Tsamara Fahrana

Fees Per Hour
£50.00 to £99.00
Session Type
English, Indonesian
Accredited Coaching Master

Human Design Coach

Who Do I Help?

I help frustrated Human Design Enthusiasts, particularly Generators and Manifesting Generators, feel inner peace and satisfaction in their career, finances and life!

About Me

I overcame feeling burned out and being clinically diagnosed with chronic anxiety and depression while working in Fortune’s 100 – TOP 3 Best Companies to Work For.

My healing journey led me to train for 400 hours as a Meditation and Power Yoga teacher. Feeling the spiritual benefits in real life, I followed my gut and took a Master’s in Amsterdam about Neuroeconomics, a field studying how we make decisions from a Neuroscience, Psychology and Economic point of view.

What made me feel most empowered is knowing and living my Human Design. I’m a 2/4 Sacral Generator. My intention is to help you reduce the frustration in your life and live with more ease.

I serve you today as a compassionate and non-judgemental space holder through being a Human Design Coach, Meditation, and Yoga Teacher.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Spiritual modalities:

1. Human Design Reader

2. Reiki Tummo Level 2

3. 200-hour Meditation Teacher

4. 200-hour Yoga Teacher from Yoga Barn, Bali

5. Published 3 Mindfulness Journals

6. “Meditate with Tsamara” podcast listened in 70+ countries

Scientific background:

1. BCG and EdTech alumni

2. BSc International Business & Economics, University of Rotterdam

3. MSc Neuroeconomics, University of Amsterdam

4. Accredited Coaching Master with NLP, the Coaching Masters, and IAPC&M


I offer a personalized 12-week “Align With Your Design” Human Design Coaching at $1497.

1. Human design reading including a premium report and personalized e-journal
2. Private zoom calls up to 90 minutes per week
3. Twelve weekly sessions
4. Availability to contact on Voxer outside of sessions
5. Extra one-hour “Private Healing Session” with Reiki Tummo / Meditation / Journaling / Yoga

How I Work

1. I will invite you to a complimentary 45-minute session for a coaching session free of charge and a way to get to know each other better and see if we will fit in working together.

2. I will ask your birth details to create your Human Design premium report and personalized e-journal

3. We will schedule a time to do the sessions

4. We will meet weekly on Zoom for 2.5 hours for the first session, 90 minutes for the next eleven sessions

5. I will give you a map of your Human Design gates that you can fill in through Google Sheet

6. I send you a type of session notes on a Shared Google Docs for you to reflect during the week and see your progress over time

7. You are entitled to a Private Healing Session, either with a Yoga class, meditation and journaling session, or a Reiki Tummo distant energy healing for a holistic transformative experience


“I am really thankful to the Universe for showing me the direction that brought me to know Tsamara. Really love the result as it has given me an eye-opening on why I become the person who I am today. It all makes sense. And it makes me realize that despite all the weaknesses that I might have and tend to focus on, I should start to acknowledge my strength and accept that I am unique so that it makes me special. I also love Tsamara’s style in coaching, so mindful and zen. She does her work wholeheartedly and passionately and that’s what makes her special.” – Ardi Purnamaningtyas,
1/4 Emotional Projector

“Human Design with Tsamara is like seeing yourself in the mirror. Still amazed on how my inner quality could be described to the tee! The guidance from the human design reading is really helpful to reassure me of what I already know about myself & also present the challenge on how my obstacles in life present themselves. Knowing these qualities will definitely be helpful in pursuing my goal and finding out my purpose and passion. Thankyou Tsamara for the safe space you provided.” – Fatima Amira, 6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator

“Discovering more about my Human Design with Tsamara’s guidance helped me make sense of assumptions I had of why I am the way I am. It made me learn to accept and embrace myself as a whole being. Thank you so much Tsamara for introducing me to this world and I can’t wait to start proactively implementing the strategies best for a generator.” – Esta Wantah, 6/2 Emotional Generator