Laura Smith

Fees Per Hour
£0.00 to £250.00
Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
Accredited Coaching Master

I am an experienced Parent Coach who has worked for 18 years in the independent education sector as a teacher, coach and Director of Teaching & Learning.  I help parents who fear their child will underperform and long to be more effective in the support they offer. I coach parents, staff and young people in relation to all areas of education.

Who Do I Help?

I help frustrated parents who fear their child’s failure to become supportive in a highly effective, loving way.

About Me

My goal is to help parents whose desire for their child’s success is damaging the parent-child relationship. I will support you to find strategies to communicate effectively and reconfigure your approach to supporting your child.

With 18 years of experience in the selective independent school sector and as Director of Teaching & Learning at a top London Private School, I understand the nature of the competition for 11+, 13+ school or university places. I understand how much parents long for their children to succeed, do their best and prosper in life. 

But what happens when our desires and our children’s motivations don’t align?  We can become frustrated and end up nagging, bribing or perhaps even threatening consequences if things aren’t going as we’d hoped. The result? We spend our time feeling anxious and powerless. We compare our children to others. Trust is damaged, tension builds, children grow distant and communication breaks down.

·       Do you feel that your relationship with your child is suffering?

·       Do you wish you could support them more effectively?

·       Do you want to break the cycle of nagging, bribing and threatening?

I can help you.  With a 6 week, a bespoke programme designed especially for you and your situation, I will work with you to effectively support your child’s progress. I will help you to design and implement effective strategies to rebuild communication and create the harmonious, loving relationship that you long for.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Parent Coach, Accredited Co-Active Training Institute Coach, Graydin Coaching in Education Accredited Facilitator and Coach Trainer, Coaching Masters Member, Director of Teaching & Learning, MA,


The initial consultation is a free exploratory session to discuss your needs, situation and design your programme.

Commonly, this would be a course of 6 sessions (one per week) either on the telephone or via Zoom.

I also offer Walking Coaching for anyone who enjoys getting outside and knows the benefits that moving can have on processing emotion and expressing thoughts. I can tailor your programme to your finances and needs.  Please call me to discuss on 07803 585 392 or drop me a message. 

How I Work

I work online via video session, which includes a recording of our session if appropriate and session notes/resources and worksheets where helpful.


Please get in touch for reference details