Vanessa Schulte

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Accredited Coaching Master

Accredited “The Happiness Coach”

Who Do I Help?

I help working woman suffering from depression, anxiety & daily stress find inner peace and build confidence to live a more balanced, spiritual, and happy life.

About Me

Do you get up and go to work, making someone else money and feel like your life is unfulfilled and you have no joy? Do you feel stuck and suffer from daily stress? Do you suffer from depression and anxiety? Do you feel your life has no meaning and you are just living day to day, with no purpose? You know deep within you there is more to life than this, you want to find deeper meaning, fulfilment, and job satisfaction.
Just a year ago I was in the same boat, feeling suicidal, feeling stuck and unhappy in a career that was not serving me. I could not find any joy in my life and wanted to end it all.
I have suffered from trauma, depression & anxiety from my teenage years, domestic abuse, addiction, and the loss of two pregnancies. Using the power of mindset, and personal development, things are completely different for me now, I feel happy and deeply fulfilled.
Using my life experience, skills, and qualifications I am here to help you become the best, happiest version of yourself so that you can live the life you deserve.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Internationally Accredited Coach 2021, A Usui, and Karuna Reiki Master 1995, colour therapy masseuse 1995.


I offer 6-week or 12-week fully immersive coaching programmes, “The Happiness Coach” Comprising of weekly, 1-hour coaching sessions, regular phone check-ins, and an initial 90-minute deep-dive breakthrough session, or you can buy one-off coaching sessions by the hour.
We will break down self-limiting beliefs, shift perspective, work on overcoming fears which are holding you back, reframe and change the way you feel about certain events that have deeply affected your life.
We will work on a structured goal plan, a step by step process to help you achieve your goals or desires in a fun and easily achievable way to get you to want from life.
We can design these sessions to suit your needs and desires to make your dreams a reality.

How I Work

I work online via Zoom which includes a recording and typed action notes will be emailed to you.


“Vanessa is an inspiring lady who helped me to recognise my resentments. She guided me through the feelings I had from my past to help me accept them in my future altering my mindset and allowing me to achieve. Highly recommended, Vanessa is professional and her light shines in the service she provides. 5* service” – Leanna North

“Coaching session with Vanessa !!! I am really happy I was coached by you dear!! I was able to create some little habits that help my daily life to feel more healthy inside 💛 I also appreciated how you created space every day for me to be accountable on my daily motivational task!!! I really felt that you cared about me and this is SO important !! Thanks again 🤗 xxx” – Elisa from Canada