Nina Kundi

Fees Per Hour
£71.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
Accredited Coaching Master

Accredited Sexual Well-being and Female Empowerment Coach

Who Do I Help?

My mission is to help every woman across the globe to regain sexual well-being, self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth! To believe in YOU!

My Vision is empowerment! Every woman deserves the right to feel loved and valued no matter what their age or circumstance, to have the confidence and ability where needed to say NO!! this is not for me in all aspects of Life!

I also specialise Mental Health issues (Parents with Children) and also Business Development for Female Entrepreneurs!

About Me

Where do I start….. I am a lady who knows what she wants, however, I haven’t always been this lady, I Learnt the hard way.

I have spent many years in and out of toxic relationships, under valuing me and not knowing where to turn – as a youngster I became very bitter and angry as if life keeps dealing me a bad hand! My Temper was horrendous (learned that from my dad) Yes I knew how to look after myself alright however did that really serve me well.

I have been through periods where you wouldn’t believe my luck even if I told you!!

To start off with I didn’t really know LOVE, I craved it from everyone, I was a “people pleaser” always doing for others just so they could or would LOVE me.

I was stuck in the belief that i wasn’t good enough, another trait that can from my past – being the only girl in my family was torture always trying to live up to my brothers as I felt my father valued them more!

I have experienced a life with a beautiful boy who faces challenges with ADHD, and being a single mother to him most of his life I have grown to understand more about the mental health sector, Not to mention my many years working in this industry too, So how did i stumble onto Female Empowerment and Sexual well-being – As I was a single mother I needed to be at home with my son to take him to appointments etc – I started with a well known company and have been with them for the last 18 years of my life – I empower ladies on a daily basis!!

I now have the pleasure of working with so many ladies empowering them in business, daily life skills, and even the bedroom, I am a firm believer that we should be allowed to live the life we choose – Just because we want to!

We should have all of our needs and desires met,

We Love attention and we need Chemistry so what are we waiting for?

Nina xx

Training, Qualifications & Experience

NVQ 3 Health and Social Care
Sexuality, Sexualised behaviour, and Sexual Health
Safe Guarding
Self Harming
Certified Foundation into Coaching 2020
Full Coaching Accreditation 2020
Personal transformation and Breakthrough Accredited Coach 2020
Law of Attraction Practitioner 2020


My services include – Courses and 121 Breakthrough Sessions

Self Worth Course – £50
Sexual Well-being Matters – £295 (8-week course)

2 Hour Breakthrough sessions – £69
6 week – 121 Sessions viz Zoom platform with on-hand support via other platforms – £669
12 Week – 121 Transformation Package (includes the self-worth course and a confidence master class) £1169

How I Work

The course is delivered via a zoom broadcast to a private group set up on Facebook, I need my clients to feel they have a safe haven that they can use to talk openly and freely.

All 121 sessions are done via Zoom – with further support over the phone or the internet.

The call is only recorded on request of the client – Agreements are issued and are to be signed before any coaching commences.


Thank you so much. You’re an amazing coach Nina, seriously! I was desperately trying to sort my head out and causing carnage. I reckon lee is going to be your biggest promoter!! xx
K — Customer Review

“Nina also made me realise my issues are perfectly normal but helped me find simple solutions which I’m currently working on doing. After just one session I am feeling so much more confident about myself and my relationship (both sexual and in other areas too). MASSIVE THANK YOU NINA. I would definitely recommend a coaching session or 2 with Nina. It may sound too good to be true but I promise anyone reading this- it is simple but very very true.”

Ka — Customer Review

“I’m now on week 5 of working with Nina. At first, it was very uncomfortable having your thoughts and beliefs challenged… it’s really difficult to reflect on maybe things you’ve not really been handling as well as you could, and this can leave you initially feeling a little crap. But by week 3 the reflection and the evaluation of your beliefs and thought patterns started to all make sense, and I started to see how I have been self-sabotaging, and creating a belief system that actually isn’t real! Once I got over that bump I could finally start putting things in place to improve my life! I’ve still got a way to go, and thankfully I have a few more weeks yet to work on things, and honestly, without Nina, I’m not sure id be as focused on my business and work through this whole Coronavirus. If she encourages someone like me to pull my socks up and achieve my full potential with what’s going on right now, she is going to be an absolute rocket once we are through this!.”

B — Customer Review

“I recently joined Nina on her 10-day self-worth course. Wow! What a breath of fresh air, completely honest and open, sharing hard life experiences with the group from the outset. From the moment of signing up, Nina was attentive ensuring I was ok and sent a small gift that’s was used in the sessions, and a good reminder to keep. The sessions were small with a closed group which ensured everyone felt valved, I certainly did, and there was instantly a level of trust that enabled the group to open up and share. The session content was excellent and was over before you knew it, who knew there were 7 types of love! The course confirmed some stuff I knew but just hadn’t got the confidence to go out and do it; Nina changed that! Believing in yourself, loving yourself for who you are, and goal-setting… it’s the way to go! Thank you, Nina, a fantastic course, with fab people and loads of brilliant activities to help me realise my own self worth Thank you xx.”

S — Customer Review



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Total Training Hours:  6 hrs & 30 mins