Yvonne Buluma-Samba

Fees Per Hour
£215.00 to £601.00
Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
Accredited Coaching Master

Motivation and Productivity Mastery: Coaching for Peak Performance

Who Do I Help?

I assist professionals, educators, individuals seeking personal growth, parents, entrepreneurs, wellness enthusiasts, students, couples, teams, and anyone striving for positive change in various aspects of their lives, from career and education to relationships and well-being.

About Me

I’m Yvonne, a certified coach dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. My journey in coaching began with a deep passion for personal growth and a belief in the transformative power of coaching.

Throughout my life, I’ve embraced change as an opportunity for growth and learning. I’ve faced challenges head-on, which has allowed me to develop resilience and adaptability. My philosophy is rooted in the idea that every individual possesses the innate ability to create positive change in their lives.

I draw inspiration from various philosophies and approaches, blending them into a holistic coaching style. I believe in the importance of self-awareness, goal-setting, and taking actionable steps towards one’s aspirations. My coaching is built on trust, empathy, and a genuine commitment to helping others succeed.

Whether it’s guiding professionals towards career excellence, supporting educators in their quest to create inspiring classrooms, or helping individuals find balance and well-being, I’m here to provide the tools, strategies, and encouragement needed for meaningful transformation.

Outside of coaching, I’m an advocate for lifelong learning, mindfulness, and fostering meaningful connections. My mission is to inspire and empower you to realize your goals, overcome challenges, and live a purposeful life.

I look forward to joining you on your journey of growth and discovery.

You can follow me on my instagram for daily motivation and affirmations: @theteacherschampionyvonne and subscribe to my podcast where I post each Thursday with messages to uplift you or from inspirational messages from guests who talk about wellbeing and their journeys in how they have navigated life’s challenges to thrive in their fields, follow here: https://feed.podbean.com/yvonnebuluma-samba/feed.xml

or book a 30 Min Strategy Call here, you will go away with actionable insights: https://pensight.com/x/theteacherschampion

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Licensed Bob Proctor Consultant
PGCE – Economics
LLM – International Commercial Law
Certified Life Coach with the Coach Masters


2 Hour Breakthrough Session: £550

Buy a one off coaching session for £197 P/H

Or hire me for a complete transformation for 12 weeks for £9970

How I Work

I believe in providing a coaching experience that is both effective and convenient for my clients. To achieve this, I’ve carefully designed my coaching sessions to be engaging, insightful, and tailored to individual needs, offering a variety of options to cater to different preferences and needs.

1. Online and Face-to-Face Coaching: My coaching sessions are flexible and can be conducted online via video conferencing platforms or in person for those who prefer face-to-face interactions. Online coaching offers accessibility, flexibility, and the ability to connect from the comfort of your own space. On the other hand, face-to-face sessions provide an opportunity for a more personal and immersive coaching experience. You can choose the mode that suits your convenience and comfort.

2. Session Recording: To maximize the value of our coaching journey, I record each session, whether online or in person. This serves multiple purposes. First, it allows you to revisit our discussions and insights at your convenience, regardless of the session format. Second, it ensures that no valuable information or breakthrough moments are missed. You can rest assured that you won’t miss out on any key takeaways from our sessions.

3. Typed Session Notes: In addition to session recordings, I provide typed session notes summarizing the key points, action steps, and any resources discussed during our session. These notes serve as a reference for your progress and help keep you on track with your goals between sessions, regardless of whether the sessions are online or in person.

4. Workshops and Group Sessions: In addition to one-on-one coaching, I offer workshops and group coaching sessions. These provide a collaborative environment where participants can learn from each other’s experiences and insights. Workshops and group sessions are an excellent option for teams, organizations, or individuals looking to connect with like-minded peers and gain valuable perspectives on common challenges.

5. Tailored Coaching Approach: My coaching approach remains highly personalized, whether in individual, group, or workshop settings. I take the time to understand your unique needs and objectives, adapting my coaching style to resonate with your personality and preferences. This approach ensures that you receive the support and guidance that aligns with your specific goals.

6. Goal-Oriented and Action-Driven: Regardless of the session format, each coaching interaction is goal-oriented and action-driven. Together, we set clear and achievable goals, breaking them down into actionable steps. Whether you choose one-on-one coaching, workshops, or group sessions, the focus remains on providing guidance, support, and accountability to help you implement these actions effectively.

7. Empathetic and Non-Judgmental: In all formats, I create a safe and non-judgmental space where you can openly share your thoughts, challenges, and concerns. I’m here to listen, understand, and support you without any judgment. This compassionate and empathetic approach fosters trust and open communication, which are essential for meaningful growth and change.

8. Progress Assessment: Periodically, we assess your progress and adjust our coaching plan as needed, whether in individual or group settings. This ensures that we stay on track and make any necessary refinements to your goals or strategies to address new developments or challenges.

My goal is to empower you to achieve your desired outcomes and experience positive transformation, whether you choose one-on-one coaching, workshops, or group sessions. I’m committed to providing the guidance and support you need to succeed, in the format that suits you best.


From Sarah K.:
“Yvonne’s coaching has been a game-changer for me. Her guidance and support helped me achieve career goals I thought were out of reach. Thank you, Yvonne!”

From David P.:
“Yvonne’s coaching transformed my leadership style. Her insights and actionable strategies made a significant impact on my team’s performance.”

From Emily R.:
“I was struggling with work-life balance until I started coaching with Yvonne. Her mindfulness coaching helped me find harmony and reduce stress.”

From James M.:
“As a teacher, I was on the brink of burnout. Yvonne’s coaching gave me the tools to reignite my passion for teaching and stay motivated.”

From Karen L.:
“Yvonne’s workshop was a revelation. It brought our team together, improved communication, and boosted our productivity. Highly recommended!”

From Alex T.:
“I joined Yvonne’s group coaching sessions, and the support from the group and Yvonne’s guidance have been invaluable in my personal growth journey.”

From Linda H.:
“Yvonne’s coaching helped me identify and overcome limiting beliefs. Her empathetic approach made me feel truly heard and understood.”

From Mark S.:
“I can’t thank Yvonne enough for her career coaching. I landed my dream job, and it wouldn’t have been possible without her insights and encouragement.”

From Lisa B.:
“Yvonne’s wellness coaching improved my overall health and happiness. Her tips were practical and easy to implement in my daily life.”

From Steven C.:
“Our team had a breakthrough during Yvonne’s workshop. It transformed our dynamics and created a more positive and productive work environment.



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Total Training Hours:  6 hrs & 30 mins