Vishad Doshi - Inner Peace Walker

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£150.00 to £375.00
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English, Gujarati
Accredited Coaching Master

Mindset Transformer

Or in other words: We’re all a bit fucked. I help you understand how to unfuck yourself.

Who Do I Help?

I help you reconcile and overcome feelings of low self-worth, enabling you to build and walk the path to your self-defined inner peace without just accentuating the positives

About Me

My name’s Doshi. Vishad Doshi (that’s the James Bond fan kicking in there), born and bred in northwest London, England. A lot of the time, you’ll find me on my acoustic or electric guitars or in my home studio, trying to become the next Noel Gallagher. My other passions include playing and watching football, cricket, snooker, and tennis, writing and reading fiction (any recommendations from bookworms are most welcome), and going to gigs, be they music, theatre, or standup comedy.

People from my background will be familiar with the sense of maintaining a squeaky clean public image in all regards; any deviation from this is a mark against you and will be commented and judged on by people around you, ultimately having a dig at your self worth and making you feel like you’re not good enough. I relate to people with a yearning for change. They recognise that where they are now isn’t where they want to be and embrace new ways to get to where they want to.

I spent my professional career in the world of investment banking operations up until my early 30s when I grew disillusioned with it and realised I didn’t want to be the next MD/Director/other inflated corporate titles, given how much the role involved, physically, mentally and emotionally. I also began to get the impression that just simply doing a good job wasn’t enough – you had to be seen to be doing something like a project, initiative, or process improvement alongside your day-to-day activities – this led to me feeling burnt out, whilst at the same time, I was struggling with my singledom (not being able to find a partner and that), fuelling a sense of feeling lost, unfulfilled and stuck, not knowing where to head next.

I’d looked into becoming a coach as a new opportunity after the end of my first role – it struck me as an opportunity to work for myself, help people and make a difference and utilise my natural capacity to listen and talk through issues. After taking some time out for a family home renovation project and giving contracting ago, I revisited the opportunity and ended up finding my ideal coach

Which brings me to now. I have taken the practices I learnt and created my own process which looks beyond the symptoms of what you feel and delves into the root causes, which will involve going to the places where other self-development people won’t go/deny their existence. The process will help you discover that no matter what your affliction might be, it all comes back to the same thing. Once you get to grips with that, you can start building your path to whatever you define as inner peace, even catering for the fact that you may change your mind once you begin. And that’s ok, we all change our minds. But your approach will be ready for that. It sounds like an ambitious claim but I have felt that happen for me. The work will be both revealing and familiar at the same time – you’ll rediscover parts of yourself that you thought weren’t there and confound common ways of thinking.

I also relate to people who are passionate about something but have lost touch with it as they are working on the life goals that our culture and society can throw at us e.g. get a driving license, get married, have kids. What the passion is about doesn’t matter – they don’t have to be a sports fan or music advocate like me, but it helps to get fired up and get excited by something. I’d hence like to help people who want to re-engage with their uninhibited selves – those who have consequently become tired (mentally and physically), experiencing self-doubt through repetition of circumstances (e.g. family, work, their team, friends, kids, partner), struggles with expectations, either from themselves or from their environment.

I was tempted to target a certain demographic and hence write something like that I work with people from a British-Indian background between the ages of 18 and 50, (given my life experiences so far).
However, this to me may dissuade people that aren’t in this niche that I might not be right for them or vice versa.
This couldn’t be further from the truth. I welcome anyone who resonates with anything they read on here or on my website whatever their story. I couldn’t give a fuck what demographic you might be in. What matters is that you’re looking for some help/guidance and that my words resonate with you as someone that might be able to help/guide you. Ultimately, you deserve to be listened to.

So, yes, I am talking to you. Not as someone that’s part of a convenient demographic. I’m talking to you as a fellow human being.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

NLP and Life Coaching – August 2021
Master Life Coach – September 2021


There are both individual and group coaching packages available to suit your own preferences outlined below (and in case you’re wondering, the name Net Sessions comes from the time spent in the practice areas (i.e. nets) where cricketers develop their skills and work on their overall game with coaches)

1:1 Coaching Packages

Net Sessions 1

Length: 2 months
Number of sessions in total: 4 – one per fortnight, lasting around an hour each
Monthly cost (including VAT): £1,000
Total cost (including VAT): £2,000

Net Sessions 2

Length: 2 months
Number of sessions in total: 8 – one per week, last around an hour each
Monthly cost (including VAT): £1,500
Total cost (including VAT): £3,000

The minimum sign-up is 2 months to allow us enough time for the work to take effect. If you want to go beyond the 2 months, we can discuss whether we both think it’s worthwhile, and if we agree, you can continue on a rolling monthly basis.

Both packages are fully payable upfront or payable month-on-month. If you invest for the initial 2 months upfront, you receive a 5% discount, making Net Sessions 1 a price of £2,000 – 5% (100) = £1,900 and Net Sessions 2 a price of £3,000 – 5% (150) = £2,850

Group Coaching Packages

Net Sessions 3

Length: 2 months
Number of people in the group: 3
Number of sessions in total: 8 – one per week
Monthly cost (per person including VAT): £750
Total cost (per person including VAT): £1,500

Net Sessions 4

Length: 2 months
Number of people in the group: 5
Number of sessions in total: 8 – one per week
Monthly cost (per person including VAT): £600
Total cost (per person including VAT): £1,200

Both packages are payable in full upfront to make sure you commit to the whole program.

How I Work

1:1 Coaching Packages

Both packages on offer include regular video calls via Zoom with me which ordinarily last one hour unless we need more time to discuss a particular topic. Each session will be an opportunity to delve beyond the symptoms of what you’re experiencing and target the root causes via my unique process Construct-Deconstruct-Reconstruct. At the same time, you will dictate where we go in our sessions as you guide us on our guaranteed treasure hunt – the treasure is there, we just need to keep digging.

At the end of each session, I will give you exercises to work on between sessions and I provide unlimited support by email should you have any questions or concerns. The more work you do between sessions, the more value you’ll get and the more your path gets built

Group coaching

There are 2 group coaching packages available. Both take the same form as the individual coaching packages i.e. last for 8 sessions in total and are a weekly meeting on Zoom, ordinarily lasting an hour. The first package is a group of 3 (so it’s you and 2 other people) and the other is a group of 5 (so it’s you and 4 other people). In terms of who is in your group, you can either sign up with people you know who’d want to be a part of the group, or I myself can put the group together – however, with this latter option, you’d have to wait until there are enough other people signed up before I can compile the group, so worth bearing that in mind. Contact me to check on current availability.

The size of both groups is kept relatively small on purpose to allow everyone to have their input into each session and to avoid getting sidetracked with too many voices.


TBC – once I have clients



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Total Training Hours:  6 hrs & 30 mins