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Jocelyn Joan Norton

Fees Per Hour
£100.00 to £130.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Inspire A Purpose Driven Life
Struggling To Face Your Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Overcoming Addiction
Overcoming Blockages & Past Traumas That No Longer Serve You
Career Advancing & Goal Setting
Life Coaching Guidance & Inspiration To Get More Out of Life & Relationships
Motivational Speaking at Schools Or Events

Who Do I Help?

I help Inspire clients to live a purpose driven life and find fulfillment within themselves. I help clients develop a stronger self-belief system. I help those who struggle with anxiety and depression to change and manage their states to serve them. I help those who are struggling with their gender identity and sexuality.

About Me

Being an athlete most of my life I have professionally invested ten years in the health and fitness industry both within South Africa, Canada and now England. Skilling myself with the necessary knowledge and experience to design, teach and coach people whether it’s sports conditioning training, personal training, nutrition, or life coaching (NLP).

As a coach I use these techniques and methods on myself daily to help me in my day-to-day life and how I wish to succeed in certain visions that I create for myself.
In my past the schoolgirl in me and the Virgo in me, never liked change. It was only until I understood why change is needed, that it created more useful outcomes for my life. I continuously harness the importance of change and how it can benefit me.

With certainty and personal growth by healing and forgiving, going deeper within myself and transforming we can free ourselves from all burdens and troubles holding us back, gain clarity and develop a sense happiness of longevity within self.

As a Life Coach (Neuro Linguistic Practitioner) I am here to help those to find clarity and a safe space in their sexuality and gender identity. While guiding those to live a purpose driven life regardless of their setbacks, addictions and feeling lost. Guiding you to set the tone for a life you deserve.

My motto in life is to dream big, think deep, act fast and finish strong!

Training, Qualifications & Experience

I have over ten years in the health industry in multiple countries and have an NLP qualification. Accredited by the Coaching Masters.


I provide a secure space where clients can feel safe and loved during which they can share their deepest experiences and information about themselves.

I provide a professional approach in building a solid foundation in developing personal relationships between the clients and myself.

I offer two types of one-on-one life coaching programs:

• 8 weekly sessions (Consisting of 1 session per week) £880
• 12 weekly sessions (Consisting of 1 session per week) £1200
• Motivational Speaking at your event or school (Contact Jocelyn for pricing and further information)

The duration of each session is 1 hour. The programs can be paid off in full or paid on the first of each month held within the coaching package.

These programs are tailored to the coaching needs and progression of the individual.

How I Work

I host online sessions over Google meets/ zoom and I provide the client with notes and homework.


“I recently signed up for a life coaching package with Jocelyn Joan and was most impressed with her professionalism, care and kind approach to all subjects. I saw a major change in my mindset and my approach to situations, I was guided through each process and found my relationship within my self strengthening leading me to making decisions that were for my best interest.

I’d highly recommend Jocelyn as a life coach, I found her guidance and understanding comforting in all my most vulnerable areas. Jocelyn has the ability to help you connect to your inner strength and gives you space to come to your own conclusion.”
Justine Blamey, RSA

“I was fortunate to do the 12 week coaching package with Jocelyn as my Life Coach.

I really loved and looked forward to our interaction in each phase of self-exploration. I am so grateful for the insight I received and realizing that you are never too old to reset your thought patterns.

Thank you Jocelyn for providing me with the tools to understand that I’m more capable than I ever thought possible.”

Tracy Stansel Laird, RSA

“During my sessions with Jocelyn, she has equipped me with practical methods and techniques, which I will use for life.
Always leave my sessions with Jocelyn feeling lighter, she has an amazing way of putting you at ease, no judgement and always spreading much needed positivity.

Her guidance is structured, relevant and flexible to suit your needs.
Couldn’t recommend *Jocelyn Life coaching* more.”

Alice Oliver, UK

“I reached out to Jocelyn when I saw her reviews online. She makes me feel so comfortable in every session, it’s like talking to a close friend. I really enjoy and look forward to each session. She’s an amazing life coach and has helped me to re-look and re-think my life to reach my dreams! The chat’s weekly have helped to set attainable goals through looking at my timeline.”

Taralyn Fuhri, UK

I have had the absolute pleasure of having quite a number of sessions with Jocelyn over the past few months. I really appreciated her calming demeanor which helped me open up in all our sessions. I learnt so much about myself and how to better manage situations in my life. I truly believe Jocelyn has a natural talent for this and can help so many people in their lives! Thank you, Jocelyn!”

Rone Opperman, RSA