Course Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Coaching Masters! We’re excited to have you on board and we can’t wait to start working together!  Before we get on to delivering the good stuff, let’s get the formalities out of the way. Here at The Coaching Masters it’s important to us that we do things the right way and that means giving you the information you need about our services so you’re clear and comfortable about what’s involved, what we expect from you and what you can expect from us. 

We totally get that reading terms and conditions is not the most fun, so we’ve tried our best to make things as simple as possible which includes avoiding complicated legal terms or jargon. We simply want to ensure that we start out in the best possible way with complete trust and confidence! If the terms look long, don’t panic, we’ll send you a copy for you to keep and review at a later date. 

Here’s to your success!

The Coaching Masters

1. Introduction

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”), along with our privacy notice, disclaimer and website terms (available at, set out the basis on which we provide our Services to you, and when you purchase our Services you are agreeing to be bound by them.

2. Money-Back Guarantee

It’s important to us that you’re completely satisfaction with our Services. In fact, it’s so important to us that we give you a ‘no questions asked’ 14-day money back guarantee, plus, we’ll even let you try them out and if you’re not fully satisfied with the quality, we’ll give you a full refund. You can find full details in our refund policy below.

3. Services

3.1. We’re masters in creating, developing and delivering online courses, subscriptions, programmes, accreditations, certifications and other business related, or coaching related, services (“the Services”) which are delivered online. Full details of all Services can be found on our website at (“the Website”) and in Schedule 1 together with details of the applicable payment plans.

3.2. Our Services are designed for a group audience and therefore you should not rely on any information, support and guidance as personal to you. If you require personal support then please contact us to see how we can help.

4. Agreement

4.1. When you purchase any Services you agree that, you’re over 18, that you’re legally capable of entering into legal contracts, and that all information you provide to us is true and accurate.

4.2. You agree to keep your access information private and not to share, disclose, sell, license or assign it. 

5. Group Safety

5.1. It’s important that we create a safe and comfortable group environment for everyone, so we ask you to agree to conduct yourself in a reasonable and responsible manner when accessing any Services, any group calls or meetings (“Sessions”) or groups, and not to act in a way which could cause offence, distress or alarm to others accessing the Services.

5.2. When you access any of our private groups or Sessions, you agree:

5.2.1.   NOT to use the groups for any unlawful purpose; and 

5.2.2.   NOT to upload, post, transmit or otherwise make available content that:

a)         is by its nature defamatory, libelous, obscene, demeaning or which causes offence to another individual whether intended or not; 

b)         discloses personal and/or confidential or sensitive information about another person;

c)         is threatening or causes another individual to feel harassed or in fear; and/or 

d)         is classed as spam.


6. Safeguarding

6.1. Our Services are designed to support you in developing your business or achieving a qualification or accreditation, they are not a substitute for counselling or other therapy services and we are not medical or health practitioners. If you’re currently seeking medical or other professional help concerning your mental health, or if you’re unsure as to your mental capacity to use the Services, then please seek advice from a relevant medical professional and inform us if appropriate and relevant.

6.2. When accessing some Services you may be exposed to information or situations that trigger deep or unresolved emotional responses. By using the Services you’re confirming that you’re mentally well enough to do so and that you’ll take personal responsibility for managing your own emotional state. You agree not to hold us liable for any emotional distress arising from your use of the Services and we reserve the right to terminate should we have concerns as to your suitability to safely use the Services.

7. Order Acceptance

7.1. Your purchase of our Services is a contractual offer that we may choose to accept.

7.2. Our confirmation email that contains a copy of your signed Terms & Conditions confirms acceptance of your order and these terms and conditions and a legally binding agreement is formed at this point allowing us to commence delivery of the Services.

7.3. If your order is not accepted, we’ll notify you by email and provide a full refund.

7.4. Details of all Services are set out on our Website and the Service that you purchase shall be delivered in accordance with the details displayed on our Website at the time your purchase is made.

7.5. We reserve the right to make changes to the Services, in whole or part, as we reasonably require without notice to you. If we make changes, we’ll ensure the Service still matches the original description or we’ll offer a reasonable alternative, except where the change enhances the original description. We shall not be liable for any reasonable changes or cancellations that are made.

8. Payments

8.1. The purchase fee for your chosen Service is as set out in the schedule 1 below to these terms and conditions and on our Website at the time of your purchase (“the Fee”).

Schedule 1: Services and Payment Plans