Let’s Collaborate!

We’re not here to make a ripple, we are here to make a big splash, and we are under no illusion that we can, nor would we want, to do that alone!

We are all about adding value to as many people as possible, which is why we are all for collaboration over competition.

With our joint venture partners, we ensure that everyone benefits from our collaboration. You, us, and most importantly, the customers.

The Directors

Liam James Collins

Liam was a postman. He had no motivation or clarity in what direction he wanted to move in. Through his own powerful journey of coaching and personal transformation he went on to become an NLP Master Practitioner, International Speaker, Coach for Celebrities, Lead Peak Performance Coach for Amazon and successful actor.

Liam continued to evolve, despite surviving a terror attack & losing his Dad to suicide within the same year, and now is on a mission to make coaching as fashionable as having a personal trainer!

Jonny Mitchell

You may recognise Jonny Mitchell, Director of The Coaching Masters, from his various TV appearances, on Love Island & Celebrity Big Brother; however, Jonny has a long history in business.

From starting his first business in Hong Kong back in 2012, to developing a property empire, and a 7-figure nationwide supported living care home company. Jonny is now using his huge influence of half a million followers to make a huge difference in the world by turning his influence into impact at The Coaching Masters.

Lewis Raymond Taylor​

Just 4 years ago, Lewis, was a convicted criminal, serving his third prison sentence, suffering with substance misuse problems, trauma, mental illness, debt, and living a life of limitations. 

Through the power of coaching and personal development, Lewis went on to cure his mental illness, get clean and sober, become a Serial Entrepreneur, Accredited Trainer & International Speaker, and become the CEO of The Coaching Masters. He is now on a mission to disrupt the coaching industry by taking it online to the masses.

Who are The Coaching Masters?

We are a global coaching community that show people how to not only become a powerful coach, but also how to build their coaching business entirely online!

A Coaching Master is younger, sharper, more powerful & more impactful. This is the lifestyle of a Coaching Master.

Watch how The Coaching Masters are reshaping the coaching industry & creating impact across the globe.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an extremely valuable and life changing service where a coach partners with a client to use powerful coaching tools, techniques & frameworks in order to help the client move closer towards their desired outcome. This could be in their life, confidence, relationships, mindset, health, spirituality, routine or any other area of focus.

Is There Opportunity in The Coaching Industry?

The coaching industry is booming! It’s a 2 billion dollar industry and growing at 14% each year! More and more people are looking to develop their lives, or work online, and coaching is a perfect way of doing this.

Who Do We Help?

At The Coaching Masters we help people who want to do more fulfilling work. Many of these people include aspiring entrepreneurs, aspiring coaches, entrepreneurs who haven’t found the right vehicle yet, personal development junkies, existing coaches looking to scale and a range of professionals and leaders looking to up-level their skills.

What’s The Financial Opportunity?

Depending on the type of collaboration, the financial opportunity can range anywhere between a few thousand dollars per month in passive income, to $250,000+ launches – which we have done before using our joint venture community launches.

Types of Collaboration


We’ll come and blow your audience away with value and storytelling at its finest. Fame, trauma, success & prison are just some of the topics we can bring to the table. We became the number 2 top rated podcast on iTunes in Entrepreneurship after one week of launching due to the power we have to share!

Affiliate Program

We offer 100% affiliate commission on membership subscriptions at $29.99 per month, every month, for as long as they’re a paying member. You don’t even need to sell anything as we take care of the entire process by offering a free online webinar that converts sales at a 6x industry average. We also help follow up your leads by using our in-house sales team and highly-sophisticated Facebook ad, & email re-targeting eco-system. This is all tracked using our affiliate platform, including unique URL affiliate links, swipe files, & training.

Community Launch

This is where we really bring the value. We’ll come in and put on an online show for your audience, that will satisfy every single want, need, & desire that they have. We usually run community launches in four distinct stages:

Relationship Building

We never offer anything until we build a tight relationship with your audience. We’ll come into your community a run a series of interviews with our directors in order to ensure we get to know your people extremely well before any launch takes place.

Market Research

The second stage is to understand exactly what your audience want. We provide surveys to discover their exact wants, needs, pain-points and desired-outcomes. It’s much easier to sell something of value if we find out exactly what your community wants and then give it to them, rather than trying to sell random things your guys don’t need.

High-Value Training

We then get to work creating high-value training and workshops that solve your audiences challenges and move them closer towards their specific goals and objectives, using our extensive coaching & business expertise. We provide these trainings live and completely free over a period of 1-3 days to blow them away with tools, techniques, strategies and frameworks that can’t be found anywhere else in the industry.

Bespoke Offer

Armed with the market research, and after the audience have been warmed up from the relationship building phase and trust has been instilled through the high-quality training sessions, we deliver a live webinar with a custom-made, irresistible offer to continue their learning, should they wish to.

Meet Our JV Partners

What Products Do We Offer?

All-Inclusive Online Coaching Membership

We have an all inclusive monthly membership which we refer to as the ‘Netflix of coaching’. It is an online platform with 100’s of hours of high-value training from all areas of online business, mindset, & coaching.

It also includes a coaching foundation course, NLP training, live training for guest experts, a private community, a profile on our online directory, legal section, and a complementary 1:2:1 coaching session!

$29.99 Per Month

Coaching Accreditation 12 Week Course

A live and interactive full coaching qualification and accreditation, accredited to Level 4 standard by The International Authority for Professional Coaches & Mentors. This is comprised of 4 hours worth of live training and workshops each week for 12 weeks.


Online Business Launch 15 Week Course

A live and interactive online business launch program, designed to take a client from scratch to a successful, automated, online business. This is comprised of 4 hours worth of live training and workshops each week for 15 weeks.


NLP Practitioner Qualification

A live and interactive full NLP Practitioner qualification accredited by The Complementary Medical Association. This is comprised of 4 hours worth of live training and workshops each week for 12 weeks.


NLP Master Practitioner Qualification

A 12 week online NLP Master training certification.