Jennie Mcsorley

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£0.00 to £800.00
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Accredited Coaching Master

Women who are stuck in a rut, struggle with their confidence and are ready to make a change.

Who Do I Help?

I empower women to reignite their confidence and self-worth, for them to recognise their purpose, to light the fire inside them and allow them to discover who they can truly be

About Me

Hi, I’m Jennie (as you may have already gathered) and I am born and bred in Yorkshire, England.
Through my late teenage years, I studied photography and art and design. I have always been a creative soul and love seeing the world from a different perspective. I also love seeing the world in all its glory and travel is a passion of mine too, I think when we travel we broaden our minds.
I would say I have always been spiritual too, without even realising at the time. When I was younger I was a ‘Wiccan’, known as a white witch and I spent most of my days researching this religion, collecting crystals and offering my thanks to nature. My spirituality is now part of me and my everyday life, this plays a big part in my health and wellbeing as well as my coaching. I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and how powerful our words and thoughts can be. Whatever it may be that you believe in there is no doubt that when we raise our vibrations and start making positive action the universe will guide us and have our backs.
I started my self-development journey in my mid-twenties years after battling with a ‘party girl’ lifestyle which eventually started to have a detrimental effect on my health, especially mentally. I’ve had my fair share of late nights, toxic relationships and the need to fill a ‘void’ which I think we are eventually forced to face whatever that ‘void’ is and face them Demons head-on, but I will speak more of that later. I was around 25 when I picked up my first self-development book around ‘Mindfulness’, it sparked a new interest in me, I was a little obsessed with the mind and all its intricacies. This naturally opened up a whole new journey into the health and wellness world. I started to swap my late nights for early mornings, started to nourish and fuel my body with nutritious foods rather than toxic substances, I was beginning to really enjoy exercise and practising yoga. I began understanding the mind and body connection and how important it was to look after this.
Although I had gained this knowledge and developed my health and wellbeing I one day hit a wall, I had a breakdown and was completely overwhelmed with life. I was living a life I was expected to have, commuting every day to my corporate job in the city, wearing a mask, trying to hold it together whilst battling with relationships with others and myself. I had developed major depression and anxiety and what I now know to be complete ‘Burn out’. It was at this time I was forced to battle the inner demons, I sought therapy and revisited the path of self-development and growth. I had to dig deep to find my inner love and grow as a person, I began to understand why I was feeling a certain way.

I want to share this with you as I believe it is majorly important to understand the journey of self-development never ends. There is never a destination with this, we are forever growing and evolving as beings on this journey we call life. The universe also likes to repeat situations in which we did not learn from the first time round.
This leads me onto where I am now, it all makes sense, I was supposed to have these battles, it was almost destiny for me to live the life I have so far. I have a purpose, to share what I have learnt, to pass on the torch, to coach others with their health and wellbeing.
The point of me sharing this story is to show as your coach I do not see myself as any bigger or better than you, we are the same, I have scars and have battled with my own demons. I am a coach not to dictate how you should live your life, but I will guide you and motivate you to make the right choices for you. We are in it together.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Fully accredited Coaching Master – November 2020
Soon to be a fully qualified NLP Practitioner


12 1 -2 -1 60 minute sessions, regular WhatsApp voice notes and check in’s, goal setting sheets and other valuable worksheets supplied, initial call 2-hour deep dive session for existing TCM members offered a reduced rate of only £800

How I Work

All sessions are carried out via zoom which is recorded, a copy of the recording can be provided as a request and accountability tasks will be given.


‘Jennie has been absolutely amazing helping me to look at things from a different, more positive perspective. I’ve learned to have more self-belief and Jennie is doing a fantastic job in helping me work towards my goals. She’s patient, understanding, supportive and so committed to helping. I always look forward to my sessions, they always end with me feeling uplifted, determined and more focused. I am already feeling in a much better place mentally and we are now working on self-improvement physically. Honestly, she’s brilliant! I’d 100% recommend Jennie Mcsorely to anyone xxx’ – Anisha O’Hagan – Facebook review

‘Jennie is a kind, caring and compassionate coach who helped me to have a breakthrough and realise what was the REAL underlying issue was. She is patient and somehow knows the exact right questions to ask to help you uncover what is holding you back from where you want to be. I really enjoyed coaching with Jennie and would recommend it to anyone looking to find their inner power again after a toxic relationship! X’ – Melanie Taylor – Facebook review

‘Thank you so much, my dear Jennie😊!
Just after 1 coaching call with you, I start to do actions for my higher goods! And I still continue to do it every day! Yeah!!
I really like your softness and no judgment that your vibe provide!
I definitely recommend anyone to take coaching with you! It’s a beautiful gift to offer to ourselves !!’ – Elisa Moonshine – Facebook review



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Total Training Hours:  6 hrs & 30 mins