Jason Boorman

Fees Per Hour
£100.00 to £1,000.00
Session Type
Accredited Coaching Master

Accredited Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, experienced childcare professional, Public speaker.
Harmony Mindset Coach.

Who Do I Help?

I help stressed, overwhelmed, and disconnected working mums, rejuvenate, and rebuild their mindset to enjoy more harmony in their family lives.

About Me

My Story- My Journey to today


Making sense of, and managing stress and disconnect, from my family and friends.

From an early age, I have had to learn to manage stress and various forms of disconnect. The stress and disconnect I experienced also regarding classmates and being bullied at primary school, to not feeling like I fitted in, to like to sing, dance and act. I felt different from other children in many ways, the fact that I was gay, and carrying around what I thought was a dark secret for many years and bearing the weight of that. Also, feeling like I needed to hide that side of me as I had a belief that, it would not be welcomed news to my family, and would encourage further bullying my way.

But my mindset needed to be worked on FOR SURE.

The Vehicle

A lifetime of Strengthening my Mindset

Throughout my life, I have always tried hard to reframe negative situations to something more positive, and a lot of that is trying to be grateful for what I have.

This Gratitude mindset reframe was simple but powerful and filled me with gratitude, so that although bad things would still happen to me I chose to have a Gratitude mindset, and what this did was put my focus on feeling grateful, because what you focus on is what you feel and I was choosing to feel grateful and that meant I couldn’t possibly feel sad, angry or stressed or sorry for myself.

I would often listen to motivational speakers and one, in particular, was Tony Robbins,
That statement. Changed my life. Started my hunger for personal development. I later realized that what Tony had said from my perspective was,

So, I needed to work on my mindset… to allow me to step outside my comfort zone…. which allowed me to gain opportunities for more and more growth… and the ability to be challenged in a new perspective… I wanted more… I came out as gay to my family. I Shared my experiences… I continued to work on myself. I tried different things until I found Coaching…


Gaining inner Harmony and connecting, on a deeper level, with the people that I loved the most.
Finally, something that I was destined for….to help others with their Harmony Mindset and reframing people’s situations to something that connects us deeper with each other, something more empowering.

I think the experience of being an Au Pair taught me to realize that people were looking up to me, that I had to pioneer this change this shift of connecting with people, to trust in what will be. It taught me to be a better communicator.

And, to make sure I am always reflecting inwards in a positive way because things can easily spiral out of control if unchecked, this inspired me to become a Coach, to help people find themselves and connect better with the people around them, as I had to do.

Now I am happy. I have inner harmony, and I am much more connected with my family and friends and enjoy making new ones every day.

Training, Qualifications & Experience



I offer a number of programs.
a 4-week Mindset Mastery Month program £649
a 6-week Mega Mindset program £949
a 12-week program Coaching Program: called Mindset Marathon. Comprising of weekly, 1-hour coaching sessions, regular phone check-ins, and an initial 2x 2-hour deep-dive breakthrough sessions for £1799.
Or you can buy one-off sessions for £175 P/H.

How I Work

Online Via Zoom, I provide a safe space in which to share and grow and my strengths are I have a soft-spoken tone that makes you feel at ease straight away I am a very knowledgeable and skilled coach and Master NLP practitioner. I keep you accountable via phone check-ins and on weekly sessions.


Just want to give a massive shout-out to Jason Boorman who coached me through a lot of my fears about becoming a coach today! Without his support to grow my confidence, I wouldn’t have been brave enough to apply this in my first (spontaneous) coaching practice when a woman in my acting school approached me in tears. She left with a smile and an action plan so I’d say that’s progress! THANK YOU JASON!!! – KIM 2020

I reached out to Jason as my family was struggling a bit due to the constraints of self-isolation and homeschooling. I’ve got 3 boys (5, 9, and 11), all of whom had different school assignments to complete each week.. I was finding it tough to manage it all. Jason helped me find calm again. I learned that I was going into the ‘homeschooling’ session already feeling tense which my children could pick up on. We worked through this and other challenges I was having and I’m so grateful to Jason for helping me bring harmony back into my home. I would highly recommend Jason as a coach… – Katy 2020

Jason is an awesome coach who comes in with love. I enjoyed being in Jason’s space as he made me feel safe and like I could be vulnerable. He listened to me and understood me. Jason’s energy and love meant we connected really well and this was important to me. He has many different techniques he uses in his coaching which are so powerful. Jason’s coaching has helped me massively in building my confidence and overcoming fears. He has such a kind caring nature and this shows in his coaching. He made me feel at ease and was patient with me, meaning I could take my time to answer questions and really dig deep within. I am so glad I reached out to him for coaching as he has made a big impact on my life. I will resume with coaching when I have more time again. Thank you so much, Jason, you are going to make a big impact on many people’s lives xxx- RACHAEL.W 2020

I’ve just finished a six-week coaching program with Jason. When I started I was feeling lost and like there was little security in my life. Jason offered expertise in a range of areas and I felt confident that he had the knowledge to help me move forward. Jasons coaching has been so good that I’ve just booked another 6 weeks with him!!

I first decided to work with Jason because I wanted to develop a business strategy that would help me make more money. We did that in week 1, and from then touched back on it whilst he coached various aspects of my personal life.

I’ve gone from being lost, with little confidence in my abilities to feeling in control of my life and knowing that I’m on track.
We’ve covered a huge amount in 6 weeks and I really feel that my life is transforming. You’ve helped me take back control and develop hugely. For that, I can’t thank you enough.

In 6 weeks I’ve gone from having 3 clients, to 15! I’m improving my health, and you challenged my mindset/ego which allowed me to kick all sorts of things holding me back.

6 weeks ago my life was running me. You’ve challenged and supported me, and I’m running my life again! I’m pleased to be continuing to work with you and am so excited to keep going. Thank you, Jason. – RACHAEL H 2020