The Coaching Masters - Holistic Modalities Course



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How to Step into Alignment & Serve Powerfully by Adding Spiritual Therapies to Your Coaching Business πŸ’›


Delivered by none other than the queen of holistic coaching, Dayana Carmona…
A Reiki master, yoga teacher, EFT practitioner, Psychology Degree Graduate with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling.

And A New Course Reveal πŸ‘€


The amazing value you’ll get:

πŸ’› What is Holistic Training and Why it is Essential
πŸ’› How Holistic Training Will Make You A Better Coach
πŸ’› How To Make An Even Bigger Impact As A Coach!
πŸ’› How To Bring Mind, Body, Emotions and Soul Together
πŸ’› Benefits Of The Holistic Approach For Your Clients
πŸ’›And Everything About Our Upcoming Course


Thursday, January 20th @ 8 PM UK Time

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