Kaidi Tehva

Fees Per Hour
£100.00 to £200.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Professional Coach, NLP & Timelines Practitioner. Member of the Association for Professional Coaching & Hypnobirthing Instructor

Who Do I Help?

I help everyone, who desires to make positive changes in their life. You will gain more control of Your own life, focusing on Your FUTURE in front of You. I am going to take You on a journey of self-discovery & Your life will never be the same! You will leave my 2-hour Breakthrough coaching session with many WOW moments, with more clarity about Yourself and the life You want, and with the action plan for Your goal.

About Me

During the lockdown this year in 2021, in February I had very challenging times in my life. I went through a complete mindset change and understood that I want more from my life and to be able to add more value to other people’s lives.
I wanted to be able to help them with my current skills and I also started to learn and search for more. Only a few months later I graduated as a Hypnobirthing Instructor and after that also as a Professional Coach

My friends and colleagues very often turned to me previously, asking for help with their problems and seeing things from a different perspective and what they liked most – I made them accountable. I enjoyed those moments and all this made it very clear to me: I want to be a Coach, with a focus on Mindset & Motivation. I can’t wait to be a part of this wonderful journey of transformation and to be able to give this clarity and WOW moments into someone’s life

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Professional Coach, NLP & Timelines Practitioner, member of The Association for Professional Coaching, 2021.

Hypnobirthing Instructor, 2021.


I offer You a FREE no obligatory Discovery call of ~30-45 minutes & 2-hour Breakthrough Coaching session for £ 200, additional sessions available for £ 100 per hour. Long-term( 3 and 6 months) coaching packages are also available on request.

How I Work

As a Coach, I won’t give You advice or tell You what to do, as You are the expert of Your own life. I AM providing You with a wake-up call ”& the CHALLENGE, My main expectations for working with the client are mutual respect and trust, also punctuality time-wise, and keeping the promises agreed previously.

Before the session, I would like to arrange a free Discovery Call with my client, (~ 30-45 minutes). which will help towards the outcome of the session. I work with moving forward. I won’t work on any goal, which in my professional opinion is either unethical, immoral, or illegal. After our session together I expect the client to send me their feedback and a client testimonial will be appreciated.

All my coaching sessions are currently delivered online via Zoom.


Here is what my recent clients have said after working with me:

***** Dear Kaidi, Thank you so much for 2 hours of involvement using your amazing energy and knowledge to support me in discovering new and efficient solutions in achieving my goal. You have so much empathy and you are an example of doing things with discipline and great involvement. It was a pleasure being coached by you because I had so many WOW moments. Thank you so much.’’ ( October 2021)*****

***** She is very good with her approach on issues, she makes you feel that your objectives are achievable if you stay focused.’’ ( October 2021) *****