Olivia Andrews

Fees Per Hour
£90.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Accredited Coach: Helping you create a life filled with genuine happiness

Who Do I Help?

I empower the lost and unsatisfied to unleash their full potential and start creating a life of genuine happiness!

About Me

I always believe happiness was conditional…

When something ‘good’ happened, when my parcel came, when I got promoted at work, when the big stuff happened…

I used to believe that happiness had terms and conditions and I had no idea that I could live a life that was filled with happiness

3 years ago, I lived a life completely the opposite, I was chasing feelings of happiness to try and make myself feel like I was doing okay…

Going out and drinking, chasing the promotion at work that I didn’t even really want, eating the rubbish food for a quick fix of dopamine but really? I wasn’t listening to what it is I needed… I kept trying to make happiness fast because I wasn’t happy inside

After working on myself, working with a coach and now becoming a coach?

I now live every single day feeling positive even when the bad shit happens ✨

Because we are in control of ourselves and get to choose how we look at the world and I say fuck yes to being happy!

Happiness is an attitude that you can have with a combination of mindset re-programming, personal development and fuck yes attitude

I now manage my mental health by utilising these skills and choosing to be happy!

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Certified Coach – 2021
Accredited Coach – 2022
Mental Health first aider – 2021
Home Manager for people with Mental Health – since 2021


I offer 6, 8 and 12-week Genuine Happiness coaching programmes

These vary between £500 – £1000

This includes a 1-hour discovery call (not counted in your number of sessions), 1-hour coaching session once a week, message communication between sessions, goal setting and action planning, a personal development journey and a safe space to speak freely with no judgement ✨

If you wish to pay session by session, this would be £90 a session

I also offer one-off goal-setting sessions for those who just need a little inspiration to get fired up, these are £88.88!

How I Work

I work online through either Zoom or Microsoft Teams, I will also write session notes to reflect from the beginning of our sessions ✨


“Olivia’s coaching is gentle yet direct and she made me feel comfortable and able to be vulnerable and open. Olivia helped me to understand aspects of my mindset that I hadn’t realised before and has allowed me to move forward with clarity and power. I would highly recommend! Amazing woman! Thank you!” – Annie

“Appreciation that I can not express enough.
When life is hitting its lows or just needing to speak out or search out the best version of you that you can find – I highly recommend speaking to this woman, one hour of just pure communication and understanding has opened my eyes to how to find myself and the steps I need to take to get there.
Speaking out is the first step and you have really helped me figure out so many different things that were so unclear for so long, a friendly face with no judgement is all this world needs and this girl is making all the difference, Thank you Livvy and keep doing you, you’re incredible!” – Ashleigh

“I reached out to Olivia for some coaching whilst feeling pretty low and confused. She is an absolute ray of sunshine. She listened (and I mean LISTENED), heard me and coached me compassionately, professionally and honestly. With her coaching I acknowledged my inner strength, forgave my shame and felt at peace.” – Aimee