Simon Watkins

Fees Per Hour
£28.00 to £86.00
Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
Accredited Coaching Master

Depression and anxiety specialist
Routine management
Fitness and nutrition
Meditation and breathing

Who Do I Help?

I help people overcome anxiety and depression and PTSD using many different techniques I have learned over the years.

People who need a daily routine put in place to help them stay positive and productive i.e. morning meditation and exercise.

People who are struggling with health and nutrition and excessive eating.

About Me

Hi, my name is Simon,

I’m 34 years old from the UK based in South Wales Cardiff.

I have worked in the sales industry for over 10 years at a very high level running and managing business events all over the globe. unfortunately, the company closed its offices in the UK and relocated to the states back last year I was not able to do this due to having children and too many commitments in the UK.

I have vast knowledge in the fitness and nutrition industry having bodybuilt to a good level for ten years.

My story is pretty much like lewis story I struggled with addiction and made all the wrong choices I had 2 fathers who walked out on me as a child and emotionally neglected me my whole life which led me to escape whatever reality I was living in this is why I feel so passionate about this role as I can relate to Lewis very much.

I am now 5 years clean and sober and life is far greater but I was still missing that important value in my life and coaching is the way forward I have helped many people who struggle with addiction and mental health.

I have worked managing sales and marketing teams for 10 years from sales training to management and running teams in all different kinds of business events. I know how to overcome the sales target fears as sales can be daunting at the best of times when you have high targets to hit.

My goal is to help as many people as I can in every aspect of life from personal problems to relationship problems, addiction, and definitely sales and target problems.

As a life coach, it’s not because I know more than everyone but I have experienced every bad situation in life and overcome them myself making me a strong person in this field I don’t make excuses I create solutions. For me helping people achieve their goals and more importantly give them the confidence they need to reach all of their goals.

One thing I think I have learned in life Is that getting that response from people who I have helped, people who have seen some light and made better choices In life and that in itself is a better feeling than any drug.

Thanks for taking the time to read my bio there is plenty more but I’m hoping I can tell you this when I have my coaching session.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Level 1&2 addiction treatment (ASF)
Qualified personal trainer 2012-present
meditation constructor 2012-present


I offer 6-12 week anxiety and depression packages, which will include 1-2-1 online video sessions going in dept from the core of my client’s anxiety and depression. Also, I can meet clients face to face with the correct notice.
£75 per hour for 6-week packages
£60 per hour for 12-week packages

I offer 12-week fitness and nutrition packages which include everything from your daily and morning routine to creating a bespoke training and nutrition list for all my clients ( diets will be supplied along with training plans)
£40 per hour for the 12-week package (includes full training and nutrition plans)

I will tailor the sessions around my clients’ needs and where they are at in their life along with my what’s app number which I will be reachable on 24/7.

How I Work

I work mostly online via zoom which will include a recorded session and typed session notes.

I am also able to meet via face to face in the UK with some given notice

My what’s app number will be supplied and I will be reachable 24/7 for all my clients.