


Sourcing Guide: Find the Best Holistic Resources – Value $197

A one-stop guide containing everything you could possibly ever want or need to carry out all the different Holistic practises taught inside the course, such as ingredients, materials, and where to buy them.


Yoga Flow: Routine for Entrepreneurial Health - Value $397

Create a sense of calm and focus as you grow your new online Holistic Coaching business with a Yoga Flow routine specifically created for budding Entrepreneurs.

Yoga Flow Routine for Entrepreneurial Health
Printed Accreditation Certificate Value Priceless2


Certificate: Printed Accreditation Certificate - Value Priceless!

You’ll also get your very own Accreditation Coaching Certificate which we’ll post directly to you so you can frame, post online, and add to your website for maximum credibility. Shout from the rooftop that you’re a Certified Holistic Coach who makes an impact in the world!


Ultimate Launch: Entire Business Program + Bonuses – Value $40,472

We will teach you absolutely everything you need to start and grow a successful and profitable online business. No overwhelm. No Complexity. Just a proven blueprint to follow every week that will get you earning a consistent income every single month as a successful online coach.

Ultimate Launch Entire Business Program Bonuses
12 Months TCM membership – Value priceless


Membership: 12 Months TCM Membership – Value Priceless!

CoachFlix is exactly like Netflix, only rather than watching pointless programs, you’ll be learning how to actually earn an income online by helping people — and you’ll get a full year of free access to all the content inside!


FAST ACTION BONUS: First 15 Spaces Get a 1:2:1 Coaching Session – Value $397

If you’re one of the first to apply & sign up, you’ll get a personal one-to-one coaching session with the one and only, Dayana, as a lovely introduction to the program. Ask your questions and get clarity on anything to do with Holistic Coaching.

Fast Action First 15 Spaces Get a 1 2 1 Coaching Session
Pay in Full Bonus 2 day Spiritual Retreat in Bali


PAY IN FULL BONUS: 2-Day Spiritual Retreat in Bali – Value $3997

For those who are able to make the full payment up front, we’re going to give you the opportunity to join us out here in Tropical Bali for a transformational 2-Day Spiritual Retreat.
*Flights & Accommodation Not Included

Total Value: $57,245

Usual Investment: $8000

One Time Only Offer:

Just $2997


12 Monthly Installments

$297 P/M (£219)

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“Do you have a guarantee?”

You Bet. Matter Of Fact, We Have Two Massive Guarantees for You

The No-Quibble Quality Assurance Guarantee

100% guarantee that you’ll COMPLETELY LOVE our brand new Holistic Coach Business Mentorship Package, or your money back. If you’re not satisfied in any way, simply email us within the first 14 days of joining and we’ll send you your money back with no question asked.

The ‘DOUBLE Your Investment Back’ Guarantee

If you don’t double the value of your course investment inside 12 months through new client sales we’ll give you DOUBLE your investment back. That means if you don’t make AT LEAST $5,994, we won’t just give you your course investment back… we’ll give you $5,994 back. You literally CANNOT lose!

*terms and conditions apply

This Is Absolutely Everything You Need to Start & Grow A Successful & Profitable Online Holistic Coaching Business

To secure your place, you'll have to Be Quick!

Spaces are very limited due to the live nature of this package

We cannot accept any more than

100 Spaces!

Tuesday 15th February

Sunday 27th February


Sunday 12pm or 7pm UK Time

You have the freedom to pick the workshop that fits your schedule.

Live Workshops Weekly Live Holistic Coaching Workshops

Hear what Our Holistic Modalities Graduates Have To Say

Hear what Our Ultimate Launch Graduates Have To Say

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Don’t Get Results? Get DOUBLE Your Money Back

We are so confident that you will get outrageous results for this package, that we will put our money where our month is and guarantee you at least DOUBLE your investment in 12 months, or we’ll return you double what invested.

There is no risk. The risk is all on us.

All you need to do qualify is take part and implement what you learn by showing up to 80% of the training calls, launch your business and offer you services to at least one person a week.

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Your Questions Answered

No, you will learn everything you need to know about Holistic Modalities and start serving clients in this 14-week course.

Yes, everything you learn is for you to apply with your clients, however, you can also learn and apply for yourself! In fact, it is encouraged to embody the practice and be able to provide these modalities with integrity to your clients.

Then you can take advantage of our full money back guarantee.

Whilst this course will give you modalities to support managing their symptoms, it is not intended to cure. This is a great supplement for their own healing journey. We discuss mental health and trauma informed care during the first week of the course.

We touch on this topic and show you how to safely serve your clients and deliver these modalities ethically in a way that doesn’t trigger or cause harm to the individual.

This is a service that you can immediately monetise and use to add an income stream to your existing business, or start a new business from scratch – meaning this course is an investment that will return you an income, the question is, can you afford not to? We also a 12 month payment plan. Possibly making this the most affordable, 14-week Holistic Coaching Accreditation Course on the internet.

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