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How To Build An Online Coaching Business, Whether You Want More Clients or Have No Idea Where to Start!

This E-book shows you how to kick procrastination to the curb, and get in the constant state of motivation you need to build a thriving business!

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By the end of the workshop, you will know how to build an online coaching business that creates powerful transformations in others lives by using a value-driven online strategy that attracts clients without you having to sell a thing!

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CEO & Business Coach

Lewis Raymond Taylor

Just 3.5 years ago, Lewis, CEO of the coaching masters, was a convicted prisoner, suffering with substance misuse problems, trauma, mental illness, riddled with debt, and living a life of limitations. 

Just two years after getting into business, Lewis became an industry leader in the coaching space, earning a multiple 6 figure income, with the luxury of being able to work wherever he wanted in the world

Only 3 years ago, Liam, COO of the coaching masters, was a postman. Through a powerful journey of coaching and personal transformation, he has gone on to become an international mindset coach for celebrities, and continued to evolve despite surviving a terror attack & losing his dad to suicide within the same year.


COO & Mindset Coach

Liam James Collins

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On this 45 minute workshop, the founders of the coaching masters, lewis and liam reveal how they built their own successful online coaching business together, even with the odds stacked up against them (and how you can, too).​

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