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Jo Baldock
Eastbourne, England

Accredite life coach focused to support, inspire and empower women as they navigate life’s challenges. Committed to creating a safe, welcoming space for clients so they feel truly cared for and guided through a partnership that prioritises their wellbeing and prepares them to thrive.

Nadine Ekiya Abeng

Accredited Relationship coach

James Kennedy
Glasgow, Scotland

Serial Entrepreneur, International Business Coach & Mentor

Alexandra Pownall
Stafford, England

Accredited Holistic Modalities Coaching Trainer, and qualified Holistic Therapist

Ryan Jeearry
London, England

Wellbeing and Career Coaching for Corporate Professionals, using scientific methods.

Jocelyn Joan Norton
Brighton and Hove, England

Inspire A Purpose Driven Life
Struggling To Face Your Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Overcoming Addiction
Overcoming Blockages & Past Traumas That No Longer Serve You
Career Advancing & Goal Setting
Life Coaching Guidance & Inspiration To Get More Out of Life & Relationships
Motivational Speaking at Schools Or Events

Pam Thomson
Edinburgh, Scotland

Accredited Mindset & fulfilment coach

Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat
Bengaluru, Karnataka

A Business Stakeholder Holistic Coach,

Franklin Kington
8 McCall Walk Clayton, manchester, lancashire m11 4ey

Accredited Coaching Professional: Single Mothers With young Children

Lakshmi Oshun
Los Angeles, California

(Accredited Certification/UCLA Postgraduate degree) Spiritual Mentor & International Destiny Cards/Love Cards (Cardology), TarotOracle Cards Reader, Feng Shui Specialist. I am able to provide: Complete Yearly readings, Six (6) month readings with Dates as well as Private Personalized One-on-One readings regarding Relationships, Manifesting Your Dreams, Wealth Manifestation, Chinese Zodiac Sign and Analysis, and Complete Home and Office Feng Shui Services and Consultations. I also specialize in working with Ancestors, Ancestral Healing & Trauma, Archangels, Crystal Healing, Candle/Crystal Magick and Galactic Light Activations.

Angele Gustaite
Rugby, England

Individually created coaching program to everyone, focusing on revealing the best in person and healing what’s necessary.

Serina Tatham
Egham, England TW20

Accredited Transformation Coach

Anna Maria Ingangi
London, England

Accredited International Coach

Karl Sandland
Manchester, England

12 week coaching program.

Dee Dhillon
Birmingham, England

Internationally Accredited Coach, Self Love Coach including Self Worth, Self Esteem, Confidence

Lysha Mohamed
Malé, Malé City

Internationally Accredited Coach, Certified Happiness Coach

Jenny Riddle
655 Sand Bank Road, New Point, Virginia 23125

Encouraging Self care without guilt

Shirley Miller
Bournemouth, England

Accredited Holistic Life Coach, Mum, Grandma, genuine and fun

Amos Schwartz

Personal development and problem solving coaching for anyone.

Karteek Hoshangabade
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Accredited Coaching Master & Experienced International Leader