Pastor Rick's coaching

Fees Per Hour
£111.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
Accredited Coaching Master

Coaching services that I offer, pastoral coaching, family coaching, youth coaching, life coaching, divorce coaching, marriage coaching, marrying married someone older coaching, married someone younger coaching, Etc..

Who Do I Help?

I help Blended families to function is one unit, I help teenagers fit in to a blended family, and I help all type of families religion or non-religion, I help singles, I help males, I help females if they’re Marrying an older male, I help females if they marry a younger male. Etc..

About Me

My name is Pastor Rick and I believe in being honest, my journey started back when I was 9 years old when my father was driving a 18-wheeler truck to support the family and got his spine question too in our whole world change I didn’t even know that the Lord was building something greater me even at that young age.

Fast forward to age 22 I married a woman 10 years older than me who had children we was together for 28 years doing that time, we started a Ministry, raised two boys that was not my biological Sons and some grandkids.

Fast forward 4 years later the Lord has brought me through a lot and through this experience I have met a wonderful young African woman such a spiritual beautiful woman younger than myself I have so much life and so much to offer to others to help them to overcome so many hurdles that will happen that’s out of your control, and also to watch out for traps that you self inflict yourself at times.

Through my journey I will not change anything I learned from my mistakes, I truly mean that I’ve also learned from the things that I can’t control that’s why I feel that I’m a very experienced coach it can help and have so much to offer others over 52 years of experience.

My journey has only been halfway written I have a strong belief in my faith is a Christian and do not shy from it, but I can help coach Believers and non-believers just looking for the opportunity.

In closing I’m not trying to sell you anything I just want to help you to help yourself I know my niche and with the changes in my life the challenges in my life Jesus Christ that gave me the experience as he showed Paul in the Bible that you can be all things to all people through the spirit of Jesus Christ my coaching is a calling and a gift and I would love to share that gift with you.

Jesus is on the throne!!

Training, Qualifications & Experience

1990 to 1998 vocational training several certificates
2000 associate degree General Studies
2002 a bachelor’s degree in pastoral Ministry
2003 church planning certification
2003 Mental Health Training several certificates/ certified
2022 transformational mindset /life coaching certification
2023 coaching master certification


one month $575
3 months $750
6 months 1,250

1 hour session a week I truly believe that you really can’t get to where you need to go in one one month to really make a significant change in your life you need at least 3 months or longer it’s about your life it is worth to invest time and money to where you get the results that you want only you can help yourself get better!

How I Work

I work online can work with you locally face to face if necessary, we will use video, cell phone calls, texting, email Excedrin… I truly want to set a family personal one-on-one atmosphere.
Come join the family Jesus still on the throne!


I will call this person Paul, not sure about his faith which led to bad decisions not following through I work with Paul to help him help himself, to get out of the blame game, who did what to me in my childhood, who didn’t hold me enough, who didn’t love me enough, and to come with the reality that that’s the past but to really work through the past to get to the middle.

Now after several months we got to the middle we have coached through the past now we’re at the middle the middle doesn’t seem as bad now Paul realized through coaching and love and and Trust with me this is where I’m at now now where do I have to go.

Now we have moved on to a new beginning spiritually better, happier better, more sure about himself it took time and prayer and faith now it’s a day-to-day process he is so much happier still it’s a day-to-day Journey!

You are not as close to Jesus as you think you are and you are not as far away as you think you are!