Julie Craven

Fees Per Hour
£50.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Business Woman | Lover of Life | Privileged to Coach, Mentor & Empower Women

Who Do I Help?

I help businesswomen who self sabotage with alcohol to drop the drink, empower their mindset, create new habits & gain unlimited confidence & clarity in life & business.

About Me

I had been a drinker for a long time, in fact nearly 30 years & had some amazing times drinking too! Am sure you can relate to that, parties, holidays, even just chilled out afternoons in the pub … but always with a drink!

I wouldn’t change any of those memories for the world, what I realised though was how alcohol was affected my life & business it had also aged me, as well as affecting my weight & wellbeing.

Quite a while ago I realised that drinking alcohol wasn’t serving me anymore, I felt tipsy quickly, drunk easily, ill from drinking and the hangovers were the worst, they lasted days!! My body was wrecked, I had serious brain fog, because of this, I did the whole hairy dog thing frequently, I ate utter crap to try & feel better … I didn’t look after myself at all!!!! Very slippery slope!

My business was suffering because I was so low on confidence & felt so rubbish, I couldn’t see light anywhere & was trying new business ideas, but not fully following through with anything & then feeling like a failure.
I decided one day I was sick & tired of being very sick & tired, alcohol was wrecking my health, my business, my family and my future, I could literally see everything falling apart if I carried on, I couldn’t focus or think straight right up until this point but all of a sudden everything felt clear and I knew what I needed to do.

So roll on to today, I live an alcohol-free, confident & fabulous life, I have empowered myself & never feel even feel the need for a drink.

I now help other businesswomen to take that break, it doesn’t have to be quit drinking forever, even just a break alongside great new mindset, empowerment & great habits will help you see a whole new way of living.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Accredited Coaching Master 2021
NLP Practitioner 2020
Breakthrough Coach 2020
24 years in business helping & guiding women


I offer 2 programmes:

Exclusive Membership: Comprising of, 2 x One to One Calls, Alcohol-Free eBook Starter Guide, 10 Step Quit Alcohol Guide, Private Support Community, Weekly Live Zoom Calls within Community, 30 Day Quick Start Alcohol-Free Programme for £499.50

Elite Membership: Comprising of all of the above plus my 12 week Signature One To One Coaching Programme & 30 Day Quick Start Alcohol-Free Video Vault for £1995.00

How I Work

I work online via video session with Zoom, record every session and email those through with comprehensive notes of our session


Julie has been a huge help with my alcohol-free journey. She has helped me plan my journey and has given me some golden nuggets to set me up for success. I have tried numerous times in the past and have never got past day 1.
I am pleased to say I am now on day 50. Julie is always there to support me on this journey, it is a huge help to be able to talk to someone who has been where I am as I don’t feel judged in any way and would definitely recommend that you talk to her if you would like to live an alcohol-free life!”

Julie has helped me so much to get through many challenges, I stayed plugged into everything, created the new habits she gave me and did the work on myself.
I would highly recommend you not only subscribe but really take on board everything Julie coaches because it works.”
-Donna G