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Ready to Create a Profitable Online Course That Turns Your Knowledge Into Passive Income? (Even if You Don’t Have a Course Yet or Have a Clue Where to Start)

Introducing: The Course Creator’s Blueprint: The 18-Week, Online, Step-By-Step, Course Creator Program, Designed to Show You Exactly How To Plan, Create, Launch & Make A Passive-Income From Your Very Own Online Course!


This Is THE Program to Shortcut Your Way to Making A Passive Income & Helping Thousands of People on Auto-Pilot!

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Is This You?

Good, you’re in the right place...

Life has flipped itself upside down...

You were told to spend $30k-$100k on a degree, get a job, buy a home, pay your bills & work hard until you get your pension…

You were encouraged to seek safety, security and to be realistic with your aspirations…

Only to realise that the safety and security you’d been promised was an illusion and now the world has been turned upside down and you don’t know what to do next.

How about taking control of your financial future, whilst creating complete and utter freedom in the process?

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Covid Has Created a BOOM in Online Course Sales

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Even before COVID-19, there was already high growth and adoption in education technology, with global edtech investments reaching US$18.66 billion in 2019, the overall market for online education is projected to reach $350 Billion by 2025. 

Whether it is language apps, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools, or online learning software, there has been a significant surge in usage since COVID-19.

The online education industry is thriving, and now you can get in on it too….

Sitting from the comfort of your own home, you can record the value you have to offer the world, and then sell it over and over again, tens of thousands of times…

...and people are ready to purchase it!

Course Creating is The Modern-Day Asset

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Think of your course (Which is essentially a high-value set of videos) as a digital asset. Something worth thousands of dollars to the person who is desperate for that information.

Once it’s created, you can then sell it as many times as you like, for as much as you like, to as many people as you like…

And right now, in an unregulated industry, there is nobody stopping you.

…also everyone is now online, sitting at home, looking for content to consume…


But, I don’t have any knowledge?!

We get it. We used to be there. Assuming that because we found certain things easy, so did everyone else.

However, you have superpowers, and deep down you know that.

You have talents, skills and knowledge that would significantly help another person who hasn’t got a clue in that area.

… and if you can’t think of what you’d be good at, don’t worry!

We are going to help you explore your passions, talents and experiences to highlight your worth and reveal the gold that is lying dormant in your mind right now.

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Here are some examples:

There are 7 billion people on this planet, and most are using social media, which means that no matter what your course is, you can bet there are thousands of people who NEED it, right now.

The Income Potential Is INSANE!

If we were to tell you that you could make $100,000 in 3-4 months, what would you say?

“Can’t be true!”, “Surely not’, “Not for people like me!”…

Well, to be honest, if we were to make $100,000 in 3-4 months time, we would be very disappointed; in fact, we make more than that per month. It’s really not that much when you break it down.

50 People Paying $2,000 = $100,000

100 People Paying $1,000 = $100,000

200 People Paying $500 = $100,000

…and to find 50-200 people online is NOT hard…

If you know the secrets….

Three Secrets to Launching an Online Course...


Secret Number 1:
How to Launch Your Course Before You Have a Course Yet

You simply sell the course in advance, survey your new customers to find out exactly what they want, and then create the exact course they need. 

This means there is no risk, and no start-up costs, you just pick a niche for your course, find those people online, sell the course to them, and once the money is in the bank, you get to work building the custom-made course which is the perfect fit for your new customers! 

This will seem crazy right now, but trust us, it works, and it’s how all the big players do it.

Secret Number 2:
How to convert thousands of customers in just one hour of work

Using a webinar, which is a video that presents your offer, you’ll get your sales message in front of tens of thousands of people, whilst only needing to do the work once! 

Previously you would have to knock on doors or do sales meetings over and over again, but now, due to the wonders of the internet, you can do the work once and let digital marketing do the rest of the work for you!

Secret Number 3:
How to advertise your course for free

Of course, paid advertising using Facebook and Instagram ads is great, but that costs money. To get started there are ways of targeting your exact customers organically online using your standard social media profiles. 

We always recommend people start with making some quick cash launching their courses on social media using their current profiles and other community groups, and then use that money to re-invest into scaling up. 

However, to get started all you need is a Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn account and you have all you need to make your first 6 figures!


The Course Creator’s Blueprint!

The 18-Week, Online, Step-by-Step, Course Creator Program, Designed to Show You Exactly How to: Plan, Create, Launch & Make a Passive-Income From Your Very Own Online Course!

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This is THE Program to Shortcut Your Way to Making a Passive Income & Helping Thousands of People on Auto-Pilot!

Meet Your Trainers!

Delivered By Three, World-Famous Coaches, Who Have a Combined Total of Over 5,000 Students & Generated Over 10 Million Dollars In Course Sales!

All Coming Together, to Deliver The VERY BEST Course Creator Course, Covering: Coaching, Business, Technology & Influence!

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Coaching: Coaching The Largest Companies In The World, Amazon & MTV… Liam James Collins

lewis thumb

Business: 7 Figure Course-Creator & Entrepreneur…. Lewis Raymond Taylor

jonny thumn

Influence: TV Star & Travel Blogger With Half a Million Followers… Jonny Mitchell

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

Week 1: The Course Creator’s Mindset

The specific mindset barriers that course creators face when creating their course, and how to break them down early, for a smooth journey to success.

WEEK 2: Defining Your Perfect Course NichE

Our exact formula to understand exactly who you want to serve and how to position yourself clearly and accurately as the go-to person in your field.

Bonus: Niche Mindset Training

WEEK 3: The Research & Analysis Phase

Ensure your future customers get exactly what they want with our market research protocols, as well as analysing your competition to understand how to gain a competitive advantage.

Bonus: Overcoming The Fear of Rejection Mindset Training

WEEK 4: Creating Viral Pictures, Presets & Editing

Dive into the world of photo editing by using the latest mobile apps to ensure your content is eye-catching and engaging to the people looking to buy your course.

Bonus: Overing The Fear of Visibility Mindset Training

WEEK 5: Filling Your Audience With Hot Leads

Understand the process to find your exact customers online and bring them into your network, filing your audience with people ready to learn how you can help them with your course!

Bonus: The Pro-Active Hunter-Gatherer Mindset Training

WEEK 6: Social Media Influencing & Growth

Learn the growth hacks to fast growth on social media so you can generate more leads and position yourself as an authority figure.

Bonus: Becoming a Public Figure Mindset Training

WEEK 7: Course Delivery & Weekly Content Structuring

Discover the exact structure and intricate details we use to deliver our courses live, whilst being able to scale them, and keeping completion rates sky-high.

Bonus: Serving Your Audience Live Mindset Training

WEEK 8: Crafting Your Irresistible Offer

The exact step-by-step framework to crafting an irresistible offer that your students cannot say no to.

Bonus: Money Mindset Training


We’ll teach you how to create a sales page like the one you’re reading! If you want to buy this right now, so will your future students after we teach you how to do it!

Bonus: How to Sell Yourself Mindset Training


The exact funnel blueprint that we use to generate over $150,000 a month in course sales, and how you can replicate the exact structure in your own business.

Bonus: Overcoming Technophobia Mindset Training


We give you the exact technology you need to create your automated course funnel, click by click, so you don’t even need to think about it.

Bonus: How to Manage Overwhelm


We reveal the specific psychology needed to create a webinar and take you through our exact webinar framework, slide by slide, so you can copy what has already been proven to get amazing conversion rates.

Bonus: Selling is Serving Mindset Training


Learn the secrets to becoming a charismatic and engaging leader of a community so you can create raving fans that look forward to your next training sessions!

Bonus: Tackling Camera Fright Mindset Training


Tying up all the loose ends so you’re ready and confident for your launch!

Bonus: It’s Time to Launch NOW

WEEK 15: Your Explosive Launch Execution

Diving into the exact launch strategy we will be executing to authentically convert your followers into paying customers!

Bonus: People Need You


Extra strategies you can use to make quick-win course sales and double your launch revenue.

Bonus: You’ve Not Come This Far To Only Come This Far

WEEK 17: Onboarding & Creating An Amazing Customer Experience

Learn how to onboard your customers and deliver an amazing customer experience that will allow you to keep customer satisfaction sky-high!

Bonus: Becoming a Community Leader

WEEK 18: Evergreen Transition & Scaling

How to turn your live launch into an evergreen funnel that will convert your course sales whilst you sleep!

Bonus: Thinking Big

Who is The Course Creator’s Blueprint Perfect For?

This Content Has Already Been Tested!

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Before you wonder if you’re taking a risk or question if this content will actually get you results, let’s put your mind at ease…

This ground-breaking course has been thoroughly tried, tested and created from real-life feedback after a 20 person cohort in Bali, so that we could perfect it for you and ensure you get amazing results, FIRST TIME!

…and it’s been tested out on multiple entrepreneurs & coaches on a 1:2:1 basis too, from brand new course creators, to multiple 6 figure entrepreneurs, and they all had incredible results!

Hundreds of students have already done the online version, with some absolutely crazy results – including some launches hitting $15-20k+ on day ONE!

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Don't just hear it from us...

See what these Course Creators think about our previous first round delivered LIVE in Bali!

Here’s Exactly What You Get…

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Results-Driven Business Training:

Weekly Comprehensive 2 Hour Training Deep Diving into Every Key Area of Successful Course Creation
$4997 Value
CC Live Workshop mockup

Live Workshops:

Weekly 2 Hour LIVE Workshops with Expert Guidance & Support
$4997 Value
CC Mindset Training mockup

Powerful Mindset Training

Weekly Mindset Training to Work Through Any Fear or Resistance
$1997 Value
CC Weekly Worksheets mockup

Simple Step-By-Step Worksheets:

Weekly Worksheets with Exact Steps to Take to Ensure Simple Execution
$997 Value
Graphic 1

Templates & Swipe Files:

All Our Highly Converting Copywriting Templates All Completely ‘Done for You’ For Your Emails, Webinar & Funnel Pages
$1997 Value
CC Weekly Worksheets mockup

Click-By-Click Screen Share Tutorials:

Complete Stress-Free Screen Shares of How to Set Everything Up with Standard Templates to Upload so You Don’t Need to Build Anything Yourself Whatsoever
$3997 Value
CC Accountability Buddy mockup

Accountability Buddy

Your Own Accountability Buddy to Ensure You Make Progress Each Week
Priceless Value

Total Value: $18,982

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What Days Are The Workshops?

Your Weekly Training: Training, Worksheets, Slides, & Demonstrations Will be Released into Your Members Area Every Friday For You to Study at a Time That Suits You.

Your Live 2-Hour Workshop: Live Workshop, Feedback, & Practice Session Can be Selected from Two Times That Fit Your Time Zone: Friday at 12:00pm GMT | 04:00am PST | 07:00am EST or Friday at 7:00pm GMT | 11:00am PST | 2:00pm EST

When Do You Get Started?

You Get Instant Access to Week One’s Training as Soon as You Sign Up & We Get Started with Your 12x Weekly Workshops, Next Friday!

The Investment

We thought hard about how to price this program. Our first thought was… what is the value?

We then realised we were sharing the exact blueprint for scaling our courses to make multiple 7-figures in sales, so we initially decided on a premium price of $9,997

… and actually, it’s very much likely to go up to that price; however, we’ve always been here to create a boom in the industry, so we’ve decided to offer this 5-month program for an irresistible offer of just $4997 or as low as $467 a month if you want to pay over a year!

Special Offer For A Limited Time Only

One-off Full Payment


12 Monthly Installments

$247 P/M

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Spaces are Limited!

Due to the extensive nature of this program, and offering an interactive workshop experience that gets to know you, whilst allowing you to ask questions and get feedback every step of the way, we can only accept a limited number of people.

To secure your place, you'll have to Be Quick!

Only 50 Spaces Available

Between Jonny, Lewis & Liam, The Experts delivering this revolutionary program, they have a combined social media following of over 1 Million, which means getting a place is not guaranteed.

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All in one 1

Bonus 1: 4 Months of 1:2:1 Business Coaching

Monthly Private Coaching by One of Our Senior Strategy Coach at The Coaching Masters
$1997 Value
CC Community FBG mockup

Bonus 2: Private Facebook Community

Meet Over 1,500+ Other Coaches & Course Creators to Keep Motivation High During Your Journey
$997 Value
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Bonus 3: Our Exact Funnel Blueprint

The Exact Funnel We Are Currently Using to make $350,000 Per Month
$9997 Value
Bali Celebration Event mockup 2 1

Bonus 4: Bali Celebration Event

[Live Stream Option Available] - Come & Celebrate Your Freedom Live in Bali with Us & Meet Coaches & Course Creators from All Over the World at Our Co-Working Space & Coaching Studio, Café Coach!
(Priceless Value)

Insane Fast-Action Bonus 5: 12 Week Coaching Accreditation

Accreditation Bundle mockup
Become an Accredited Coach with The Coaching Masters Over Our 12 Week Live Flagship Coaching Accreditation
$1997 Value

Mark Lack’s Bonuses! 

Personal Branding Accelerator​

PBA Bundle 1
Our flagship PBA course $12,000 on our site. And only through exclusive affiliate promotions will they ever get it at $1,995. (Aka your one-time deal is now)
$5997 Value

Corporate Business Consultancy

A one on one call with prime corporate services to get their business and legal and accounting set up correctly
$1997 Value

FB Ad’s Training

A 7-hour training from our ads team showing them how to set up their ads and retargeting correctly on Facebook/ Instagram
$1997 Value

Key Profit Activator Training

A training on the 11 key profit activators to make $10,000 in 30 days
$997 Value

Business Rockstar’s Opportunity

A chance to be on Business Rockstar’s if they’re your top success story from my buyers’ group. I’ll fly them to my studio for an interview.

(Priceless Value)

Additional Bonus Value: $10,988

New Total Value: $44,958

How’s That For Motivation?

Picture 1 1 1

100% No Quibble Money Back Guarantee!​

Love It or Leave Guarantee #1: If you join, and within the first 14 days you don’t completely love the course, let us know and we’ll refund you your entire investment. No questions asked.

Clients of Coaching Guarantee #2: If you’ve applied the modules in the course and you still haven’t launched your course, and don’t have dozens of people showing up to your webinar ready to learn how you can help them, we will personally get you on 1:2:1 calls until you have!

The Full Refund Guarantee #3: If after 12 months, you’ve applied all the modules in the training, and you still haven’t generated at least the investment in the course, let us know and we’ll issue you a full refund. No questions asked. 

Your Questions, Answered:

Absolutely not. In fact, you’d be at a disadvantage if you had already created your course. The way we teach you to create a course is to explore the topic you want to create a course on, research the market, find out what they want, and deliver them exactly that. That way, there is no risk of the course not selling, as you’ve literally created them the exact thing they want!

The first week of the program is designed to help you discover your talents, passions and what value you have to offer, and then tailor it into a razor-sharp course niche. Just show up with an open mind, and we’ll help you get the clarity you’re looking for. Once we have week one done, we can begin creating the rest! Remember, we also have live workshops to help you 1:2:1 as well.

Depending on how much you sell your course for, you will return your investment by selling between 1-5 of your courses, EVER! We’d hope you’d get 10-20 on your launch alone! We’ve sold over 5,000 of our courses using this blueprint, so you can see why this is probably one of the best investments you can make during this new digital era.


Apart from a few pieces of optional software that can total around $100 per month, you can build this entire course from scratch using just the knowledge and guidance in this program. You do not need to hire a web developer or buy a new camera. The only investment you need to make is in yourself, your future and this program!

Absolutely. We are so confident that if you’re within the first 14 days, you’ve tried out the first week, showed up to the training sessions, and you don’t COMPLETELY LOVE IT, we will send you 100% of your money back.

Yes, we do! You can get started for just $247 a month by paying over 12 months. No credit checking is required.

Nope. None. The reason why it’s a 18-week program, is we are going to break this down for you from A to Z. When you add this with the weekly 2-hour workshops, we can support you even if you’re a complete beginner and starting from scratch!

This really depends on how much work you put it. If you scan the trainings and don’t take much action, you could make 1, 2 or even no course sales; however, if you take this seriously, show up to all the training and workshops and implement what you’ve learned, an annual 6 figure income is more than achievable and some of our clients have made 6 figures on their launch alone!

Between weekly 2-hour trainings, weekly 2-hour workshops, weekly Q & A, a private community, and an accountability buddy, you will be smothered in support. This isn’t just an online course, this is a comprehensive, interactive, 4-month, program!

You’ll get lifetime access! Also, If we add any revisions or bonuses materials after you complete the program, you’ll also get access to these too. So don’t panic, If life gets in the way, and you really cannot complete your launch for any reason, you can always come back to the recordings another time, pick back up where you left it and get your course out there to the world!

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