Leanne Dewey

Fees Per Hour
£60.00 to £250.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Mindset Coach

Who Do I Help?

Helping ambitious individuals to create success from the inside out, find their purpose and build a life they love!

About Me

As a life and Mindset Coach, I will work with you to support your physical, mental, emotional dreams

I work with clients using tailored packages unique to them, I can incorporate a blend of mindset coaching and hypnosis to change both the conscious and subconscious thought patterns that are holding you back.

My passion in life is to help others achieve a sense of well being and happiness and bring life-changing benefits.

After turning my own pain to power I understand how important mental wellbeing really is and the benefits that it can bring.

Is this you…
Do you feel you have low confidence and self-worth?
Do you feel you have lost the true meaning of who you are?
Do you find yourself stuck in a toxic relationship?
Do you feel there is something missing in your life?

I can help get you from where you are you where you want to be!

My journey started in my late 20’sm, at that time I felt that I was kicked by life and everything started falling apart…
I was empty in a loveless toxic, narcissistic relationship with an alcoholic and had a baby who was not even a year old.

I was letting go of my body and mind and something had to give, I began to work hard on my own self-development until I was living on my own terms again!
I left the relationship, managed to maintain somewhat of a civil relationship with the father of my child, found a new job, and managed to keep my mortgage on my own whilst still enjoying the luxuries of life, distracted myself from the negative people and made sure I could be the best mum that I could.

All that was down to the shift in mindset, removal of limiting beliefs and the inner strength that I found!

I turned pain into power, and I want to help others find the strength to do the same using my own experiences, personal development and knowledge.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Qualified Hypnotherapist – Diploma in Hypnotherapy from Innervisions School of Hypnotherapy
Accredited Coach with The Coaching Masters
BTEC National Diploma in Health and Social Care


I offer bespoke 12-week packages these will be tailored to suit your own needs and begin to reach the defined goals at your pace. You will receive full accountability and support each and every week.
I can combine both Coaching and Hypnotherapy so that we can work on the conscious and subconscious mind to ensure lasting results!

How I Work

I work online via Zoom, the sessions can be recorded if requested and I write notes throughout our sessions.
I include hypnotherapy, mindfulness as well as NLP and coaching techniques and tools to guide you through your sessions.


Whether you’re just a little curious or want to find something deeper within yourself, I highly recommend you just giving it a go. You having nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain.
I have newfound inner confidence I just can’t explain and I have Leanne to thank for playing a big part in this. I didn’t actually realise the progress in myself until writing this review.
So thank you, Leanne! And see you again very soon – Hannah