Nicole Rega

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Accredited Coaching Master

Finding Your Life Purpose Life Coach

Who Do I Help?

I help ladies who feel stuck find their life purpose, so they can realize their potential and thrive!

About Me

I am a mom, a divorcee, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a business professional, and a life coach. I am a mom of two girls, one is finishing up high school and the other is just starting elementary school. Throughout my life, I have dealt with narcissists, ego-maniacs, people-pleasers, antagonists, passivists, doubters, encouragers, winners, losers, etc. I am not sure there is a personality out there that I have not had the pleasure (or displeasure) of dealing with. I am a book lover and truly believe, if you are not growing, evolving, and transforming, you are just waiting to die.

Many years ago I remember feeling this tug on my heart. Mainly, I felt it saying… there has got to be something more than this. More than the dull routine of a 9-5, living for the weekends, living paycheck to paycheck. For years I felt stuck. I finally realized my life purpose and now I am on my transformation journey. I invite you to join me!

My passion is to help my fellow mommas who are feeling stuck learn how to thrive and evolve as I have.

I take my clients through a journey of self-discovery using various coaching methods, techniques, and models. We conquer limiting beliefs, setting goals, and ACHIEVING them!

I facilitate growth, change, and transformation in the lives of my clients and can do the same for you!

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Certified Master Life Coach
Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified Life Purpose Life Coach
Certified Allowing Your Success Life Coach


I offer a 12 Week Life Purpose Coaching Program which includes (1) 120-minute breakthrough initial session and 12 weekly 60 minute sessions tailored specifically to you for $997

How I Work

We will conduct our sessions via zoom online video services. Timeslots vary in 1 hour increments from 6pm-9pm Monday thru Thursday and Sunday 12pm-4pm.


“Nicole is perfect for life coaching. She is a doer and an organized go-getter. Her ideas are invaluable and she gives you a roadmap. Her wisdom is so very helpful. Instead of dragging your feet or going in the wrong direction she points you in the right direction and gives you all the right tools. She is an unbeatable life coach choice.” – Helen B