Meherun Hamid

Fees Per Hour
£220.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Life coach, Headteacher, and a mother

Who Do I Help?

I help professional women go from stressed and overwhelmed to achieving a life of freedom and operate at their highest potential

About Me

As a full-time headteacher, mother and wife, I always felt consumed with tasks to complete and never had enough time to breathe. I have always been on the go ever since I can remember. That was until I started experiencing health problems and needed to go on medication. That was a hard blow for me and much needed because that’s when I realised I had to make changes. Through the power of mindset, spirituality, and personal development I have managed to change that. I feel energetic as I did when I was much younger and can cope with the demands with ease. Best of all, my health problems don’t exist!
That’s why I am so passionate about helping other professional women to manage stress and achieve their goals in all areas of their life. without running themselves to the ground and feeling burnout.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Coaching certifications including NLP training, through Coaching Masters and completed other coaching courses with many successful coaches.

As a headteacher, I use coaching and mentoring with staff (professional and personal) and children.


I offer an 8-week coaching programme for professional women: Comprising of weekly 1-hour coaching sessions, regular email access, and an initial breakthrough session for £1600. Or you can buy one-off sessions for £220 P/H

How I Work

Sessions can be carried out over the phone or online via video sessions.


“Your approach in questioning created a safe and calm space to discuss challenges faced in the past. I was easily able to reflect back on situations that had an impact on my career and also where I want to be. I feel as though I am more aware now of the action steps required in order to get there” – Mehwish

“Thanks for your support it was really great to chat and to identify some practical ways to try and move forward with my next career steps” – Dominique