Salma Shaikh

Fees Per Hour
£0.00 to £52.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Soft Skills

Who Do I Help?

Staffs and university students plus adults

About Me

I have a lot responsibility and I am away from my family is been 12 years now and I have a adopted baby 7 months now and she is my life and my parents. I want to grow and learn more and fix my personal problems plus I would like to share my knowledge as much I can and like now I have financial issues and for good job or start your business you must have accreditation and they are so expensive . So I want to open my own Education center or academy where students and adults can learn and get certified in a very minimal fees or very less investment . As now I can’t do but I want to make others life easy who cannot afford like me to pay such high fees to get accredited or get the licenses. I hope I achieve my goal

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Master NLP practitioner from CTAA
Lean Six sigma black belt from CPD


I work for a company as a senior training and development specialist

How I Work

Well I am working and training the staffs


Well I like this site and thank you so much because I was so in need of accreditations certificates . It was easy and very clear online training and it’s one one the best.