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Karl Sandland

Fees Per Hour
£150.00 to £300.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

12 week coaching program.

Who Do I Help?

#CUSTOMERCOACH – I help introverted customer-focused leaders overcome procrastination and low confidence, so they can live each day with self-belief and mental clarity.

About Me

Being an introvert in a leadership position can be tough, I know, I AM an introvert, and I HAVE been in many customer-focused leadership positions over the past 20+ years (Head of Service Delivery, Customer Success Director, Chief Customer Officer). This is why this programme works, I have had, and have worked through the things holding YOU back. My journey has seen successes and failures, I’ve had to overcome many obstacles and limiting beliefs to enable me to adopt the correct mindset and identity to succeed and gain fulfilment in abundance.
I’m an award-winning Customer Experience Professional (CX Magazine – Top 20 CX Professionals in 2022), a confident keynote speaker, trainer, facilitator, mentor and coach << despite being a strong introvert.
I believe introversion is a super-power, we're strategic, we're thinkers and planners, and have amazing potential, we sometimes just need a helping hand to understand how to stop procrastinating & overthinking, take creative & imperfect action and gain the confidence we need to be the super-heroes our colleagues, customers and family need, deserve and remember.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Certified Mentor, Certified Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, 20+ years in customer-focused senior management/leadership positions. Award-winning Customer Experience Professional (CX Magazine – Top 20 CX Professionals in 2022).


’12-week transformation programme for introverted customer-focused leaders’ is available for a single upfront payment of £1,800, or 3 x monthly instalments of £600.

How I Work

The coaching sessions are delivered over zoom as a 2-way video session. You’ll have access to a personalised & secure area hosted on customer-coach.com, using the Kajabi platform. This provides you amazing flexibility to schedule your coaching programme sessions, linked straight to my calendar and allows you to manage session notes, questions, and uploads. I’ll also record each session and upload them to your portal which you can access at any time. The coaching program is delivered over 12 weeks, and what’s more, you’ll have lifetime access to the portal to access your notes, uploads and videos. During the 12-week programme, I’ll be available to you via a private chat/call using WhatsApp – I’m here for you inside and outside the sessions, to support you on your amazing transformational journey.


Introvert BECCA S. (outcome – coached through redundancy to new career pivot – amazing mindset transformation)
“Best coach ever! I’m so grateful for you, Karl! Anyone is free to DM me if you’re on the fence about working with a coach. I’ll be happy to answer questions about how immensely helpful it has been for me!”

Introvert ALISTAIR L. (outcome – changed jobs £25k salary increase, confident speaker, action taker)
“I have been working with Karl for a few months and really enjoy our sessions. We both have similar personality traits so Karl can really relate to what I’m good at and what I can do to help making me feel more comfortable when I’m uncomfortable. I’m challenged in a productive way and Karl is helping me to achieve some personal and professional goals. The sessions help me to be more focussed and Karl has a wealth of experience to lean on to help me reach by goals and objectives.”