Kharina Kharran

Fees Per Hour
£60.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Certified Trauma Coach – Specialised in CPTSD, Trauma Induced Anxiety & CPTSD
EMDR Certified Level 3
Trauma Relief Transformational Coaching


Who Do I Help?

I help adults struggling with CPTSD & Trauma understand the trauma brain and desensitize unwanted emotions & anxieties from distressing memories.
Live to feel emotionally safe, regulated, and connected.

About Me

I’m Kharina Kharran founder & Coach of Kharina Kharran CPTSD & Trauma Coachin.
I work with adult survivors of
Child abuse
sexual abuse
Psychological abuse
Loss of sibling due to a homicide
Impact of adoption
Have crohnic illness
The impact of their trauma shows up as
😩Severe anxiety
😩Panic attacks
😩Reduced intamacy
😩 Self-sabotage
I am an adult survivor of severe child abuse. What I have learned is healing IS possible -you need 3 things
To know HOW
Trust the PROCESS
I am fully trained, certified, and regulated in working with the traumatized brain of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and PTSD survivors – who I call heroes.
I work with YOU to desensitize from the unwanted emotions and sensations of the distressing traumatic memories.
🎬In my Signature Program Unchained Memories
You go on a powerful transformational journey to understand the importance of being FRIENDS with your nervous system, how to stimulate a nerve that instantly puts u in a state of calm, and EMDR something that will literally change your life as your brain creates sustainable new pathways of positivity, success, and happiness.🎬
✅Regain your sense of SAFETY
✅Understand how to emotionally REGULATE
✅Are able to CONNECT to yourself and to others
Imagine not being triggered
Imagine no more panic attack
Imagine your horrible anxiety GONE
You deserve to live the best quality of life possible. To feel good enough, to leave and be loved, and to fully step into your undiscovered HERO.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

MBA Business Administration Leicester University (DL)
Harvard Certification – Leadership 2015 Gestalt Practitioner 2021
Eye Movement Desensitisation & Re-processing Diploma L3 2022 Transformational Breakthrough Coach 2021
Coaching Masters Accreditation Level 4 2021 Emotional Intelligence Practitioner 2021
Certified State of Flow Performance Coach 2021 NLP Master Practitioner 2022
PTSD & PTSD Counselling Diploma 2019 – Certified Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy Certified 2021Practitioner
Regulated by the CTAA, IAPC&M, and iGCLC. Life Coach Diploma 2020


Personal 1-1 Sessions
Price £120
Duration 2 hours

My 1-1 session are designed to find the root cause of the anxiety that is showing up for you.
The session is in 3 parts
Get to know you/history
regulation/understand what’s happening in your brain and techniques on how to regulate
Moving forward – action plan so you leave knowing what you can do next.

4-Week Signature Program- Unchained Memories
Personal Message to all trauma heroes
Price £1200

🏅This is how my signature program works

Trauma focused Coaching with me, may literally be one of the most powerful journeys of personal self healing and post traumatic growth you will embark on.

Are you an adult that is a survivor of childhood trauma?
An adult struggling with PTSD?
Are you struggling with:
∆ distressing memories
∆ unwanted emotions and sensations
∆ nightmare/night terrors/bad dreams
∆ Anxiety
∆ intrusive thoughts
∆ Intimacy withdrawal/sexual Anxiety
Through safe approaches, I guide you to capture the memory that is causing the symptoms above. This is done while in a meditative state and this Memory is called the feeder memory.
Before any memories are processed I ensure you are able to transition to mental and emotional safety. Then I coach you on personal emotional regulation where you reconnect to yourself and gain techniques on how to regulate and so cope.
Then we unchain the trauma memories through EMDR protocol and combined modalities including NLP, DBT, EFT, and Flow States.. This means you desensitize from the emotions and sensations of the intrusive and distressing memories.
The pathways in your brain rewire.
You create new pathways and that trauma impact becomes distanced and distorted.
Then the coaching changes gear and you embark on a path where the focus is Empowerment, confidence, and post-traumatic growth.
💫DM now with interest or questions
💫Time for you to be heard & re-write your fear to courage.
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Group Coaching

CONSCIOUSNESS – This is designed for groups here I take you on a meditative journey where you tap into your higher consciousness. This guided meditation session will BLOW YOUR MIND and leave you relaxed and knowing you have infinite potential.
Ideal Audience: Friends, corporate teams, partners, adults needing relief from anxiety
Duration 2 hours
Max people: 10

Motivational Speaker BOOK NOW FOR END OF YEAR
Let me take your audience on my own personal journey from severe childhood adversity, loss of a sibling, Crohn’s disease, Fortune 500, and redundancy – To become an author of Things Like That Don’t Happen to Me, podcast host of the show Rewriting Fear to Courage the Trauma Podcast to launching my own Life coaching business. From survivor to hero and living in the wish fulfilled

Book me as your motivational speaker
I speak for audiences of 200 people+

Flat Fee for corporations over 1000 employees £1200 + any travel expenses
Fee for small businesses £800 + travel expenses
(Audiences are given a printable that recaps this powerful inspiring talk and gives anxiety relief techniques)

How I Work

I work virtually and clients can join my private Facebook group ‘I Make Me Stronger Movement’.
Through our coaching, I am 100% committed to you and we use calls and voice notes so I capture everything that comes up through your journey.
Clients are invited to any live coaching I do once our sessions are complete.


I’ve been thinking about this post for a while. I probably could have written it weeks ago, but I wanted to ponder it for a bit.
I’d like to come here to give the biggest shout-out to this wonderful human being.
Kharina Kharran I am beyond grateful the universe brought us together. And what an honor to have participated in your desensitizing trauma coaching group. I didn’t even know how much I needed it before we started the sessions.
The stigma associated with personal traumas and child abuse is (was) too much to bear. I’ve lived a lifetime worth of pain and limiting beliefs. And I’d become so deeply accustomed to it, hiding it all inside. Ashamed. Discredited. Disbelieved. I figured I’d just live in this shell of what I could’ve been. But you drew the light out of me like alchemy, like gentle magic.
You didn’t have to dismantle my walls. Instead, you made me feel safe enough and showed me the way to tear them down myself, so that I could meet my true self on the other side. So I could finally meet acceptance and forgiveness to myself. I have shed layers, I shed fears, and I have shed so many tears during and outside our sessions.
But all this shedding has helped me dissolve my traumas into something manageable. I now embrace them because they released me of that heavy weight while welcoming a new sense of freedom. A new sense of being.
You gave me coping mechanisms and tools for my brain. You motivated me outside my comfort zone and you helped me to believe in myself. And because of you, I have found that by voicing my experience, my life has been changed.
Words cannot express how grateful I am for your kindness and generosity. You go above and beyond. You cannot imagine how much strength your support has given me. You showed me many times It means we are fighters.
We are the Unbroken.
Thank you for seeing me.
Thank you for inspiring me.
Thank you for the gift of having the time to learn, the ability to change, and the resilience to start again. And again if needed.
And the most important of all: Thank you for this authentic connection!
You are such a light! Thank you for brightening my view when I was holding on to darkness. You are such a special person, and I am so incredibly fortunate to have my path cross yours.
The mosaic of lessons I’m left with is a compass I will keep close, a true north that will always point me back to the direction of hope restored. – Da Paula



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Total Training Hours:  6 hrs & 30 mins