Kim Clark

Fees Per Hour
£225.00 to £750.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Confidence & Career Coach and Management Consultant with over 15 years management experience.

Who Do I Help?

I help women that want to get unstuck, remove obstacles, or move forward in their lives so that they can become more confident!

About Me

Sometimes we just need help from someone who cares. We as women should lift each other up and help each other succeed in life. A few years back while managing a multi-billion dollar credit union I was feeling stuck and management above me was really bad at supporting their staff. I knew I needed to find a way out of my miserable work environment. I came up with a plan to hold my head high while figuring out how to leave the toxic environment. And by learning how to break through my obstacles I was able to leave my job on my terms and timeline. Making myself the priority was my first step and things are completely different now. You may feel the same disappointment, frustration, anxiety, or just need a change and I’m here to support you and help you find your happiness.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Master’s degree in Management with a minor in Human Resources; Foundation in Coaching; Scrum Master; Substitute Teacher.


I offer an 8-week coaching program comprising of weekly 1-hour coaching sessions, regular phone or text check-ins and up to a 1 1/2 hr deep dive breakthrough session for $2500 or you can purchase individual sessions for $225 per session. Also, I offer a quick question by text for $49.

How I Work

I work online using Zoom or other video chat systems.


“Always supported me when I was feeling overwhelmed.” -Teri T

“Kim is the best coach I have ever had! She checks on me to make sure there are no issues I’m dealing with and opens my eyes to the things I should be focusing on.”- Evelyn B

“I highly reccomend her for career coaching. She helped me practice interviews so I could feel more confident and it worked!” – Charlie F

“My confidence has improved since working you. Thank you so much! -Taylor W

“This coaching changed my life! I discover how to change my behavior pattern and now I have a better relationship with people.” -Colleen M

“Our customer service needed improvement so I requested soft skills training for staff. Kim was able to do the training with my staff using Zoom. I think I learned as much as my team. Thank you!” -Leah