James Kennedy

Fees Per Hour
£100.00 to £500.00
Session Type
Online, Face-to-Face
Accredited Coaching Master

Serial Entrepreneur, International Business Coach & Mentor

Who Do I Help?

I help normal people realize their true potential and superpowers to become the person they want to be in business and in life!

About Me

I have lived most of my life feeling not enough and hiding in the shadows for fear of stepping out and being judged. It took me a long time to realize that this mindset wasn’t serving me well so I took the bold decision to stop worrying and start being the best version of myself. From leaving school unable to write my own name, to working in dead-end factory jobs I always felt I was destined for better, but never really believed I was capable.

After stumbling into the world of entertainment, I became the busiest independent family entertainer in Scotland. I have entertained heads of state and celebrities. Even performing my Stage hypnosis show for the British Army at Balmoral Castle whilst the Queen & Prince Phillip were in residence (they were invited but sadly did not attend). In my search for self-improvement and self-meaning, I dived into the study of personal development and coaching, following some of the biggest names ( Steve Chandler, Michael Neil, Rich Litvin, Jason Goldberg & Ankush Jain.) I have now joined The Coaching Masters family and I am continuing my journey of personal development here.

From someone who always struggled with studying and learning at school, I have now become a person who yearns for knowledge (which often leads to studying random things) Not everything I study is career driven, some things are purely out of interest and fun. I have learned that education does not always need to be formal to be beneficial.

I believe everyone is capable of achieving success and being more. I have had numerous other businesses over the years, some were great successes, and some were unmitigated failures but each one taught me something valuable. Now I want to take those life lessons and share them will you to help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that so many people make in business.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Diploma Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy at The Association Of Professional Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists (2002)
Diploma In Complete Mind Therapy – The Association Of Professional Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists (2002)
Course In Advanced Stage Hypnotism – The Professional Organisation For Stage Hypnotists (2002)
Practioner of Hypnosis – Mind Training Systems (May 2012)
Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Mind Training Systems (May 2012)
Certified NLP Coaching Practitioner – Mind Training Systems (May 2012)
Time Line Therapy Practitioner – Mind Training Systems (May 2012)
5-Day Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy – Mind Training Systems (October 2012)
Master Practitioner Of Hypnosis – Mind Training Systems (October 2012)
Laughter Yoga Teacher – UnitedMind Ltd (April 2016)


12- Week Clarity & Creativity Coaching Programme £1497
This 12-week program comprises of a weekly 1-hour coaching session where we take a deep dive into who you want to be and what you need to work on to make that a reality. The goal is to help get you to the next level, using the skills and resources you may not realize you already have.

Breakthrough Session £597
This session is a deep dive into whatever you need it to be. Whether you are looking for help to bring a fledgling idea from thought to paper, or you have already started mapping things out and have hit a barrier I am here to help. Using the skills I have accrued over many years as a coach, mentor, and entrepreneur, we will work together, using the tools & resources I have at my disposal to bring your ideas to life. These sessions can last anywhere from 3 hours to 6 hours depending on your needs. (these sessions need to be planned around my existing schedule)

Instant Coaching £197
Are you in need of a sounding board for a one-off idea or concept? This 1-hour one-off coaching session can be arranged as and when required for these situations.

The Mastermind Circle £2997 (Installment plan available)
This is a no holds barred, year-long group coaching program. You will have access to a weekly group call with other like-minded individuals with the opportunity to network with your group. You will be added to an online business training platform with various courses by business experts from around the world. You will also be granted to access software and tools you can use to scale your business at lightning speed.

How I Work

I predominantly work online via zoom where we can record our session for you to go over anytime in the future.


James Kennedy is an excellent coach! I brought him into work with an online course I manage to mentor & coach our members in the UK & Europe. He did such a great job we hired him to do a weekly Q&A & coaching session for our global membership of over 5000 members now for over a year now and have no plans of stopping using his services.

He is very inspirational and has helped our members launch their own brands and courses on many occasions.
Dave Fin