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Lysha Mohamed

Fees Per Hour
£100.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Internationally Accredited Coach, Certified Happiness Coach

Who Do I Help?

I help postpartum mums and women going through midlife changes to explore life transitions, rediscover their individuality, identity and happiness within to become the best versions of themselves

About Me

I felt lonely and unhappy after becoming a mom
I lost interests in things I once enjoyed
Work life was not the same
I was trying to juggle a sense of my old self and the new me
I was no longer nurturing relationships and friendships
I neglected taking care of myself

This was me a while back. And if this is you, I’ve got you!

Hi, I’m Lysha

After few years of soul searching to rediscover who I was and my authentic self, I came across the subject of inner happiness and how to intentionally create those moments that will be cherished. Sometimes we are forced to re-examine our identities and understand ourselves as we try to navigate life transitions.

I recognized the same pattern of lost behavior in a lot of people I meet, usually those in their midlife and those going through postpartum transitions.

With the effectiveness of this journey of self-discovery I realized how important it is for us to feel ourselves and accept our worth without the help of someone else validating it.

And if this resonates with you, I’m here to help you create your path to a happier fulfilled you with a positive mindset

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Accredited Coaching Master, 2022
Certified Happiness Coach, 2021
Certified in Emotional Intelligence-personal skills
Attended the Science of well-being programme
Mentor and Trainer


I offer a 12 Week Strategic Life Design Programme comprising of;
– 1.5 hours deep-dive breakthrough session to get to know you
– 1 hour weekly coaching sessions for 12 weeks,
– Regular check ins & reflection exercises
– Mentoring and guidance

Coaching sessions include tools, concepts & frameworks for:
– Understanding self
– Perspective and mindset shift

Price all for £1000 to be paid via bank transfer once a contract is agreed and signed.

How I Work

I work online with Zoom.
Every session is recorded and is followed up with a summary write up and accompanying tasks and recommendations to be followed through.


‘I was so depressed postpartum and didn’t know how to get out of it, but Lysha helped me see the beauty in life, get to love my baby the way I wanted’- Marianna J.

‘I highly recommend Lysha. She listened when I felt like no one else did. Just few sessions with her made me feel like a new person’ – Tia Micheal

‘I was introduced to Lysha around the time I got divorced and I was grieving, as-well as feeling so lost as how I was to find my way. Lysha helped me through the most difficult time and working with her identifying my goals and next chapter was just what I needed! – Kathleen Johnson