Sharon Carter

Fees Per Hour
£248.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Life Coach for self-employed women

Who Do I Help?

I help women in business to empower themselves to flourish in their professional and personal lives, during perimenopause/menopause – working through the natural transition in a woman’s life and turning it into a positive experience – one whereby women can embrace their journey.

About Me

Its hits you but you don’t know what “it” is!!! Being a female means we go through phases of life that can feel completely alien to us – you feel like you have become a different person and do not know where to turn! I have been there and it was not pretty – from wanting to run away from it all to be completely confused as to what was going on and how I would actually survive! I now feel duty-bound to help other female business owners as I do not want anyone else to experience the journey alone! It is possible to thrive during hormonal changes in your life – it is possible to keep your businesses, your relationships and your life and actually improve in all of those areas too. Together, we can adapt and overcome and be the kick-ass ladies we have always been!

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Had my own businesses since the early 2000’s EC Licensed Coach, TCM Foundation Coach, corporate Mental Health Facilitator, life experience by the bucketload!


I offer options of one to one online coaching at £150 per hour or a 12 week Luna Excel course which is also online.

How I Work

A combination of online group empowerment sessions, one to one catch ups, recorded guidance sessions, mindfulness moments and worksheets.


“I would highly recommend Sharon if you are struggling with balancing hormones, business and life itself! She has helped me gain clarity and now I am storming forwards” Jen.
“Sharon will tell you some cold hard facts, will tell you as it is, hold you accountable and take your hand, guiding you gently through the choppy waters – she is ace and has literally saved my life” NH