Robyn Elizabeth

Fees Per Hour
£26.00 to £100.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Experienced leader, professional trainer, accredited coach.

Who Do I Help?

Helping burnt-out aspiring leaders to define their goals, reframe their mindset for success and position themselves to seize opportunities they desire.

About Me

So you are an aspiring or new leader and feel like:

➡️ you’ve been thrown in the deep end
➡️you’re swimming frantically trying to stay afloat with your recently increased workload
➡️you’re trying to keep a team happy when you’ve never led before
➡️ you want to make a good impression so you’re shying away from being honest about your limitations and fears

I remember these feelings all too well.
I found there was never any clear guidance on “how to do it.” Like… how do I actually “support” the team? How do I just “be a strong leader?” 🤷🏼‍♀️

I learnt lots of my lessons the hard way. But it’s made me determined to help others develop their knowledge and understanding of effective leadership, and give CLEAR and HELPFUL tips. 🙌🏻

How to master:
➡️Key leadership skills.
➡️The mindset of an effective leader.
➡️The resilience you will absolutely need.
➡️Leading and understanding your unique team members.

I can share all of my experience and personal development with you…

💡 Hands-on leadership experience.
💡I’ve supported and developed many new leaders as a professional leadership trainer.
💡And most importantly, I understand what it’s like to experience the direct impact of the best and worst leaders and managers.

… to help you navigate your own leadership journey.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Certified & Accredited Leadership Coach
Professional Trainer
Qualified Vocational Assessor


Programs vary from 3-week top-ups to 4-8 week intensive goal clarification and refocus, all the way up to a 12-week transformative journey.

Programs can be purchased in full or in blocks of 3 sessions minimum.

How I Work

I like to ensure we have a chance to get to know you, your position and your challenges clearly by holding an explorative zoom call.

We then decide on the best program for you, based on your unique needs and budget.

Sessions can be one hour weekly or one hour fortnightly – whatever best fits your busy schedule.

I am available to support my clients via email between weekly sessions, within business hours.


“Life coaching changes lives, having someone who’s there to support you on your journey, be a guide, mentor, fan and cheerleader makes the world of difference. Robyn is definitely all of those things !
Robyn asks some very good questions that helps me make wiser decisions for myself in both my personal life and work life .
Working with Robyn has boosted my confidence and helped me think bigger, act bigger and plan smarter.
I have big dreams and Robyn’s support helps me to take bigger actions towards them.”
– 1:1 client