Linda Pretorius

Fees Per Hour
£74.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
English, Afrikaans
Accredited Coaching Master

Transformation coaching to help you take your power back

Who Do I Help?

I help women who are on an emotional roller coaster because of how they are treated by others to take their power back so they can be happy and in control of their own emotions and feelings, realizing their self-worth and being whole again.

About Me

I know as a woman you feel like you need other people to support you to be able to feel good about yourself. I help you to find your best friend in yourself. I help you to grow yourself so that you don’t feel dependent on other people and how they treat you. I get it, I was there too. After my hubby died I had to find my own identity again because we were together for 24 years. Long enough to think the same and be like one person. I quickly learned that I can’t depend on other people to carry me all the time, to help me feel good about myself, happy or to help me be confident. I had to do it myself. I had to be my own best friend first. I help you to do the same. I help you to find your confidence, build your emotional intelligence and find your happiness by helping you transform into the woman you were meant to be.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

NLP Foundation Practitioner (Coaching Masters) October 2021
Coaching Foundation (Coaching Masters) October 2021
Business Foundation (Coaching Masters) October 2021

Belief Clearing Practitioner (Joe Vitale) June 2021

Master Transformation Life Coach (Transformation Academy) November 2021 which comprises of
Forgiveness Coach Nov 2021
Life Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator Nov 2021
Life Story Coach Nov 2021
Transformation Life Coach May 2021

Master Life Coach (Transformation Academy) April 2021 which comprises of
Professional Life Coaching Certification April 2021
Life Purpose Coach Certification April 2021
Happiness Life Coach Certification April 2021
From Goal to Success: Life Coach Certification April 2021

Master Mindset Coach (Transformation Academy) April 2021 which comprises of the following
Confidence Life Coach Certification April 2021
Emotional Intelligence Life Coach Certification April 2021
CBT Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach Certification April 2021
REBT Mindset Life Coach Certification April 2021

Fundamentals of International Coaching (ICF) Oct 2021

LOA Basic Practitioner (Dr Joe Vitale) March 2018


I offer a 12-week transformation life coaching package that comprises of

12 x pre-recorded video lessons
worksheets that accompany the lessons
12 x one-hour one-on-one Zoom call sessions
Plus the initial 2-hour contract and deep-dive breakthrough session

All this for £1,297

Your 12-week program’s video lessons are tailor-made according to your needs and what you are working on to transform, whether it is confidence, happiness, or forgiveness

How I Work

The pre-recorded video lesson and worksheet are sent through in Google Drive before our live call and you have to work through them before our live session.

On the live session, we’ll touch on what you learned and if you understand everything covered in the lessons and then we’ll move over to your power session where we’ll work on your goal for that session.

We’ll talk over Zoom in our one-on-one session and if I have your permission the call will be recorded and you’ll receive your recordings afterward as well.


Hi Linda. Thank you for being my coach. You helped me to know that I don’t have to let Bob, or in my case Louise, rule my thoughts. That I can control negative thoughts. I also understand why I sometimes feel so sad. And that I can work on that. I also have a better idea what I want to do with my life and what I am good at. And I don’t have to be good at something to like it. I can learn to be good at something I like to do. The breathing exercises are also helpful when I feel stressed. And the exercise where I imagine something funny when I am scared to do something, is brilliant. Never knew my brain works that way. I have a clearer idea of what I would like to do with my life. The confidence assessment was also helpful. I also enjoyed the Personality Profile. Overall I understand myself better and I accept myself more. And I know I am going to make a success of my life. Thank you Linda