Lyanne Grace Sanford

Fees Per Hour
£120.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
Accredited Coaching Master

ACCREDITED TRANSFORMATIONAL COACH working with the Mind to set you free from programs such as “Lack” and “Fear”. To create new opportunities to manifest an entirely new life and create Infinite possibility.
HEARTMATH COACH working with Science to teach you breathing exercises to create resilience and connection through the heart space for good health and well being.
ENERGY HEALER . Science has now proven that we ARE energy. Learn how the frequency you emit based on your thoughts and feelings create your reality and your outcomes and how to shift that perspective quickly and effectively to manifest a full happy life.

Who Do I Help?

My program aids those that are looking for a greater purpose. We look at the Mind, Body, Energy Aspects to create the whole person. The metamorphosis you will experience in all aspects of your life will create a higher consciousness and awareness that will allow for a more whole you and a larger presence in all you set out to achieve.

About Me

Born in the UK and emigrated to the United States. Presently resident in the CT with a son of 22 years. A previous life as a Business Owner, Mortgage Adviser and Financial Planner .I am well travelled having lived in the UK, US, New Zealand and Australia and travelled to many other countries in between. Having been married and divorced several times, been a single mum, created businesses and truly lived life to the full with great optimism and passion that also reflected moments of challenge and hardship. My journey has allowed a wealth of experience in all aspects of life that I can bring to the table and relate to any challenge that you are presently experiencing.
I am passionate about life and present the possibility that you are here at this time to live an adventure that should be full of connection, love, healthy relationships and abundance at every level of your existence. My personal journey showed me how I was not living or following my true path. I gave up my career of 20 years. Started a new business based on what created passion and fulfilment in my life and never looked back. What I discovered along the way is that their is a formula to wealth, relationships, fun, vocation, health and more and now have an opportunity to share that with you.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

HeartMath Coach certified 2019 – 4 years
Accredited Transformation Coach 2023
Certified Hypnotist 2016
Energy Healer – Master Reiki Practitioner
Master Magnified Healer
Shamballa Master Teacher Healer
Mortgage Consultant 20 years


12 week package – 1 coaching session each week, regular phone check ins and initial 2 hour deep dive.
Investment $1175.00 or you can buy
1 month up front and $97.00 per session or pay as you go at $120 per session.

How I Work

Each session is recorded via zoom and has follow up links, tools and insights on a weekly basis.
If you are unable to to participate in a zoom call please advise and we can work together to find an alternative source.


Lyanne has changed my life for the better. I was stuck and could not see my way forward. She provided the insights and road map to a more fuller, happier life. She helped me identify my challenges and beliefs that were not even mine and work towards setting goals and providing solutions through my own skill sets and wisdom. I would highly recommend her. Best Investment I ever made.
Barry Billericay UK

I am always amazed the effect Lyanne has on her clients including myself. I have referred many of my family members and friends and we have all benefited from her deep wisdom. Her experience and enthusiasm is contagious along with the capacity for non judgement at every level. She has changed my mindset 360 degrees. I was terrified to make major changes in my life. Each week she would address what was holding me back and would guide me to find the answers through my experiences to solve the issues myself. I feel stronger now that at anytime in my life. I am grateful.
Lisa S Madison USA

The help that Lyanne gave me during my 12 week program was immeasurable. I was stuck in a relationship that was not fulfilling. Her program provided insights into how “self love” “respect” and “boundaries” create a foundation for a harmonious and balanced energy exchange between 2 people. I lacked all of these. I am now in a loving relationship that is based on personal healing and understanding that their has to be the ability to “give love” and “receive love” and that as a people pleaser I did not know how to do this. Thank you Lyanne I am grateful you came into my life.
Minta W Old Saybrook USA