If There Was a Way to Be The Very BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF Become a QUALIFIED COACH, & Work Full Time Online, And For a Limited Time Only, Try It For FREE?

Would you be able to become the person you are destined to be?

Is This You?

If You Answered Yes to At Least ONE of The Above Questions?

Then You’re Destined to Be a Coach and Have ONE HUNDRED PERCENT Come to The Right Place (Read on)

Whether you find yourself thinking, “I’d love to become a coach but I have NO CLUE where to start”…

Or you are familiar with the concept of running an online business but are still searching for something that lights your soul on fire and resonates with your higher purpose…

Then listen closely to what we are about to share with you on this page!

Here’s Why You NEED to Listen Very Clearly...

If you’ve landed on this page it’s because you’re here for a reason; you didn’t accidently click your way here…

Something brought you here.

We know you want to help others and make a difference in the world, and we also know you want freedom in your life. We’ve spoken to many people who want these things in their life… But the heart-breaking thing?

Most of them don’t ever get to experience them.

Most people allow self-doubt, laziness or the fear of the unknown to convince them into settling for a life that deep down, they know they don’t want. The truth is, if you want to become someone who lives a life that people look in on and say “That can’t be real; it looks too good to be true, they can’t really be that happy!’…
You’re going to need a drastic inner shift to break down the inner stories in your head that have kept you stuck your entire life.

You know the ones I’m talking about…

The ones that tell you that you’re never going to amount to anything & what’s the point in even trying in the first place. But guess what? We know there is also another voice in the back of your head that gently whispers to you every now and again and tells you that you are on this planet for something bigger than the reality you’re currently giving yourself…. Do you want to know the secret about that quiet whisper?

That’s the real you.

nicole geri 2mR9wwIkY1I unsplash w

The good news is, we are going to grab the real you and drag it out.

Here’s 3 Reasons You Feel Stuck Right Now:

1. You spent your life learning the information required to get a job and then realised the job you chose isn't what you really wanted, and now don’t have the education necessary to thrive in an online capacity.

2. You generalise your reality and make assumptions of how life is based on the people who you are surrounded by. It seems as though ‘everyone’ puts up with a mediocre life and as though ‘nobody’ lives the life you really want - simply because you created a reality that involves those people.

3. The societal conditioning that you’ve grown up with uses fear to confine you within the workforce and tells you to seek security and safety; and to be realistic and cautious. This has caused you to fear the unknown, doubt yourself and suppress your dreams and ambitions.

We promise you, we will change your life in ways that we can’t even explain to you right now!

So, Let’s Get to It...

Life Coaching

thought catalog Nv vx3kUR2A unsplash

You Can Coach on Literally Anything You Want, Too!

You don’t just have to be a Life Coach, you can focus on any area you’re passionate about!
Here are some examples of the different types of coaching our members do with their clients:

And the crazy thing? (No Knowledge Needed!)

You don’t even need to have knowledge or experience in these areas, the way coaching works is you use coaching tools, techniques, models and frameworks to allow your client to uncover the answers themselves, find solutions to their problems & create a plan on what THEY want to do. 

You don’t (and shouldn’t) need to give ANY ADVICE AT ALL!

The other crazy thing?! (It’s an Unregulated Industry!)

This means anyone can call themselves a coach. All you need is the skillset to actually know how to coach people, and nobody can stop you. No college, university or experience required!

And the REALLY crazy thing? (The Income Potential!)

Coaches usually charge between $60-$250 per hour. The average online coach earns around $50-80k P/A – However, this can rise to multiple 6-figure income with the more results you get and more work you put in.

That’s not to mention the group coaching, online courses, retreats, public speaking gigs, e-books, books & brand deals.

We know that will sound crazy to you right now, and you’ll think that nobody will ever pay you that kind of money; however, wait until you have a valuable life-changing superpower to offer people after you learn the power of coaching. It’s only at this point that you’ll understand how valuable these coaching sessions can be!

averie woodard 5d20kdvFCfA unsplash

Meet The Coaching Masters

Before we introduce the trio, known as The Coaching Masters, we need to make an important disclosure statement…

They aren’t your normal coaches.

Appearing on reality TV, serving prison sentences & being Tom Hardy’s body-double in Batman are some things that many grey-haired coaches can’t lay claim to. These powerful bunch of online-superstars are bringing a new lease of life to what was once a stagnant industry.

They are young, disruptive, wealthy and influential, and are doing things differently to anyone else out there in the industry right now…

IMG 2181
lewis thumb

Lewis Raymond Taylor

Business Trainer & Director

Six years ago, at the age of 25 years old, Lewis Raymond Taylor was released from his third prison sentence. At this point, Lewis had been suffering with mental illnesss, substance misuse, the aftermath of sexual abuse, and the trauma from his fathers death. 

Despite being arrested from a young age, being expelled from school, and being in a young offenders institution by the time he was 18 years old, Lewis used the power of coaching to cure his mental illness, get clean and sober, become an accredited coaching trainer, international speaker and relocate to Bali, Indonesia, where he now lives with his girlfriend Dayana. 

He has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur & listed as in the top ten coaches in the world by Yahoo Finance. Lewis now helps coaches start and scale their businesses to 6 & 7 figures, entirely online.

After a successful career as an Actor, sharing the stage with the likes of Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy & Benedict Cumberbatch, Liam James Collins saw his acting career dry up overnight and found himself working as a mailman for three years. 

He was also involved in the horrific london terror attacks, as well as losing his Dad to suicide in 2018. Despite the tough times, Liam pushed through the darkness on a quest to better his own life and to help others. Over the last six years he has gone on to become an NLP Trainer, Coach to Celebrities, TV Coach on MTV & and work as a Peak Performance Coach for Amazon. 

Liam brings a real-life element to coaching and is passionate about delivering his coaching training in an engaging and entertaining way and making coaching as fashionable as having a personal trainer.

liam thumb

Liam James Collins

Coaching Trainer & Director
jonny thumn

Jonny Mitchell

Influencer Trainer & Director

You may recognise Jonny Mitchell from his TV appearances on Love Island & Celebrity Big Brother or his huge online influence of half a million followers. 

Despite being a TV personality, Jonny has a long history in business and personal development. From starting his first business in Hong Kong back in 2012, to developing a property empire, and a 7 figure nationwide supported living care home company, Jonny has extensive experience both in business, and working with people with a wide range of mental illnesses. 

Jonny has also worked directly with Tripadvisor, Huffington Post & many other brands as a full-time influencer and is now using his knowledge of influencing to help coaches share the value they have to offer by using online influence to create a real impact in the world.

It’s not just the The Coaching Masters Themselves Who Will Be Smothering You With Value & Support…

The Coaching Masters Team are some of the best coaches in the world, all situated in one jam-packed online training platform and supportive community!

Covering business, mindset, emotional intelligence, lifestyle, technology, empowerment & NLP, as well as some coming from backgrounds of extreme adversity such as bereavements, mental health, trauma, and addiction – not to mention making tens of millions of dollars between them from their coaching expertise.

The Coaching Masters is also fully accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring, The Complementary Medical Association, The International Practitioners of Holistic Training, and our training is accredited to a level 4 standard; so rest assured – we know our stuff and have the governing bodies to back it up too!

CMA registered college logo
MG 0311

Now You’re Thinking “Wow, I’m Going to Need $100,000 for a College/University Loan to Be Able to Make This Move?”

Nope, as we said at the start, just the price of a cup of coffee...

It gives us great pleasure to share with you...

CF logo 2

The All-inclusive Netflix Of Coaching Membership Community!

Absolutely, EVERYTHING you need to develop your mindset, become a qualified Coach & start your own coaching business with paying clients. All within one jam-packed online platform, just like Netflix.

mockuper 1

Here’s What to Expect...

tcm badge square


First we are going to drastically change your mindset to the point where your world doesn't seem the same (Sound unrealistic? That’s your mind, not what we are saying). Trust me, once you've been through this training things will never be the same.

IMG 2160
tcm badge square

Then we are going to teach you the most powerful coaching tools, techniques and methods on the planet & legally qualify you as a Coach (Yes, you will be a Coach.. Oooh scary, right? Tell that inner-voice to quieten for one second, as it doesn’t need to be scary with our support).


IMG 2145 1
tcm badge square

Then we’ll show you step by step, click-by-click, how to set up your online business and the exact ways to get online clients (“But I’m not tech-savvy and social media scares me”, I hear you screaming. THAT’S FINE, all of our training is designed in a way that a seven-year old could follow it (no offence).


IMG 2242
tcm badge square

Finally, we’ll smother you with love, support, guidance, mentorship and accountability from our team of world-leading expert coaches and 900 other coaches and aspiring coaches from every corner of the globe.


IMG 2181 1 1

Here’s Exactly What You Get…

By the way, the amount of value we are about to share with you is INSANE!

This is a collection of resources to ensure you become a successful & influential online coach, that has NEVER BEEN SEEN before online!

We mean it, you can search the internet high and low and NOBODY, and we mean nobody, has anywhere near the kind of jam-packed, insanely comprehensive bundle, as we have at The Coaching Masters!

NMF Mindset Mastery Masterclass mockup 3 1

Mindset Mastery Masterclasses

A Mindset Category Full of Training from World Leading Coaches Such as Seven Stages of Hunger & Coaching Self-Doubt Eliminator from Lewis Raymond Taylor & Mindset for Coaches from Liam James Collins. 

Everything You Need to Have a Bulletproof Mindset Whilst Embarking of the Beginning Stages of Your journey to Become a Coach.

NMF Full Coaching Qualification Stack mockup 2 1

Full Coaching Qualification Stack

Get Certified in Coaching & Neuro Linguistic Programming with Our Fully Qualified Coaching and NLP Foundation Certifications. Learn our Simple Step-By-Step Roadmap for Learning How to Coach People. 

Also Included is Your Internationally Recognized Coaching Certificate and NLP Certificate, Which You Can Frame, Post Online, & Add to Your Website for Maximum Credibility; As Well as Dozens of Hours of Live Coaching Demonstrations to See How the Pros Do It!

NMF Online Business Bundle mockup 2 1

Online Business Bundle

A Thorough Bundle of Everything You Need to Start, Grow and Scale Your Coaching Business. From Learning How to Land Your First Client with the 5 A’s to Getting Clients, All the Way to Scaling with Our Level Up Your Business Accelerator – Or Even Dive into Our Course Creation Masterclasses to Create a Passive Income Stream!

NMF Guest Expert Library mockup 1

Guest Expert Library

Over 100+ Hours of Training from Some of The Very Best Coaches in The Industry. Learn How to Have Your Business Legally Covered, To Finding Balance in Business with Holistic Health, Run Facebook Ads to Covert Clients on Autopilot & Many More Training Series on Business, Mindset, Coaching & Lifestyle!

NMF 121 deep dive mockup

BONUS #1 1:2:1 DeeP Dive Coaching Session

You’ll Work with One of Our Senior Strategy Coaches to Break Down Any Hidden Mental Obstacles That Could Sabotage Your Success, & Also To Give You a Clear Roadmap of How to Set Up Your Coaching Business the Right Way to Ensure You Get Up, Running and Into Profit as Quickly as Possible!

NMF success enhancers mockup 1

BONUS #2 TCM Success Enhancers

A Complete No-Fluff Collection of Downloadable Templates, Tools, Recommended Reading, and Resources That You Can Swipe, Copy, and Use Directly in Your Own Coaching Business.

NMF Private community app mockup 1

BONUS #3 Access to Private Community & Social Networking App

Get Paired Up with Your Own Accountability Buddy, Whilst You Gain Lifetime Access to Our Private Facebook Mastermind Group & ‘Pro’ Access to Our Very Own Social Networking App for Coaches with Over 1,500 Coaching Masters Asking Questions Every Day, Booking-In Practice Sessions & Getting Unlimited Free Coaching from Our Coaches Across 71 Countries Around the World!

NMF Directory mockup 1

BONUS #4 Guaranteed Clients Coaching Directory Listing

Create Your Own Profile on Our Public Website and App with Over 100,000 customers shop every day for their ideal client. Client With Your Dream Clients by Simply Being Visible on The Fastest Growing Coaching Website in The World!

The Investment In Yourself...

You can get full access to everything right now for one, loss-cost, monthly membership… WITH NO CONTRACT, NO EXTRA FEES, NO MINIMUM COMMITMENT & YOU CAN CANCEL ANYTIME AT THE CLICK OF A BUTTON…

$9.99 Per Month

FREE For Your First Month


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Hear It From Our Members Themselves!


100% No Quibble Money Back Guarantee!​

Yes, We Have a 100% No Quibble Money Back Guarantee!

We know from personal experience what works. Our platform and community is so amazing, and we are so confident that 14 days after joining, if you’re not entirely satisfied, then you can have 100% of your money back!

Just click one button on your account on our membership area and the money is returned back to your account within hours.

What have you got to lose?

But, there’s the won’t cancel.

After joining The Coaching Masters Membership you’ll have finally found something you enjoy doing, that lets you help people, become the best-version of yourself, make an online income, secure your digital future and meet a new online family.

People come for the value, but they stay for the community!

Our members do business with each other, fly across the world to meet each other, collaborate with each other, some even get into relationships with each other! We’ve even had our first Coaching Masters baby recently!

But let the community speak for itself for a second…

We have over 20 people who have our community logo tattoos on their body. Don’t worry, this isn’t compulsory; it was completely their choice. But this shows how important and powerful our community is.

This isn’t like one of the other ‘Facebook Tribes’ you see online, this is your new home, and we CAN’T WAIT to welcome you.

Image from iOS
Image from iOS 1
thecoachingmasters 73533204 1087267201672532 7954229537410849604 n

Over the last few weeks I’ve been updating my social media profiles. I never thought I’d be able to find the right words, but with the structure and guidance from The Coaching Masters, I’m doing it and feeling so pleased! In just 24-hours I’ve received messages from 3-people saying they’d like to discuss working with me, as well as numerous comments and messages from people showing love for my social media posts.

claire 1
Claire Louise Pointer

Mindset Coach

Take a Sneak Peek Inside

What I really love about The Coaching Masters is the connections and support you receive from everybody. We all want to be our best versions of ourselves. 

The Coaching Masters truly made me believe I can be and do whatever the hell I want to do! If you’re looking to ditch your old self and reemerge as a new version of you, you’re in the right hands.

Lenka Kudjakova

Self Belief Coach

Or, Of Course, You Could Go Back to the 9-5?

Let’s imagine the alternative for a second…

Let’s say you ignore the fact that there is a money-back guarantee and you let the fear, doubt or suspicion, stop you from taking advantage of this life changing opportunity…

You don’t invest the $0.99 per day for this entire Membership and you spend the money you could have invested into your future on a new pair of jeans, or on some lunch one afternoon.

… and because of that you go back to a job that doesn’t fulfill you because it’s the ‘safer option’.

But as you scroll on social media in the evenings, you’ll catch a glimpse of some people living the life you know you want to be living…

…and as the days, weeks and months go by, the coaching industry will grow and the opportunity will slowly pass you by.

One day, you’ll realise that you missed the boat and the beginning of a huge wave of the coaching gold rush.

Not only that, but as the world moves forward through the digital revolution, you realise that your 9-5 wasnt the safer option.

You saw that your company had control over you, and could make you redundant at any point with a month’s notice; leaving you employed in an instant.

You finally realised that there is no security in leaving your fate in the hands of other people, and everything you’ve been told to believe was an illusion of safety and security.

5, 10 or 15 years later, maybe you start to explore your life’s purpose of becoming a coach, only to realise that the industry has moved on, the market has become saturated, and the years of working a job that didn’t fulfil you left you feeling defeated, weak and no longer able to grasp the life you once promised yourself you’ve have.

Don’t let that happen.

You don’t need to let that happen!

We are here to support you every step of the way.

We love you.

You are here to make a difference in the world.

You ARE good enough.

You ARE ready.


Take control of your future, and join The Coaching Masters Membership today.

IMG 6536
TCM Membership full color
IMG 6536

Your Questions, Answered:

Our Black Friday special allows you to get access to our ENTIRE Membership FREE for 30 days. What are you afraid of?

After your first FREE month, $9.99/month breaks down to only $.33/day! You can’t even get a cup of coffee for $.33c. We invite you to make that $.33 daily investment in yourself, your business, and your future.

That’s what The Coaching Masters Membership is for! We take you through the entire process – from the very beginning. So, even if you have no idea where to start, no confidence, and no experience – you’ll gain ALL of that within The Coaching Masters Membership.

Again, that’s what The Coaching Masters Membership is for! We believe that Coaching is the most powerful method of earning an income online while allowing you to genuinely help others. The mindset, confidence, and business skills developed through The Coaching Masters Membership can be used to grow nearly any online business.

One of the best things about The Coaching Masters Membership is that everything is self-paced, and available online in your own membership area. That means you can choose whatever time works best for you, whether that be early mornings, late nights, or during your lunch breaks.

As soon as you join The Coaching Masters membership you’re encouraged to join our private Facebook community. This is a great way to surround yourself with like-minded, mission-driven professionals for support, encouragement, and community engagement.

Yep! If within 14 days you decide you’re not ready to take action and develop your own successful professional online coaching businesses, just let us know and you’ll receive a full refund. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.

All training, videos, and resources are available within your personal membership area. The Coaching Masters Membership is self-paced, and being updated with new and relevant content every week.

While there are definitely a lot of scams out there, The Coaching Masters Membership isn’t one of them. There are two major differences between The Coaching Masters Membership and those other “online businesses.” First, you’re going to have to do the work to build your online business, that means putting in a few late nights and early mornings at the beginning. Second, The Coaching Masters Membership genuinely helps people achieve their goals and break down their internal barriers. We aren’t pitching you any magic protein powders or secret face serum, coaching is a powerful and professional skill that fosters change in your clients lives as well as your own.

We’re not Tech Experts either! We’re Coaching experts who happen to have successful businesses online. The Coaching Masters Membership will show you step by step, how to create your own successful online coaching business with some very simple tools and software that anyone can use with ease.

Natural confidence comes from being very good at something. We don’t expect you to be good at Coaching right away. That’s why we’re here! The Coaching Masters Membership will help you build and strengthen your natural confidence and we’re here to support and coach you every step of the way.

While it’s definitely not impossible, starting a successful online coaching business is a big job when you do it alone. But, with The Coaching Masters Membership you’ll learn the tips and tricks to avoiding some of the biggest and most common mistakes that other new coaches have made, allowing you to create your online business faster and without the headaches.

Nope. Don’t worry, you aren’t going to have to enroll or sit through years of college or university courses to get started. The coaching industry is one that isn’t regulated, which means that as long as you’re providing value to your clients, that’s all you need! The Coaching Masters Membership does offer our own qualifications though and is included as part of your membership, so you’ll have the qualifications anyway, even if you don’t actually need them!

The Coaching Masters Membership is no risk at all. We’re so confident that we offer a full money-back guarantee as well as no contracts, no fees, and no red-tape. You’re free to cancel your membership at any time, so it’s worth a try, right?

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The Coaching Masters raised awareness in me and has changed my life! Not only have I been able to find clarity in my life. I’ve been able to process and let go of the things that have been holding me back for so long. I’ve never felt so content and fulfilled with what I’m doing.

The membership is extremely well structured. The Coaching Masters are absolutely amazing, supportive, extremely knowledgeable and easy to relate to. You aren’t just trained as a coaching master by expert professionals, you experience pivotal moments of growth. You experience the true power of coaching, and personally, I experienced the biggest shift of my life.

Elena Beth Reynolds
Elena Beth Reynolds

Empowerment Coach

This Could Be Your Reality!

I know it’s hard to believe.

lewis liam prisoner postman min

Even the Co-Founders of The Coaching Masters themselves, Lewis & Liam, transformed their lives from a Prisoner & a Postman.

At one point, Lewis was behind prison bars, and Liam was delivering the mail…

Do you think they believed they could travel the world, make millions of dollars and make a dent in the world?

Of course they didn’t!

lewis liam friends diamond min

Not 100%, not 90%, not even 20%, but there must have been just a little glimmer of hope that allowed them to think maybe they could at least try!

I don’t think either of them imagined what would unfold for them over the years that followed after taking that step.

We are not claiming it to be easy. There is work to put in to develop these skills and to build a business, but we are 100% claiming it’s possible.

Our community is proof it’s possible and we want you to be our next success story!

We have no doubts that you can do this.

This could be YOUR reality…

Coach Your Way to Freedom

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The Coaching Masters is such a powerful community that teaches you everything you need to know about the field of coaching. Each week you learn something more and more mind blowing. It not only teaches you how to coach others but how to better yourself. 

You’ll learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. The encouragement, positivity, and drive that everybody brings to the table in this community is amazing.

Stephanie N Dijols
Stephanie N Dijols

Business & Confidence Coach

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