Katherine Carleton

Fees Per Hour
£251.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Executive & Military Master Life Coach: Navigating Corporate & Command

Who Do I Help?

I life coach Executive and Military personnel navigating high stress Corporate and Command frameworks.
This includes Executive and Military looking to retire and those ex-Executive and ex-Military who need help adjusting from high stress work lifestyles easing to a healthy retirement lifestyle or adjusting to a change in their work-life balance.

About Me

There are many challenges to making fulfilling contributions to high stress Corporate and Military Command environments. We enter these domains usually driven by the need to make a difference in the world, our own lives and the lives of others, undeterred by the challenges we are yet to face. We enter these high-stress domains excited, motivated and anticipating the best outcomes. With no regrets, there are times we face dilemmas and struggles that do not marry up with our original ideas of achievements. Promotions are complex and sensitive in these highly competitive environments that usually create complexity to existing relationships and those we move through. The stress that might accompany these environments is often obscured – either subconscious or fully subliminal – but not without strong influence. I’ve been there. I’ve been a Defence Member for over 12 years and worked inside the C2 Tent in high level areas. I’ve trained high level Air Force engineers and worked on both sides of contracting (inside and outside of government) for 30 years. I’ve had my own contracting business throughout these times. In private business I have managed properties. I’ve got 4 University Degrees, and I am a qualified MASTER of several high-level disciplines. These include signals science, quantum physics, technology and psychology. I believe you can never stop learning, whatever format that takes.
On a more personal note:
I am a mother of 5 grown children with grandchildren, have painted 100 oil paintings, teach ‘Quantum Mindstate’ and meditation and I have even designed private homes as a personal passion for art and architecture. I love lifestyle-living where you should create a life you don’t want a vacation from.
Do It!
I’m here to help you get on top of your focus without the distractions of the agendas of others who may not see where you want to go. I can relate to work-life balance and issues you face and are moving through. I can help you. I am here for you. Contact me when you’re ready to get on with it. My next private bookings are available from 1st Feb 2023.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Designer of ‘Quantum Mindstate’ Training.
Master SIGINT Specialist. Master of Business
Air Force Trainer (12 years)
Qualified Technology Specialist.
Certified TCM Life Coach


I offer life coaching sessions on a Zoom interface. A minimum 6-Session Subscription will achieve optimum benefits at the start of our coaching relationship.
The initial session is up to 2 hours. Each follow-up session is up to 1 hour.
Example: a 45 mins session constitutes 1 paid session “up to 1 hour”.
Subsequent sessions must be pre-booked at time of previous session. That means you book the next session each time we meet.
I recommend weekly sessions over a 6-week interval.
Note: Coaching sessions can be booked more frequent than weekly intervals. However, the time between them should not be longer than 2 weeks.
The initial session is $US600, and each subsequent session is $US250 or the equivalent in any other global currency. PayPal is accepted, Paid up front. ($US1850)
I am currently in Australia and will make every effort to accommodate your Time Zone and Work-Life Balance.

How I Work

I work online via ZOOM video session, which may include a recording of our session.
All discussions and the content of our coaching sessions are strictly confidential.
I may be available by phone or email to rebook a session on short notice.
I can do a phone call coaching session using the SIGNAL or WhatsApp secure interface.
I use VPN and a Virus protector.
I am happy to log into your secure network for your private session if you provide Remote Security Access.


All Clients are Confidential.
I do not ask for reviews.
Referrals are welcome, if my schedule permits.