Michelle Townsend

Fees Per Hour
£252.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Coach to mums with children with special needs

Who Do I Help?

I help mums with children with special who feel stuck in their mindset and life balance to find that power in themselves to be supermums and not to be burnout mums. To help mums get clarity in what they want for themselves as well as being mum to their child (ren).

About Me

I am a mum to twins and my son has autism. I have spent all my whole adult life around children and adults with special needs and was very interested in sport coaching in my teens. I used to coach disabled kids sports and from there I had an amazing career.

As a mum with a child with autism, I understand how hard and difficult times are and that sometimes we do not get any quiet time for ourselves.

We all have our own superpowers including you. Mindset is key to filling your life with love, peace, excitement, and taking on any challenge with confidence.

When I had my twins my life changed and having time to myself???

All I know is parents including myself have read maybe a few pages out of the baby books but then decided they were a waste of time and that in fact you just going to do it your way and that way is the best way no matter what others may think as you are mummy and your child autistic or not will love you for being you. I have learnt in parenthood you always going to have challenges one day you think you have cracked it and then BOOM another issue or something happens.

I help mums to offload in the coaching session to say what they want to say, to help them to understand why they feel like it, and to find different ways if it not working. Most important I help mums to love themselves and to find time and confidence within themselves.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Life Coaching Diploma in 2007
Coaching Masters Certification 2021


I offer a 12-week program for mums including 1-hour session via zoom, Added to Facebook Group, regular message services check-ins( 24hr hours), and an initial 2 hour deep dive breakthrough session for £1,000

How I Work

I work online via zooms which include a recording of our session
You will also get typed session notes including actions


In the past, I have worked in care, schools, and college settings using my coaching skills. I have worked with people with autism who wanted to get into a workplace
I have over 20 years of experience working with parents and their children.