Every coach needs a coach. You know that… But who do you choose?!

Do you go for the Coach you’ve seen on Instagram or the Coach your friend recommended?

The no BS approach Coach or the Coach who does the inner work?

The Coach with the fancy degrees or the Coach with the real-life experience?

The Coach who can help with your business or maybe you need to work on your mindset first?

The Coach who does NLP or the Coach who you fancy a little bit?

Well, the good news is, you don’t need to choose anymore…

Introducing: The Number ONE Solution for Coaches Who Need Their Own Coach with The Coaching Masters Mix & Match 1:2:1 Coaching Package!

Work with ALL of our talented Coaching Masters at once and hit your life

No timeframes or programs, simply book a session in with any one of our

No timeframes or programs, simply book a session in with any one of our coaches,

The Coaching Masters Style!

A coaching masters does anything they can to help you. Although we lean towards using the power of coaching, NLP and psychology, sometimes we will share our personal experiences, and give our advice too. 

Coaching is one of our superpowers, but that doesn’t mean we won’t tell you what you need to hear to get you where you need to be!

Meet The Coaches

Bonnie Boyda

Transformational Coach

Despite being abandoned by her father and her mother’s multiple self-harm attempts that led to her incarceration, Bonnie Boyda, was determined to not let her family history destroy her.

Bonnie packed up her bags at the age of seventeen to live a life of adventure by travelling the world, which she has continued to embark on for the past decade, whilst visiting 35 different counties.

The real-world life experience from travelling, combined with Bonnie’s bachelors degree in Communication, NLP, Life Coaching and Health Coaching training, have given Bonnie a broad insight into human behaviour.
Bonnie now coaches clients from all over the world to build a positive relationship with themselves, so that they can be successful in any area of their lives!

Christina​ Schimanietz

NLP Master

Christina has always had a major interest in the universe and the connection between humans and energies. Her aim is to spread self-love, by inspiring people with her own experiences, and raise awareness for mental health.

She has studied abroad, traveled the world, and has lived and worked in 3 continents. She has studied and practiced NLP for over 6 years and is a licensed NLP Master and Coach by the Society of NLP by Richard Bandler and is now working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication Management.

Dayana Carmona

Holistic Coach

After suffering from anxiety and depression, Dayana Carmona found herself using spiritual principles from a young age.

Dayana now has an extensive breadth of knowledge in holistic coaching, being trained as a Coaching Master, NLP Master, Reiki Master, Registered Yoga Teacher, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and is doing her Masters in Mental Health Counselling.

Dayana is passionate about sharing the transformations that can occur when you combine the power of the mind, body, emotions and soul into your coaching business.

Carey James

Sales Coach

After suffering from the sudden death of his father when he was eight years old and a mother prone to alcohol fuelled rage, Carey James sought comfort using the external validation of becoming an actor in Hollywood. When the limelight failed to fill the void, he took a leap of faith and gave it all up to pursue his true passion of business & psychology.

Carey, who now holds a degree in applied psychology, is an accredited coach, NLP Practitioner, Mindful Awareness Meditation facilitator and has led business development initiatives in series A funded startups, over three continents, now helps hundreds of people from all over the world to not only develop and grow successful online businesses, but to do so with a rock solid entrepreneurial mindset.

Chelsea Simpson

Life Coach

Chelsea is a Life Coach who helps people remove the mask they’ve put on to protect themselves. The one that stops them showing up as who they really are. Having been raped at 18 years old, Chelsea saw her life change overnight. She found herself in a domestic abusive relationship and spent over 10 years in that place, until she stumbled across coaching and NLP in 2016. She tried it due to wanting to feel better herself, but it completely changed her life, and she went from not being able to speak to a room of 10 people to standing on stage, speaking to over a 1000 within 6 months.

Now, as a Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, Chelsea has had the privilege to coach hundreds of people and make a real impact in the world through sharing her experiences with others.

Jack Larkins

Strategy Coach

After completing his Law degree in 2016, Jack Larkins decided early on that he didn’t want to work in a standard 9-5 but to create a life of freedom, abundance and one where he could make a huge impact. He always knew he had a passion and gift for understanding and connecting to people on a deep level so coaching was the perfect route to make this happen.

Since becoming accredited, he has gone on to work for some of the largest coaching companies globally in both a sales & coaching role. He has closed $1M in sales, has worked with hundreds of clients and has directly learnt from some of the most successful coaches in the industry.

His aim is to help other aspiring coaches turn their gift for coaching into a thriving coaching business.

How it Works

Step One:

Book a Free Strategy Session to Discuss Your Coaching Needs & How Our Coaches Can Help You​

Step Two:

Secure Your Package of 6 or 12 Powerful Life Changing Mix & Match Coaching Sessions

Step Three:

Select One, Two, Or All 6 of All Amazing Coaches, Based on What You’re Looking to Work on

Step Four:

Simply Book Straight into Our Coaches Diaries Whenever You Need a Session, and at a Time That Suits You​

Step Five:

See Your Life & Business Change in Front of Your Eyes!​

The Investment in Yourself

Gold Package

12 x Mix & Match Powerful Coaching Sessions
Recordings of All Sessions
Flexible Online Booking


Silver Package

6 x Mix & Match Powerful Coaching Sessions
Recordings of All Sessions
Flexible Online Booking


Your Questions, Answered:

That’s the beauty of the mix and match package we have put together. You don’t need to stick with just one coach, you can try them all out if you wish!

That’s why we offer completely free strategy sessions with one of our trained strategy coaches. You can book a call and discuss your goals and obstacles and get clarity on what angle to move in.

You will be given access to the Coaches’ private online diary, there are spaces every single week, spread across all time zones, weekdays, weekends, and evenings so you can always find a time that suits you.

Yes, you can book in with our coaches from anywhere in the world. The sessions are delivered online, and the coaches span all time zones to suit your needs.

This is a fact. A coach can only take somebody as far as they’ve been themselves, so the more experience you have being coaches, the better you’re able to guide your clients. Plus, just because you’re a coach, doesn’t mean you’re not human, you still have fears, doubts, limiting beliefs to work through, as well as an unlimited potential that is ready to be unlocked. Getting a coach is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

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