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Do you scratch your head when you think about who you actually want to work with?

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In this e-book, we’ll show you how to create a powerful niche in a few simple steps.

We’ll also show you how to create an accurate positioning statement that resonates with your audience.

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about lewis Raymond Taylor

“The easy way to learn is from other mistakes, The hard way is from your own mistakes. The tragic way is not learning from either.”

7 Figure Entrepreneur and world-traveller Lewis Raymond Taylor, learned the hard way. From his first ASBO at fourteen, until his final stint in prison in his early twenties. Lewis battled with substance misuse, trauma and mental illness – whilist searching for the antidote to the emptiness he felt inside.

After a sudden moment of clarity and the confidence that was instilled in him by his prison tutor. in the education department; Lewis immediately started to take action, and found a path through his limiting beliefs, insecurities and doubts.

The former prisoner, who was expelled from school at fifteen, continued to use the power of his own mind to drive himself to rehabilitation, cure himself from mental illness, and build a successful 7 figure coaching business.

As the saying goes, “change your mindset; change your life” – Lewis is clear example of that. and now helps others do the same.

give me my copy!

give me my copy!

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