Marlene McPherson

Fees Per Hour
£150.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
Accredited Coaching Master

Friendship leading to Marriage

Who Do I Help?

Help Professional Christian Women to have Friendship leading to marriage

About Me

Hi, I’m Marlene McPherson who is still happily married. It was not easy for me because I did not have someone to guide me. As a professional Christian woman, I had to seek the Lord and learn a number of things on my own before I met my Christian husband. Thank God today I am who I am because I was faithful to God and kept my Christian values. It is now thirty-four years. I became a mother of two sons and presently a grandmother! I am here to guide, give suggestions, and challenge you to accept only the best because you are worthy of God’s best. You have waited long, educating and preparing yourself so you want to enjoy great companionship, a man of God who loves you and aims to protect and care for you and the family. I am here for you to avoid pitfalls with the use of prayers, faith, and holding hold to God’s promises. I can tell you that there are still good men of value around just obeying and relying on prayers. With my experience, I have worked with professional women who are happily married in God’s time. I can be of help to you too.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

The Coaching Foundation Certificate …awarded by The Coaching Masters
Business foundation Certificate …awarded by The Coaching Masters


I offer one session for $250 U.S.A and a 12-week programme of PreparePray and Expect your Christian husband
This is comprised of 1-hour coaching sessions, regular phone check-ins, and 2 in-depth sessions amounting to $4000.

How I Work

I work online , give notes and record our sessions.


I was pleased with our sessions. She is opened and allowed for your personal input and I got fresh insights. – Shana Young