Joanne Amy Sale

Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Accredited Mindset for Productivity Coach for Women who want to Skyrocket their potential!

Who Do I Help?

I help multi-passionate women who zigzag between activities, interests, and goals, sort their heads out, find focus and get productive!

About Me

I am the zigzag coach.

I’ve always been a multi-passionate, serial zig zagger! I’ve spent a lot of my life bouncing around between different interests and ambitions. And although I was very successful in a lot of ways, I always felt unsatisfied. A few years ago I was in a bad place. I had the wrong mindset to be able to get anywhere and was suffering from low self-confidence and massive frustration. I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, tired of the ping pong in my head and the feeling I was never really finding my purpose.
Since then, I’ve been on a long journey of learning how to love my zig zaggy life and brain and master it so I am in control. Through 1000 hours of self-development and training as a coach, I’ve taken myself from feeling completely lost to running 2 businesses, loving my life, and helping women all over the world to sort out their heads and their mindsets and their lives and move in the right direction for them.
And that’s how I know I can help you too. I’ve been where you are and have come out the other side! You can also move from out-of-control mental zig-zagging to complete control and mastery of your wonderful, multi-passionate life. You too can build a life that is productive and adventurous.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Accredited Coaching Master 2022
Corporate Leadership Roles 2015-2021
Teacher & Teacher Trainer 2000 – 2014


Master your ZigZag & Increase Your Productivity: 12 weeks of Bulletproof Coaching

How I Work

Sessions are delivered via 1-1 Zoom sessions and are 100% tailored to your needs.
My coaching programs included access to the recorded sessions and full support from myself in between sessions.


Hi Jo, just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping me transform my life!! When I first started coaching with you I was struggling at work, which ended up making me quite ill, but over the last 6 week sessions I’ve had with you my life has completely turned around and is now, finally, heading in the direction I wanted it to! I couldn’t have done it without you!! I would highly recommend you and your coaching services to anyone who needs it, it has helped me massively, I look at things from a new perspective now and have the confidence to just ‘go for it’ and that feels great … thanks again, keep up the good work. (Larna Stewart)

I came to Joanne not exactly knowing what I wanted out of coaching, just having lots of ideas but hadn’t been able to focus on what I wanted to achieve. I left my career and have young children and felt lost about what my next moves were for myself. Having the space and guidance to map out and set goals has been invaluable. Jo met me exactly where I was and focused me on what was really important for my life and future career. I have finished the program feeling challenged to move forwards into new things and with the confidence to do so! (Jenny Wilson)

As a busy mum and professional, I didn’t realise how much I was zig zagging between tasks. I was feeling overwhelmed with trying to do everything at once but not accomplishing much. Joanne taught me how to use my zig zagging mind to my advantage. She showed me how to prioritise tasks and make the most out of time I have available in my calendar. She helped me to understand where I wanted to be and how to get there. I now start my day by looking at my plans first thing in the morning. That gives me focus and the right set of mind to do tasks and tick them off the list throughout my day. Joanne really helped me to see how to be devoted to pursue my professional career whilst still making time for happy memories with my family. (Ina White)