Jomana Elaridi

Fees Per Hour
£200.00 to £250.00
Session Type
English, Arabic
Accredited Coaching Master

Self-worth, confidence and mindset coaching for ambitious women

Who Do I Help?

I help ambitious women struggling with self-doubt and ‘not enoughness’ reclaim their self-worth and confidence so they can live in alignment with their authentic selves… be who they truly are.

About Me

I know the challenges associated with being an ambitious woman. Some days, you feel motivated, driven, and a force to be reckoned with … while other days…the self-doubt, overthinking, and feelings of overwhelm take over and you lose focus and clarity.

I hear you. And I am here for you.

Hi, I’m Dr. Jomana, an Associate Professor turned NLP Master Practitioner and ICF-certified life, career, and executive coach and mentor. I not only have a complete set of credentials, but I’m also empathetic, personable, warm, cultural, and non-judgmental. I take you as you are and help you realize your authentic self.

I’m especially passionate about self-worth, confidence, and mindset coaching for women as I struggled with perfectionism, self-doubt, and self-worth my whole life.

As I set high standards for myself, I performed exceptionally well in anything I pursued. However, the feelings of ‘not good enough’ were painful. The irony is that to the outside world I was excelling and had it all. On the inside though, I was overwhelmed and stressed with all that I had to do and be as an ambitious woman. Can you relate?

It was only after I accepted myself for who I truly am in my core – with no titles, achievements, degrees, or accolades – did I begin to grow and flourish from the inside out.

It’s my mission to empower women to acknowledge and appreciate themselves and to own who they truly are to live the life they want and deserve to live.

I KNOW what it feels like to be in that pit of ‘not enoughness’, self-doubt and overwhelm, and more importantly, how to get out of it and finally BE FREE.

And I want that for all the bright and beautiful women out there.

If parts (or ALL) of this resonates with you, I’d love to support you on this transformational and empowering journey.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

ICF-certified holistic life, career and executive coach (2021-2022)
NLP Master Practitioner (2021-2022)
Mentor to university/college students (2012-2022)
Workshop facilitator (2017-present)
Holistic coach (currently in training)


I offer a transformational 12-week Courage, Confidence and Clarity (CCC) Coaching Program.

The CCC program includes
– 12 x 1:1 60 minute weekly coaching sessions on ZOOM or Webex over the course of twelve weeks
– Daily messenger, Instagram DM and/or email support from me
– A Welcome CCC Coaching Package Document containing a reflection journal and a couple of useful coaching tools
– The Mindset Shifter & Uplifter (a document containing affirmations and additional mindset-shifting activities).

The first session is a 90-120 min Breakthrough session. It’s a session in which we’ll dive deep, elicit your values, map out your expectations, identify blocks that are holding you back, and set goals so we can progressively move in the right direction and get you closer to where you need to be, where you deserve to be. Subsequent sessions will be determined by the goals we set and are decided by you each week.
Hello empowerment!

How I Work

I work online via video session which includes typed session notes (upon request).


As one of Dr. Jomana’s former students, I was always mesmerized by her as a person, a professor and a mentor. And when I knew that she decided pursuing a career in coaching it was no surprise for me, since she was always invested in helping her students, academically, personally and professionally. I was too excited to work with her and frankly her coaching sessions not only met my expectations but they surpassed them by miles.

Before I started working with Dr. Jomana I was suffering with problems regarding low self-image, self-confidence and self-worth. After doing her CCC package, I am still astonished by the results. I used to think that these problems cannot be solved and that I had to live with them for the rest of my life but throughout the sessions and through the questions Dr. Jomana was asking I literally felt that the knots in my mind were untangling one after the other, session after session. I just used to love the questions Dr. Jomana used to ask. They helped identify the root cause of my feelings and this gave the feeling of immense power. As I used to untangle the knots I used to feel like I have control over my thoughts and this has made me feel mighty. Just when I thought the latter was the best part, we started having sessions using NLP techniques. The NLP technique sessions used to give me a feeling that I floated into another dimension and then came back to earth. Till this day I still can’t believe how effective the NLP techniques were. It was literally on a whole new level for me. After just one NLP session I felt much more empowered, confident and strong. My confidence has been boosted incredibly and this reflected positively on almost every aspect of my life especially my academic performance. I have become much more outgoing which have opened many opportunities for me helping me excel in my social life. Before, I used to hear the phrase “know your worth” and I thought that I understood it quite well, but it wasn’t until after Dr. Jomana’s sessions that I actually understood this phrase and I started implementing it in my life. When I actually realized my worth, cutting toxic and negative people out of my life has become an easy task which was another major turning point in my life due to Dr. Jomana’s coaching sessions or as I like to call them “Dr. Jomana’s mighty sessions.” The best part about working with Dr. Jomana is that she is a great listener. She literally hears beyond your words, and that you can genuinely feel that she cares about you as a person. Dr. Jomana’s sessions where the greatest turning point in my life. -Rasha Harb (Medical School student)

I felt stuck in a mental loop of knowing what I “should do” vs actually doing it. Since working with Jomana, I feel more clear and less doubtful of my decisions. I’m more confident in my decision making and I am kinder to myself. I’m more willing to make a decision without over-analyzing, which means I’m less stressed or overwhelmed with making the ‘right’ decision. I LOVED that she had me summarise our conversations and my realisations through each session and she had me think of different ways I could remember and implement the things I learned in our sessions. It was like an action plan. It helped me implement the realisations. I also liked that Jomana honoured my feelings. I felt comfortable and safe to be stuck, frustrated and vulnerable with Jomana. She’s wonderful. I’m grateful for her wisdom, kindness and time. – Courtney Hager (Website Developer)

I had no hesitation about working with Jomana. I instantly felt a connection. With Jomana’s obvious drive, motivation and ambition, plus being a mom with kids the same age, I felt the bond being formed. Before working with Jomana, I struggled with getting clarity on how to organize my time to focus on meaningful and impactful outcomes to do with current career and future state growth. I like Jomana’s quote: Everything is figure-outable. I’ve been able to thoughtfully plan time to be most productive. And also learned to let go of the insignificant things that come up in everyday life. Since working with Jomana, I’ve learnt to self regulate my emotions and how to not let insignificant circumstances impact my big picture goals. We were able to role play for an upcoming meeting and prepare for best possible outcomes along with the awareness of what not-so favourable results could look and feel like and how to manage it all going forward. The best part about working with Jomana is that I know I’m in a safe, trusted and non judgmental space. Jomana’s natural curiosity allows me to think bigger and explore possibilities I know are achievable. Her perspective on the world provides an extra sense of what is possible and not to worry so much about things that don’t really matter or are out of our control. – Tina Kalogeropoulos (National Marketing Manager)



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Total Training Hours:  6 hrs & 30 mins