Daniel Spalding, The Mindset Of A Real Life-Coaching Ninja


London, UK – Any person who has trained in martial arts for an extended period can tell you that the core of becoming exemplary lies in the mindset and discipline of the person. These same principles are a solid foundation for the way that life is meant to be lived; to the fullest. Daniel Spalding understands these fundamentals, executes, and includes them in his role as a Senior Strategy Coach for The Coaching Masters.

Challenging people to be the best versions of themselves for three decades, whether it was martial arts students, coaching clients, or business owners, Daniel has helped people overcome their fears and doubts to become champions in whatever version of the game of life they are playing. 

As a former US martial arts national champion, Daniel began teaching and training others across the country how to rise to the top when he was only 19 years old. Since then, he has taken that same methodology and mindset and applied it to the realm of personal development, teaching seminars and workshops to various groups on subjects such as motivation, confidence, overcoming fear, personal awareness, and positive parenting techniques. 

Daniel believes that the mental and emotional tools to be a successful coach are similar to those found in martial arts and sports. 

The Coaching Masters was created for people who want to escape the 9-5 life and use their personal stories and experiences to create a mobile, online life-coaching business. 

Looking to the future Daniel believes that in the coming years we will see more businesses go completely virtual and remote, a shift that was triggered due to necessity because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve learned that commuting to an office for 8 hours only to commute home afterwards is becoming less efficient.  During the lock-downs, I worked with many people who realized how much they were missing out on life because of outdated structures and methodologies.  

“In these times we live in, more and more people are realizing that life has been happening to them instead of for them. The traditional ideas of education and work are becoming more archaic and people are realizing that not only are they not happy with their current situation, but they are also ready to escape it and live a life that provides them abundance, happiness, and freedom.” – Daniel

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