Nazlee Mayhew

Fees Per Hour
£75.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Certified Money Mindset Coach, Mentor and Motivational Speaker

Who Do I Help?

I help high achieving female coaches who stuck and overwhelmed overcome Imposter Syndrome so that they can strengthen their self-worth and heal their relationship with money.

About Me

Even when you doubt yourself or feel that you are not good enough, we see you as a smart, determined, loving, caring, grounded and powerful woman who is going to make an impact on the world. You are more than enough. You were born with a gift to help others and are talented and amazing. Just a few years ago, I was questioning myself as I doubted that I would become a successful businesswoman. I would download dozens of freebies, watch webinars all the time and look for the answer everywhere else online. Using the power of my mindset, personal development and a personalized affirmation helped me uplevel my life. I soon became super confident, trusted my own intuition and made decisions based on my core values. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping other female coaches. I know what it’s like to have your inner critic constantly in the driving seat. I know what it’s like to feel like you are no expert in your field. I know what’s like to have low self-confidence and feel that you are not good enough. I know what it’s like to feel like an Imposter. So if you want to take a logical step – not necessarily a leap of faith – so that you can reach your goals, grow your business and make money in your business – I am here to help you. I help high achieving women become super confident and slay their inner critic once and for all. I help you create financial freedom so that you become your own boss, spend more time with your family, travel and invest in your life and business.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Currently studying ICF accredited certification in Business and Mindset, NLP, Energy work and ICF certification (to complete January 2020 – The Clique Academy, UK)
Organisational Wellbeing Champion 2016-2019
Organisational Performance Partner 2016-2019
Life Coaching Certification 2017
Adult Psychology Diploma 2005


I offer a 4-week online course Money Mindset Breakthrough Course: The course is done at your pace with 1-hour weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom or Facebook rooms. I also provide 1-1 individual sessions during the 4 weeks. The course is $497

I offer a 12-week program Coaching with Confidence, Clarity and Courage program: Comprising of weekly 1-hour coaching sessions, regular email and messenger check-ins and an initial Confused to Confidence Booster session for $1997. Payment over 3 months is accepted.

I also offer 90-minute Goal setting sessions for $90.

How I Work

I work online via video session which includes a recording of our session and typed session notes.


Cathrine Saungweme – I never used to be able to share personal stuff with someone I met for the first time but with Nazlee it came naturally. I felt stuck and unfocused which brought low self-esteem and wanting to give up too soon whenever something did not go my way. After talking to Nazlee she made feel that it’s okay to feel like that but I need to come out of it by knowing who I am, what my passion is, setting goals and planning for the future. I learnt that what people say about me does not matter it’s what I tell my self and believe that matters. I feel like I can conquer the world and I am ready to plan and stay focused and achieve my goals.

Enas de Volder – I remember Nazlee from a networking event. She spoke so energetically and lovingly. I was immediately attracted to her and I knew I had to remember her name When I couldn’t help myself, I wrote to Nazlee and asked for an interview. She answered my messages immediately and our first conversation took place. Nazlee is a woman with a warm heart, very loving and empowering. Just what I needed. Listening to me and asking the right questions and getting the right answers. Exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to have courage again, I wanted to get back on my feet and be successful again. Our conversation encouraged me to work on my dream the very next day and to believe in myself again.

Luiza Voronca – Yoga Teacher – I remember myself feeling overwhelmed, with so many ideas to create but with no clue on how to start them. No plan at that time. I changed the way I used to see the idea of a business, I am more confident and I totally believe in my services (Nazlee believed in me from the beginning and that was an amazing support for myself). I am more aware of my limiting beliefs that used to hold me back. Perhaps the fact that I know how to structure and prioritize my tasks, projects, goals. It really makes an amazing difference to the day. I feel more focused, perseverant and fulfilled for accomplishing different duties. Things are more clear, so there is no more overwhelming feeling. I feel more confident and ready to work towards my goals and to pursue my dreams.