Nadine Ekiya Abeng

Fees Per Hour
£0.00 to £100.00
Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
Accredited Coaching Master

Accredited Relationship coach

Who Do I Help?

I help wives transform marriages from roommates to Soul Mates by conquering their voice, owning their values and mastering their communication with their partners.

About Me

At the core, we humans are hard wired for connection. Right from birth, we seek out bonds with trusted care givers and use the quality of this attachment to help us survive and thrive.
As adults, the need for connection continues and I believe this is why we seek that fairytale ending of happily ever after. It is possible but sometimes we lose our way. One or other partner wants a change but feels stuck when the other is not quite ready to take action.

I get so disheartened every time I hear someone say that a marriage needs two willing partners to go to therapy in order to make sustainable change and create deeper loving bonds. This is simply not true! One partner can enact the changes needed to transform their marriage and create deeper loving bonds, if only they knew how.

I became a Relationship coach because I have come across so many women, frustrated with the quality of their marriage and desperate to do something to improve it. They were keen to make changes but felt stuck because their husbands refused to join them in couples therapy or take other joint action. These women were usually high performing in many other areas of their lives
and so knew that change was possible for them.

I help wives like you all the time and I am here to help you fall in love all over again and take your marriage from roommates to Soul Mates!

Training, Qualifications & Experience

BSc Psychology Honours Degree
Accredited Coaching Master 2022


I offer a 12 week Roommates to Soul Mates 1:1 coaching programme which includes: an initial marriage evaluation and goal setting session; weekly 60 min coaching sessions, breakthrough session at the half way point plus regular phone checkins and a bonus personality and relationship profile to help you understand your behaviours, thoughts and actions in all areas of your life. Package price £1500 with split payment options available on request.

How I Work

I offer online video sessions using Zoom with additional choice of either:
Recording access (complimentary)
Brief typed summary session notes (£15 per session)

Sessions must be booked with at least 7 days notice. Changes or rescheduling are welcome but do ensure you provide at least 48 hours notice of the change to avoid forfeiting the session.


Leona Kangerty: My sessions with Nadine were outstanding. They have helped me to believe in myself more than I’ve ever done. I’m now doing much better in setting positive goals and taking immediate action towards achieving them. Booking sessions with coach Nadine Abeng is the best decision I’ve made.

Jodie Clarke: Nadine is so down to earth, it makes it really easy to open up and be truly honest about what obstacles i am facing. She has given me more clarity and i now have a clear action plan on what steps I need to achieve my goal, all In just 2 sessions!

Sara Hathaway: Nadine provided me with a safe space to share pertinent sections from the wheel of life. We discussed them in more detail and she enabled me to identify some simple solutions to work on to support challenging changes in my families lives. It was brilliant! Thank you Nadine

Pam Thomson: Nadine helped my recognise my self-worth and helped me focus on what actions I needed to take to achieve my goals. I highly recommend Nadine to anyone looking for help to see the future more clearly