Jennifer Rae Phillips

Fees Per Hour
£100.00 to £250.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Certified Creativity Coach & Art Business Owner.

Who Do I Help?

I help burnt-out Creatives beat the block and find success, fulfilment and empowerment as an artist.

About Me

I am a creativity coach whose life mission is to help other creative people find what gives them fulfilment in life. I want you to achieve the success you deserve, no matter what that success looks like to you. If that’s to find more time to work on your craft, to learn new techniques to propel you forward or even get your own art career started.
I believe that creativity is innate. We have painted on cave walls for millennia and danced around campfires as we share our stories. Society tells us that being an artist isn’t a real career, but why?
Creativity is essential and helps us with problems solving, keeps our brain active and helps us to connect with the world around us.
I help people build a creative life for themselves. I’m here to help you find fulfilment, success and empowerment to be an artist!

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Certified Coaching Master 2022, Trainee Accredited Coaching Master 2022, Artist since 2015 (full-time Oct 2021)


I offer a 12 Week Programme called “The Empowered Artist”: Comprising weekly, 1-hour coaching sessions, regular phone check-ins, and an initial 2-hour deep-dive breakthrough session for £1,397. Or you can buy one-off sessions for £130 P/H.

How I Work

I work online via video session, which includes a recording of our session upon request and typed session notes.


Jen is a wonderful human being, full of light and love, and life experience. She speaks in a fluid, kind and effortless manner. She is an intelligent woman, with passion for Art and helping others. Jen is an incredibly gifted coach. – Siani M

Jen’s a genuinely lovely person, always encouraging and upfront. Will bend over backwards to help you at. You couldn’t ask for someone kinder or a better person to have in your corner cheering you on! – Niki B.